Rep. Chaffetz considers leaving Congress before the end of his term

Rep. Chaffetz considers leaving Congress before the end of his term
Rep. Chaffetz considers leaving Congress before the end of his term

After his announcement Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in 2018, Rep. Jason Chaffetz told Fox 13 he is considering leaving Congress before the end of his term.

“When I contemplate another 200 nights away from home, it is just too much,” Chaffetz told Fox 13 News Anchor Bob Evans.

Can't wait for the real reason behind all this to break...

This is a huge deal. Last week, Louise Mensch tweeted that her sources told her that the Russians had kompromat on Chaffetz, and that the FBI knows it. (Shameless plug: I posted that in /sub/russialago this morning.)

The fact that he's already dropping the "spending more time with my family" line means that something's about to come out. That's what people say when they resign in scandal.

This is odd. Everyone else thinks this is seriously odd, right?

One of the most powerful House Republicans suddenly, unexpectedly (possibly) resigning, instead of continue to block investigations into a traitorous administration? What could be odd about that??

I mean he had a two year plan to keep investigating Clinton, so this just smells like a big scandal. This definitely not planned.

Republicans don't have long term plans.

Example: healthcare.

Another Tweet on the subject, from Claude Taylor.

Seems too juicy to be true, but a man can dream.

Edit: Claude with another tweet, saying Chaffetz may resign as early as tomorrow per a Utah source. Grain of salt and all that.

I love the reply: "Please let it be with a man!"

Rats fleeing a sinking ship. Chaffetz got tipped off about something happening that is either damaging to him personally, or to the entire GOP Congress.

O shit- the whole angle of leave in Jan. 2019 and spend all year campaigning for the governorship took a big blow.

OK- so dude is as ambitious as fuck, no question there. Spend time w/ family is total shit, do not believe him for 1 second. So the options I see are:

shit is about to hit the fan so hard that despite being completely innocent of any wrongdoing Chafftez thinks his decision to not investigate trump makes him so toxic that he needs to get out immediately and lie low for 3 years. It has to be so bad that trying to start the investigation now is not a viable option

Chafftez is implicated in wrong doing and is hoping ducking out now will place him lower on the list of targets and maybe give him a lighter sentence

The blackmail on Chafftez is incredibly embarrassing and career ending, so he is trying to end his career on his own terms rather than have it brought crashing down by the imminent release of the blackmail material.

What possibility(s) am I missing?

Louise Mensch: Sources say there is kompromat on @jasoninthehouse; that this is why he turned and that @FBI know it. #traitorinthehouse

This tweet was on April 13th.

Personally, I hope there's video of all of these assholes doing all this shit. Or emails/texts a la Weiner.

I wanna see this wet-poodle looking asshole so broke that he can't afford healthcare, just so America can give him the middle finger and tell him he should have given up his iPhone.

They've only had one goal for the past 20 years: Defeat Democrats at all costs. Never mind their own dignity, never mind their souls, just defeat the Democrats.

Okay now I'm seriously suspicious. How bad could this get I wonder

He's a "family values" republican, so I'd say the odds are relatively high.

Welp, kompromat confirmed. This guy was all caps AMBITIOUS and now he can't bear to be away from home?

Don't cover for him, FBI. We deserve to know why he has provided cover for Trump and Russia.

Any guesses? It's really cliched but I'm thinking gay affair.

Edit: Mensch is saying it's accepting laundered Russian money, which is even better because it's illegal. Cut a deal, Fartmouth, stay out of prison! And now Claude Taylor is saying it's a multi year long affair with.....a woman. LOL today is a good day. Maybe it's both!

twitter speculation ( from accounts some people think are conspiracy theorists): FBI cut a deal with him that requires him to resign.

The fact that he's already dropping the "spending more time with my family" line means that something's about to come out. That's what people say when they resign in scandal.

I think it's usually the line politicians (especially Republicans) drop when they've done something to fuck up their family, like having an affair.

I know I'm just like ... WTF. There has to be something some realllly big reason why he's suddenly checking out so quickly and unexpectedly.

