‘Report this illegal.’ Student seeks help after classmate targets her for deportation.

‘Report this illegal.’ Student seeks help after classmate targets her for deportation.
‘Report this illegal.’ Student seeks help after classmate targets her for deportation.

When contacted through Facebook for a comment, Ragg responded: “Lexington Herald Leader is Fake News.”

Well, good to see he had a reasoned response prepared.

The profile shows Garcia under a picture of President Donald Trump, which says “Not My President.”

Well, she is legally correct. I doubt that is the angle she was going for though.

And this is the inevitable outcome of the new and highly supported phenomenon of publicly doxxing people we don't like.

Edit: By the way for those who didn't read the article, this was in response to something she posted on her facebook page which offended some people. Who would've thought the "slippery slope fallacy" would so accurately describe the extension of "Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences" to whose who don't really deserve the consequences?

And deleted his Facebook promptly after. What a little weenie.

“Everyone go report this illegal at my school bragging about breaking the law.”

Even if this wasn't based on a false presence(all dreamers are registered with the government, they are not illegal nor does ICE need to have them reported) it is very clear cut intimidation and that pussy thing bullies do when they want to feel popular by getting other shit heads to pile on their victim with them.

Taylor Ragg is therefore responsible for all the hate that he purposely sent her way, including these lovely tidbits-

"I can't wait until your fucking cunt ass is gone" "you and your N---- boyfriend need to leave" and “Hope you enjoyed your visit. Back to them dirt floors of your homeland, stinky ass”

If you can't see that as racism and bullying I don't know what to tell you. I remember seeing that sort of thing in hgihschool, it's sad that even as adults some bullies just can't grow up and be proper human beings.

Garcia is in the U.S. legally under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

She was brought here illegally, has lived here for the last decade, and her current residency status is not illegal. She self-reported, underwent numerous checks, and has to continually renew her status.

That Taylor kid sure is spending a lot of time and energy on this. Does he have nothing better to do? Homeboy should hustle as hard as he hates.

Guaranteed /sub/the_donald poster.

He must be a redditor. We need to find out if he hit the gym, too.

Because we both know this isn't being done out of some legitimate care to "have the law enforced". Conservatives lost the ability to make that claim after they supported trump for pardoning joe arpaio when he was convicted shitting all over the constitution, the law, the courts, basic human rights, and basic human decency.

Friendly reminder that Joe Arpaio also is responsible for forcing a dog back into a burning house to die and creating the closest thing to concentration camps our nation has seen in a very long time.

"Joe Arpaio's jails were so brutal that more people hanged themselves there than at jails pretty much anywhere else, and that's just considering the deaths that were ruled suicides. In a Phoneix New Times report, nearly half of all deaths in Arpaio's jails were simply not explained.

The staff in Arpaio's jails would often not be willing to allow inmates proper medical attention, and this includes pregnant women. One of whom lost her baby due to the negligence of the jail staff and then had a guard protest when the hospital let her see her dead child before the funeral."

An excerpt about the doggo:

"And in the ultimate display of cruelty, a SWAT team member drove a dog trying to flee the home back into the inferno, where it met an agonizing death.

Deputies then reportedly laughed as the dog's owners came unglued as it perished in the blaze."

This site is weirdly authoritarian when it comes to immigration but completely lax when it comes to online piracy and marijuana. Why do you suppose that is? Laws are laws.

They aren't sending their best and brightest.

Why do you suppose that is?

Redditors puff the chronic and pirate movies, but most of them are white as mayo. Authoritarianism is okay for thee, but an affront to me.

On the one hand, this seems uncomfortably McCarthyian. On the other hand, she is actually here illegally.

Her parents broke the law.

she should be pissed at them.

dude didn't have to be a dick about it, but flaunting you are breaking the law isn't a great way to stay under the radar.

If the little hater had reported her himself then it would not have been bullying.

The call out to all his hateful friends to report her even though she is here under DACA and is not eligible for deportation absent some specific circumstances that are not present is what turns it into bullying.

He called up a fucking lynch mob where the goal is social death instead of physical death. With a real chance that some twit will decide that "reporting isn't enough, let's give her a lesson".

