Repost From Snapchat

That girls personality is the most unattractive thing about her.

For fucks sake, I was hoping the trend of every Reddit post devolving into a bitter political debate would end after your election. Just fuck off already

Personally find her intolerable but hey different strokes I tried

I tried

Gonna need a frame by frame of this

Damn. Wish Meg Turney would do something like this.

I mean Meg is bi and Gav is a Brit... I think they knew what they were doing not supporting him.

Imo it's better without it

It's called an areola not a circle

trump appointed mike pence as VP

Take it down a notch, christ!

One of these days, we might see her boobs free.

See you on /sub/all

It's fucking annoying and pathetic as a non americunt.

We deserve a good porno of hers. Maybe one day.

Oh man that's hot

two. generally hidden under a shirt.

Turney<The Hershbergers

we did it reddit

The forehead

Can we get it without the circle?

While she is certainly playing to her demographic, she absolutely knows her shit and if she isn't genuinely excited about video game stuff, then she spends an absurd amount of time studying gamer culture. The constant references and jokes she makes as she opens up mail from fans are one of the reasons she's so popular. Also she's just got an infectuous personality. And amazing boobs.

People I would get mad at for using games are those who have no interest and spend no time getting to know gamer culture, and would refer to the hero of the Zelda franchise as Zelda. That's absolutely not even close to the case here, so I think you might need to rethink your assumption.

She is rather rude at times and just generally acts like an asshole or whines about everything.

At least a hand bra photoshoot soon.

dont know anything about her, whats wrong with her?

What he said. Whose got em

You succeeded

These tits are made to be fucked