If this was a movie, I would be enthralled and excited.

But I live here, so fuck all this noise...

got his ass handed to him by the president of Planned Parenthood

He had big plans to be the top dog holding President Clinton accountable for Benghazi for another 4-8 years. He's such a bumbling nunce that he couldn't seem to understand that Hillary hadn't won, choosing to bring up more Benghazi investigations when asked about Trump. He was like a kid holding his dead dog and trying to pretend that telling it he was going to take it for a run every morning would bring it back to life.

In honor of his impending exit, I present you with the time this gelatinous twat . The look on his face as he bumbles his way through a response says it all.

I think we can safely assume it's ten times worse than anything we can imagine. The GOP never fails to show us just how low low can be.

In 25 years, if we don't get some kind of modern-day "All the President's Men" Oscar-nominated film out of this, I'm gonna be really disappointed.

As expected, that's slightly less sophisticated than my dog's plan for the backyard. In addition to defeating the squirrels, he also wants to dig a hole under the fence to facilitate communication with the neighbor's dog.

Mensch is a bit nuts, but it is amazing how often those tweets get curiously tied to reality.

I wonder if Chaffetz flipped?

Who has what on him?

Time: 1m50s

Chaffetz: I pulled those numbers directly out of your corporate reports.

Richards: Oh! Excuse me. My loggers are informing me that the source of this is actually 'Americans United for Life', which is an anti-abortion group, so I would check your source.

Chaffetz: ...Then ...We will get to the bottom... To the truth of that...

Trump colluded with Russia.

We've known for awhile. Congress is apparently just figuring this out.

I've noticed this.

Alot of people are taking the approach "Until the investigations are finished, we have to pretend he's a legitimate president."

Fuck that. He's a terrible president, and a traitor. I'm not giving him an ounce of support, until the rope is tied around their neck. Then I'll hand them some lead weights.

This is the guy who reportedly had numerous investigations into Hillary Clinton all lined up and ready to go if she won the presidency. Now he doesn't have a stomach for investigations and can't imagine another 200 nights away from home? It sounds more like he can't imagine another 20-30 years away from home and behind bars. Can't wait to see what has one of the most recognizable republicans out there right now running for cover. Start popping that popcorn, I'm sure Rachel Maddow is working overtime on this one.

he also wants to dig a hole under the fence to facilitate communication with the neighbor's dog.

More commonly known as a Pee Trade Agreement.

I personally think he's being blackmailed in some form, but the simple explanation of some kind of family matter has to be in the mix to be considered, just so everyone isn't jumping like lunatics at every conspiracy theory out there. A serious, life-threatening illness with his wife or kids or something like that would make being away tough. But then again, this guy has never really demonstrated any type of moral compass, so that would be tough to see being the case.

Fox has a 9 PM slot open...

And I seriously think this is what's happening here. He was tapped for it before Bill-O was forced out and now that Fox is in the lurch, they moved up his contract start date pending his resigning from Congress.

I'd love for Louise Mensch to be right about this, because I'd love to see that little shit go down in flames, but my guess is he's just going to become the next expeller of hate-vomit on Fox.

Everytime she tweets something with tag #Impeachment, I'm like, com'on, this is too good to be true. This time you have really entered fantasy world.

Few days/weeks later, NYT or WaPo corroborates her story. Then she gloats about how she was first. Very public self promotion, deservedly so.

What're the odds on it being with a male under the age of 16?

This doesn't seem likely. Jesse Jackson Jr., for example, stayed in office until the last possible moment while the Feds were investigating him. The FBI wouldn't have anything to gain from a deal like that. They don't really care if they make congress look bad.

25 years? i'll be seriously disappointed if it takes longer than 5

I vote gay affair. /flashbacks to one time I met him and he stared deeply into my beautiful eyes.

But being a former congressman means he gets free healthcare for life. He'll keep his iPhone

Edit: apparently this is no longer true. When the ACA was passed they now have to get their healthcare in the exchange

Gotta wonder if Comey has an axe to grind with this little weasel after he leaked the Hillary's E-mail info and forced Comey to come across as a hack.