She is here illegally.

DACA is just a program saying they won't deport unless they commit a crime. Lower priority basically.

And since it was done with executive order, it can be undone with executive order.

They risked her growing up and adapting to one country only to be deported and have to adapt again.

The Mexican constitution says that foreigners are not allowed to participate in Mexican politics.

And you racists said that the US can learn nothing from Mexico.

What does she expect the university to do? Reporting someone to ICE is not grounds for punishment, nor should it be.

Possible /sub/incels poster.

In her video, Garcia asks the public to contact Transy officials and ask for Ragg’s expulsion.

The entitlement is mind-boggling. She is asking for an American to be expelled from an American university because he wants an illegal, who is taking advantage of the whole system, out of the country.

Her family left a country with strict gun control, a nationalized oil company, free voter ID, no electoral college and a land redistribution program for indigenous citizens and they moved to Kentucky to improve their lives?

Everybody involved is an adult.

DACA kids aren't in possession of stolen property, so we're good.

Equating robbing a bank to immigration is plain dumb, but I guess you can't expect much better reasoning from those opposed to Dreamers.

I have the feeling the doxing will be hurting him as much as it does her, if not more.

Any potential employers googling his name will see flagrant evidence of him being a racist and a bully. Who would want to take the risk hiring someone who thinks encouraging the cyber/physical harassment of a young woman who has done nothing to him personally is a fun idea?

Hopefully all the attention will lead to the school booting him. His behavior very clearly goes against their policies against bullying.

That "They should hate their parents" line is awful and makes no sense. Her parents risked so much to give her a better life no matter the cost.

I'm sure you'd hold all two year-olds accountable for the crimes of their parents.

If you find a kid living in a meth house, you don't toss them in jail with their parents.

DACA kids should be treated accordingly, and breaking a deal with them for arbitrary and capricious reasons is wrong. Thank god we have checks and balances.

He didn't just quietly report her, he incited a mob mentality against her. There's a massive difference.

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And deleted his Facebook promptly after.

What a fucking pussy.

The profile shows Garcia under a picture of President Donald Trump, which says “Not My President.”

Well, you're not wrong Paola.

For the same reason Chicago has a bunch of murders every year: gun control doesn't keep guns out of criminal's hands, it keeps them out of law-abiding citizen's hands.

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I posted this in another thread, but it's relevant here. DACA recipients are a boon to the economy and even contribute more than your average citizens in some cases:

DACA provides it's recipients with work visas that must be reapplied every two years. DACA recipients do pay taxes; property tax, income tax, sales tax, and in return do not receive any federal aid.


According to the Center of American Progress about 91% of DACA recipients are currently employed. Among respondents above the age of 25 the employment percentage jumps to 95%.

After receiving DACA status 69% of respondents we're able to acquire a job with a higher pay, 54% acquired a job better suited to their education and training, 54% found a job that better suited their career goals, and 56% found a job with better working conditions.

Business growth among DACA status individual is also increasing. About 5% are able to build their own businesses. This number increases to 8.1% when asked to an age group of 25 and older. The general American public businesses creation rate is 3.1%.


Data shows that DACA has positive effects on wages. The average hourly wage of respondents increased by 69 percent since receiving DACA, rising from $10.29 per hour to $17.46 per hour. Those above the ages of 25 have seen an 85% increase in wages.


About 16% of DACA respondents have purchased or are in the process of purchasing their first home. This number jumps to 25% when respondents are identified to be 25 years or older.


Among those currently in school, 72% are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher. The majors and specializations that respondents report include accounting, biochemistry, business administration, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, early childhood education, economics, environmental science, history, law, mathematics, mechanical engineering, neuroscience, physics, psychology, and social work, to name a few.

Currently those who are 25 years or older account of 36% of bachelor degree holders or higher.

Source 1

Source 2

Dont break the law and boast about it to people you dont know.

Why the fuck are illegals telling people they're illegal? Thats like me killing somone and facebook living it and then crying about getting pinned for murder.

There's no law on the book by which she could legally be deported. She's protected by DACA for a few months yet.

