Response to President Trump from a Norwegian dude

Response to President Trump from a Norwegian dude

In other words, why would any Norwegian want to move to this shithole country run by a shithole racist scumbag?

Rights are whatever the hell we decide they are.

What if he traded all those government benefits for a one time pay out of $1,000 and then he loses his job forever? Would that be a good trade? Asking for the Americans

You mean F-52's?

Are we the...are we the shithole country?

I thought Norwegians were being burnt alive in the streets by roaming gangs of Muslims and brownies? That's what 50% of people in the U.S. keep telling me

Norwegian Tourist Board ought to use Trump's words...shouldn't be hard to entice Americans to travel/migrate there!

Yes the Obama administration did do a lot of bombing

Don't forget Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr, Clinton, and Trump.

For reference, here's a list of countries by HDI

Norway is outright #1, even slightly ahead of Australia and Switzerland which are tied in 2nd place.

Hear, hear! Couldn't agree more. Health care, living wages, gender equality are all basic human rights.

lol, this guy

German here. I always wanted to move to the US for a couple of years, get some work experience overseas. But with the shitty working conditions, no healthcare, incredibly fucked up visa requirements... Trump is actually right, the american dream is dead. He is one of the reasons.

That's Sweden. Norway is where the far right attack happened a few years ago. Trump may have forgotten about that though because it was by a white Norwegian.

Voting and bearing arms also require funding.

It costs money to conduct background checks, set up polling locations, send out absentee ballots, create paperwork for obtaining a weapon, etc.

Healthcare is viewed as a basic human right by millions of people, and it should be. Teenagers and young adults should not be going into hundreds of thousands of medical debt simply because they want to live.

Lets just go isolationist and let the fucking world do it's thing while we continue to not focus on healthcare and parental leave.

Fixed it to be more realistic

And Trump's administration is doing objectively more!

How to create a high quality response like this:

1: Stop brain.

2: Remember what they told you to say on Fox "News".

3: Write what Fox "News" told you to say.

4: Don't bother to re-engage brain. Not needed anyway.

I would like to secede the Pacific Northwest and have it under the control of the Norwegian government because they got their shit together.

Yes, you Americans prefer your tax dollars going toward bombing third-world countries instead.

Because we have missile laden jets fly over our college football games. Do you?

I wish I lived in Norway

Well that's exactly the thing. Someone from Norway or Germany or Australia isn't as desperate to experience the opportunities of America. People from less-developed countries have a huge amount of gratitude and motivation to raise themselves. In an unlikely scenario a guy from Kenya might have child who goes on to be the president one day and not a drain...

You‘ve never left the US, right? You literally described rights in Germany...

But but America has....guns! Guns for everyone! Who needs healthcare or vacation time when you have guns!

Please retweet this Norwegian guy.

Must be from one of those "ice-hole" country