Request for help for a Redditor that has threatened suicide

Request for help for a Redditor that has threatened suicide

Wait someone was called out publicly for something in sacrament meeting and their mom was released from a calling for something their son did? If true there is a lot wrong with this situation

I'm just reporting his side of the story in hopes someone from the Kearns area recognizes the story and can put pieces together.

Someone else involved with the search on the /sub/exmormon side, bishops were contacted and a bishop got it figured out.

There's not really anything I can do to help, but I really hope this young man gets the help he needs. And if what he said about what happened at church is true, there needs to be some serious discipline conducted.

Also, I browsed the sub he posted in a little bit... I'm not sure if I've ever felt so helpless. That place made me feel sick to my stomach.

I really wish I could do more to help.

He was found and is safe.

He/she deleted their comments regarding the situation. They mention suicide via train. They have medical debt from previous suicide attempts. Maybe this information will help someone?

the 2nd part of what you said is true for me as well about that sub.

Thank you for posting this! I followed over here to see what was being done on this subreddit to find him/her. I hope we can help this person.

I hope it gets figured out, the whole thing sounds tragic