Well now he will be getting a lot of deserved hate. His chances of getting a job anywhere but in the bosom of the racist alt-right just went way downhill.

Lmao did he really? Fucking pathetic

They were children when they arrived here, and it wasn't their decision. They have already taken advantage of major benefits like the public school system. Which of these sounds more productive:

Deporting very productive, law-abiding taxpayers and making them spend years coming back

Give them a path to citizenship

You realize that the earning potential would dramatically decrease if there were millions of economic migrants, right?

I'm sure her parents were thinking about more immediate things like the chance at a better life and education, and less chance of their baby girl being killed in gang violence.

Na. it appears that way sometimes, but being racist is indefensible to good people. And as much as racists enjoy feeling better than someone- anyone!- because they are so unhappy with themselves, they don't want to be social pariahs.

So they like to stick in their little bubbles where everyone is as filled with hate as themselves. But you can't stay in that bubble forever. Jobs, dating, social media- racists at one time were allowed to be proud of it but are finding today they are getting smacked down in the court of public opinion by logic and people who don't need to be racist to feel good about themselves, and who can call out how evil of a thing racism is.

Having a racist president has emboldened a bunch of them- but they are finding out that they don't have the same protections. Like Taylor Ragg, who will have the results "Racist bully who likes to encourage others to harass young women" next to his name in google for the rest of his life.

if she is illegal, she needs to be deported.

I'm all for it.

Almost no other nation has birthright citizenship.

Almost no other nation has a process as easy as ours to become a citizen.

So let's start deporting.

Ironically, this is the best analogy. She DID go to the federal government to inform them that she was here, not a criminal, paying taxes, and going to school. In return the federal government recognized the inherent cruelty in sending children back to countries they don't remember, may not speak the language, have had no contact with in decades, and conferred temporary legal status pending continued good behavior.

"The left". Get over yourself.

Unequal enforcement based on race is racist.

DREAMers are a major boon to the US financially and academically and have massive bipartisan support to remain here in both Congress and among the voting public. Whether you want to look at it from a security, economy or morality perspective, people like Paola belong here.

I'd take back the money given to a 2 year old if their parents had robbed a bank for it.

According to his logic, yes. Mexico needs to care for those children. But if you know anything about the Mexican government, they would never do that in a million years.

Her current residency status is illegal. It is just that Obama decided to legislate from the executive office instead of letting the legislative branch deal with it and ignore illegals who met certain criteria.

If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. For more information, please visit www.ice.gov.


strict gun control

Then why are cartel sicarios running around with AK-47s?

Those consequences still have to be in line with private organizations you're affiliated with. He's legally within his rights, but if what he did breaks the school's discrimination/harassment/bullying policy (I have no idea if it does), they need to enforce it. If they don't, it's not legally enforcable against anyone.

ya you know or /sub/news.

DACA does not grant residence nor citizenship: it says "we'll turn a blind eye unless you step out of line, and review the situation in 2 years"

Additionally it was created without congressional approval, and is thus not a valid law.

her parents were thinking about more immediate things

Isn't that the problem and why she should be mad at them? The fact they clearly didn't think of the long term consequences of their actions?

Her future is uncertain genius.

According to his Facebook page, [Taylor] Ragg is from Harlan and is a former legislative intern for the U.S. Senate. He also was a campus coordinator for Students for Rand, a group that supports U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Bowling Green.

No, he does not have anything better to do.

He's going to get those regardless. He should at least stand by his beliefs rather than cry "fake news" and hide like a coward.

So, if USA citizens illegally immigrate to Mexico to take advantage of the power of dollar, take jobs down there that Mexicans could work, and then have kids down there and then get deported, it is now the responsibility of Mexico to take care of those kids? Just curious.

Ah. So you support the deportation of nearly a million people, not because of anything they did, but because our govt couldn't get out of gridlock long enough to offer them a chance at legality.

Why should illegals be rewarded for breaking immigration laws. Deportation is not an option. Neither is offering illegals a full path to citizenship. It takes 10-15 years for an Indian or Chinese who immigrated to US legally to get a Greencard since there's an annual country quota for Greencards. By offering illegals a path to citizenship, you are insulting the legals who went through the immigration process by waiting for decades to become US citizens. There should absolutely be no path to US citizenship for illegals. Legal immigration should be made easier instead.

