Respect wamen

Respect wamen

That's Cyril from Archer

Light is racist, kill the sun😤💯

Well, I can observe too Archer. Like observing how I banged Lana years ago.

Fucking light always treating whamen like objects.

There are only 2 genders: male and property.

Gets punched in the nose


Also my first thought.

Observer: 🅱️yril 🅱️iggis



Darkness is just a social construct introduced by the Christian European patriarchy. Before then, native cultures could see in the dark just fine without artificial lighting. Women could see a little better than men, so the patriarchy created 'candles' and socially conditioned everyone to think that they couldn't see without them. Then the military-industrial complex created electrical lighting to further oppress women and minorities.

Go at 🌙

Also my second thought.

You can't spell "rape" without "Ra".

And land owning white male, don't forget them.



The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom

0.25 acres ≈ 1,011.71 m2

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As the Lord our God Himself is my witness, upon the conclusion of my current business, I shall return to this place, and visit upon you an apocalypse of such terror and destruction that you will rue, RUE, the very fact of your miserable birth!!

My thoughts exactly

And that's Framboise

Yay ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Well that backfired. Or did it? Yes, it definitely did

Good bot.

Probably another call girl. I mean he is a sex addict after all...

"oh now she's a hooker?" "yes, Cyril! They are all hookers when they are dead! Now help me with this rug"




Kids being born today won't get this comment

Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women, man

This is dangerous trolling. Post this idea a few more times and someone will latch on.

Funniest 🅱hit I've seen in a while

I kek’d way too hard at this 1/10

I have 0.25 Acres, my opinion matters!

My thoughts approximately


Or a hooker. Wait, she ain't dead yet.

You mean ray-cist

Just jackin' it to this object.

🅱️emminist 🅱️riggered

Nah we reflect.

See guys, the squirt gun works better than an actual revolver

🅱️yril 🅱️aggis

my thoughts eventually

Is that Harvey Weinstein?

Darker than an average N-word

Or they'll think it's scat and call it grandpa music

🅱️rom another 🅱️ost:

These memes typically mock "ghetto culture". B is what black men in New York use as a name to call someone, sort of like "whats up brother?" Also people use it because the Bloods gang refuses to say the letter C in words they use, so Christmas would be Bhristmas, cookie would be bookie, and so on. Some people make the joke even stronger with replacing any letter with B, just because it looks funny.

Tl;dr Do it fur teh lulz

I'mma fite it

Is that Cyril from Archer?

Thank you 。^‿^。

Also worth noting, light Ray.


Godamnit such patriarchy!

Not even getting started about the sun , always looking down on these women, such rape!



Good bot


Reflect women, yo

<3 much respect