[Request] This popped up on my timeline, is it true?

[Request] This popped up on my timeline, is it true?

Depends how thick the wall is. I use the following data:

height of the Pyramid: 139 m

width of the Pyramid: 230m

Circumference of the Earth: 40,075,000m

2 feet in metres: 0.6096m

So, the volume of the Pyramid is:

2302 * 139 * (1/3) = 2,451,033 m3 = 2.4 x106 m3

Suppose the width of the wall is X m. Then (not accounting for added curvature) the volume of the wall is:

(40,075,000 * 0.6096) * X = 24,429,720 * X m3 ~ 24x106 * X m3

Now since 2.4x106 / 24x106 = 0.1, we have that, for the statement to be true, the width of the wall must be no wider than 10cm or about 0.33 feet.

edit: corrected thanks to the error pointed out to me.

So really then any volume of stone can be made into a 2 foot wall around the earth, as long as it's thin enough.

Yes, exactly. Though if the width turned out to be less than one molecule I'd have to say the statement is false.

You have a little mistake in the height of the pyramid. It is 139m wide not 193 - that is why you come to a different result than the other people.

The hollowing-in can be noticed only from the air, and only on the equinoxes.

Wow, they made that really easy to identify as complete bullshit.

According to wikipedia the volume of the Pyramid of Giza is 2,500,000 m3.

2ft = 0,6096 m The circumference of the earth is: 40,075,000 m

l * h * w = V So: 40,075,000 * 0.6096 * w = 2,500,000 This gives us a width of 0.10233436977 m, about 10cm.

The width of a brick is: 102.5mm, 10.25 cm. Conclusion: almost true.

Sources: Width of brick: http://www.hintsandthings.co.uk/workshop/bricks.htm Volume Giza: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pyramid_of_Giza Circumference earth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth

No. According to wikipedia the average length of the small intestine is 6.9m for adult men and 7.1m for adult women. The large intestine averages 1.55m for women and 1.66m for men wikipedia again. That adds up to about 8.65m for both, far less than the circumference of the earth.

Make atoms great again!

Geometrically, they're suggesting you need incident light at near-tangent to the plane of the side for it to emphasize the lack of flatness.

However, the sun would cross that plane many times other than the equinoxes.

So the idea makes no sense. It would also act on, at most, two of the sides. There's no way that would demonstrate anything about the more perpendicular sides.

Geometrically, the claim is just nonsensical.

Edit: also, such a shadowing effect would be visible from any viewpoint, not just the air.

Let see.

I'm to lazy to see what part of the pyramid is massive stone and what is not. So let's assume its all pure stone. In that case we can use the volume of the pyramid (2,583,283 cubic metres) as the volume of our wall.

2 ft is about 61 cms.

Lastely the circumverence of the earth is 40075.017 kilometers.

What we need to calculate is the width of the wall and see if that is reasonable enough.

The width equals the volume of the wall divided by its height and length.

So 2,583,283 / 0.61/ 40075000 = 0.105674115132 or over 10 cms wide.

In my opinion making a wall of 61cms high and 10 cms wide is reasonable. So yes it is true.

Thank you. I'm glad the reasoning is sound.

So how small can a pyramid be and still fit OPs post?

The wall just got ONE MOLECULE THICKER!!

What sub are you in bro?

No ones gonna

Enough atoms to be considered a "wall" when you stretch them around the Earth. For me, that's 1 atom referred to as "the wall".

2 foot wall ribbon around the earth

red bricks are about 4" wide, so this is a real wall.

This all depends on how thick the wall is, almost anything can become a 2 ft high wall around the earth if you build it thin enough.

According to Wiki the volume of the Pyramid of Giza is 2,583,283 cubic meters. The circumference of the earth is 40,075,160 m at the equator. A foot is 30.48 cm or 0.348 meters. The surface area of this wall will be 2 x 0.348 x 40,075,160 = 27892311.36 square meters. Lets balance the equation: 2,583,283 = ? x 27892311.36 2,583,283 / 27892311.36 = X X = 0.09261631159 M or 9 cm or 3.5 inches thick.

This will be slightly thinner in reality because the pyramid is not all stone.

tl;dr: It's true, but not realistic.

Not anyone on reddit is native English speaking.

oh thanks!

Well not really. For most things sure, but if it's too small then you're going to get a wall that's two feet tall, by 3 atoms wide, so it would fall over. If you ignore that then you would still get to a point where the wall is no longer continous because the atoms ate to far stretched apart to form a wall.

That's fascinating. I wholly expected it more facebook bullshit, but that's actually fairly reasonable.

Very clear and well written answer, thank you very much!


What do you have against a wall of single electrons holding hands and making the world's best electric fence?