Most Democrats care about illegals more than legals since illegals are a major voting bloc. Most Republicans want to limit overall immigration - both illegal and legal. There are only a few politicians like Rubio who want to make the legal immigration process easier.

You are supposed to call the police if you want the law to be enforced, not name and shame people online.

The US has laws that bar people who aren't citizens or permanent residents from participating in political campaigns.

It's not discrimination to ask that current laws on the books be enforced.

And what law would be enforced here? She's legally here under the daca program. Do you guys think they just let whoever into high school and don't check anything about them?

If you don't get into Harvard and you truly have the stats to make it, you'll never want for a good school to go to. There'll always be Dartmouth, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Emory, or whatever other nice school you want to go to. You are in exactly zero danger of having your future ruined.

Also, any person that gets a raise or a job is one more person who doesn't DACA or not. These things aren't absolute or zero-sum, they're performance based. Somebody else getting a raise or a job or raise isn't the reason that you didn't get one. The only people who believe that...probably weren't going anywhere with their lives anyways.

Yes, he should have endured the ensuing hate mail / death threats

Probably deserved it, but there's no victory for leaving it up

Illegal immigration affects others in society a lot more than growing a plant in your closet and lighting up a joint while you play video games.

This is why you shouldn't support things like that. It feels good when its against someone you hate but then it comes back to bite you. Same with all anti-freedom notions.

And video of him hanging out with Richard Spencer. He's a great kid, for sure.

She was brought here when she was 2. I don't see how you can condone, morally, a program that could exile this girl to a place she has no memory of. She deserves amnesty and citizenship, as do all others in similar circumstances.

She deserves amnesty and citizenship

While I agree with this idea in general it's not quite correct to say that she "deserves" it. You could easily say that, being illegal, she "deserves" to be deported. It's not a moral issue, it's a practical one. She, and we, are better of giving this person amnesty and citizenship but not really b/c she deserves it.

Because laws are not necessarily moral, good, or righteous. They are sentences written on a piece of paper by people, and that comes with all of the faults and failures that can come with being a person.

The people going around this thread demanding that the law be enforced for the mere sake of enforcing the law are advocating for something abhorrent because of that. The law should never be enforced for the sake of enforcing the law, because the law is not necessarily right.

DACA does not grant residence nor citizenship: it says "we'll turn a blind eye unless you step out of line, and review the situation in 2 years"

Exactly, so there's nothing illegal about a DACA participant staying here with DACA protection.

Additionally it was created without congressional approval, and is thus not a valid law.

Not sure where to start. Your reasoning of DACA participants to be "illegal", and your apparent ignorance of the existence of executive orders and what a "law" is seem to present gulfs that we won't be able to bridge here.

Best of luck.

Long term? She has grown up in a safe place with a good education as opposed to an uncertain future where she was born. Her parents did amazing for her.

Is there data to back up DREAMers getting preferential treatment with regards to college admissions, jobs, raises, etc.?

Every job that a DACA recipient gets is one that someone born here doesn't.

That's not how this works, labor is not a zero sum game. When you come into a country and hold a job, you then go onto consume resources. You live in a house, you eat food, you consume entertainment products, you buy quality of life items, you shop at stores, you pay for services. A persons impact on society is not one where they take a job and then cease to exist. Their existence in the country spurs additional jobs to be created. This is true for American born citizens as it is for immigrants.

One person gaining a job simply does not mean that another must lose their job.

Tons of them celebrated Arpaio being pardoned. They pick and choose which laws affect them and which ones they don't like.

IMO, she was asking for trouble and got it. And I say that as someone generally supportive of DACA. If you're an undocumented immigrant you shouldn't be so brazenly and publicly expressing extreme political views, period.

Follow the sourced material in the article.

Even so, you have far more earning potential in the united States

Many of the employees in ICE do in fact have a sordid love affair with racism, yes.

He also didn't just report her- and since she is a dreamer and therefore here legally as of this moment it serves no purpose except to intimidate- he encouraged others to do so, and to help him bully her based on her race and nationality.

Any decent HR worker will find that kind of behavior to be a huge red flag.

Haha, that's gold.

It defininetly is a moral issue. These are human beings. Forcing them from their homes for something they had no control over at all is immoral.

Well yeah, because he's actually here legally and a citizen.

Not breaking the law has benefits.

It's not a policy of selective enforcement any more than it is the policy of the police to respond to homicides over burglaries. That is, executive departments like the police and the office of the prosecutor and the office of the president routinely prioritize X crimes over others.

DACA recipients are simply innocent children who have NEVER committed any crime, are attending school and were smuggled in at a young age by actual criminals, against their will.

Since we have limited resources, it makes sense to go after actual criminals murdering people rather than innocent kids.

I don't go to my local PD and boast about speeding, do you?

DACA isn't illegal. It's legality extends from the Immigration Act passed back in 1986

It's only problem is that as an Executive Order if the next president is an idiot they can undo it.

There are (if I counted them correctly) 33 counties with Jus Soli.

It is almost universal in North and South America.

...I clicked on the link to the racist blog, but even on the racist blog all it says is "Paola Garcia, a student at Transylvania University, decided she was going to take to social media to boast about the fact that she was in our country ILLEGALLY. Strong conservative leader and contributor for The Liberty Conservative, Taylor Ragg, was the first to call her out for this behavior on Facebook.. " with no quotes of anything other than the post about Trump.

This horrible blog also says "I have a news flash for you honey and you can quote me on this:

“If you are stupid enough to brag about the fact that you are here illegaly then you should not cry like a little baby when we launch you over the wall.”

so I'm guessing this site is not exactly written by someone with a basis in reality, but rather a hate peddler who uses stupid peoples fear to make money.

So again, where is she bragging about being here illegally? She is a dreamer so she is as of this moment here legally, so that wouldn't make sense for her to do.

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This seems like the news is trying to draw sympathy for someone here illegally and her family should be deported back to her country of origin. It is a slap in the face to legal immigrants that come here legally.

Although she was probably bragging about her status, if it was found online. So it's her fault that she's getting reported by people although the boy is no better than a bully so I'm not sure how to go about this one.

They would be the same people wanting to throw the book at Rosa Parks for breaking the law.

It's funny you bring up the checks and balances because it's not clear that DACA is constitutional and many believe it's an abuse of executive power. DACA is not a law, it's an executive order by Obama saying that he would not enforce immigration law on childhood arrivals. By doing so, he pretty much said that congress doesn't matter.

The whole reason this was necessary is because the DREAM act never passed, not even when Democrats had the House and a supermajority in the Senate in 09-10. There are no Dreamers. People are acting like what Trump is doing is totally beyond the pale but the lawmakers of our country (including Democrats) have refused to do any better.

Also, this student is a year from graduating from college, so she's not a "kid".

So the GDP of the US is the highest in the world now because of the hard work all those English colonists did 300 years ago?

Seeing as the goverment is not paying reparations, I guess so?

sorry - I thought we were supposed to turn people into the authorities when we witnessed a crime? I went to school in the 90s and say through a ton of anti-drug awareness programs, anti-sexual harassment assemblies, and then later in college in NYC after 9/11 there was that whole "See Something, Say Something"? campaign. All of them shared the message that if you see someone doing something suspicious, even your parents or classmates, you should report them.

Are we not supposed to do that anymore? I don't care either way I just want to be told how to think.

How is it bullying to ask the law be enforced?

Reddit is secretly libertarian.

Shouldnt be boasting and taunting political opposition with your legal status. She deserves this for being so stupid.

The arrogance of being illegal and telling people to fuck off while being illegal tends to lead to shit like this.

"Paola Garcia, a student at Transylvania University, decided

she was going to take to social media to boast about the fact that she was in our country ILLEGALLY. Strong conservative leader and contributor for The Liberty Conservative, Taylor Ragg, was the first to call her out for this behavior on Facebook."

Yep sure seems like a winner.