My first thought when I heard his camp had registered the Chaffetz 2028 web domains was: maybe he's banking on the GOP exploding, and it will take about 10 years for everything to blow over with the Russia stuff. Washing his hands before he gets any dirtier. I'm not sure if there is another shoe that drops on Chaffetz, he might just be a scurrying rat.


He's planning on dropping out of Congress, spending 10 years out of politics, then run for President suddenly at 60?

This smells a lot more like "buy every domain with my name on it."

Hetero affairs don't bring down Republicans lol. Cheating on their wives is par for the course.

Only one thing shames Republicans: gay sex.

If the most salacious rumors are true, Chaffetz is in deep shit with the FBI. I don't know that anyone wants him gone, or if he was feeling the heat and wants to cut and run. All I know is that if he's having an affair and the Russians are holding information over his head, nobody involved will want him around if that news goes public.

Again, though, that may not even be close to the truth. The Twitter rumor-mill isn't gospel, and this rumor in particular seems far too convenient to be wholly true.

Extremely. I lived in his district for years. I thought he was nice and comfy there given how gerrymandered that district is. This is beyond just fishy even for him.

Yes, there has to be a reason...

and in utah... don't forget that. when they go depraved, they go REALLY depraved.

I expect we'll find out soon enough. He's moving fast to try to get out ahead of it.

If Jim Comey manages to suss this all out and save the republic, I'll tattoo his name on my chest. Reddit can hold me to that.

Right? He's been in Washington since 2009. He's been away from home for the last 8 years. He suddenly decides, 3 months after signing up to do a job he's been doing for 9 years, that he can't handle another 1.5 years? Something's up.

Oh, I'm sure there's a small army of dipshit conservative women who would like to sport fuck one of the ringleaders of the Benghazi/email circus, despite him having a grotesque rat face.

NYT reported he's in talks for a tv gig

If at first you don't succeed, quit and don't admit to trying.

The man is one of the most phony people I have ever met. Trump honestly is more honest with who and what he is. He went to BYU to kick field goals, and discovered perhaps one of the most gullible populations in the US. He 'converted' to Mormonism his senior year of college. It was an excellent business move.

Oh, sure, but why is Chaffetz specifically shitting his pants over this? I feel like he's linked into this more than just 'People will find out about Trump's collusion while I refused to investigate'. I feel that there's information about to come to light that shows he was actively involved in the collusion, or something.

I know, right? I can't wait for whatever scandal it is to break. He must know that whatever it is, it's inevitable.

omgggggggggg my productivity today <<<<<

THIS MOTHERFUCK RIGHT HERE. When Clinton looked like she had it in the bag, he said as soon as she took office, HE WOULD HAVE "YEARS OF INVESTIGATIONS READY TO GO." And NOW? He can't even finish his term with Donald in office?! This dude is in to something fucking dirty.

A Utah source now confirming that Chaffetz resignation expected as early as tomorrow.

If true, uh, holy shit.

I think it's all out in the open. Trump colluded with Russia. Some Republicans initially tried to help him cover it up. Then so much more evidence came out that it's plain even to Republicans that Nunes and Chaffetz at best were blatantly ignoring their responsibilities out of partisanship, and at worst were complicit with the crimes that will lead to Trump's impeachment. There's no sustainable way for them to keep pretending this didn't happen and keep doing their jobs like everything is normal.

Remember, Chaffetz was the first to sort-of turn against Trump after the pussy grabbing tape came out, then when he realized no one else was doing it and he could get away with continuing to back Trump, he did. He's a piece of shit.

Not if he ends up a felon 🤗

My analogy is that she's like one of those mad oracles in Ancient Greece. She's clearly got something we don't, but it's never clear what's prophecy and what's just the cave gas talking.

Chaffetz said that they were about to be empty nesters

"spending more time with my family"

I saw his MSNBC interview with Greta Van Sustern yesterday, and I swear one of them , so it seems odd...

That the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign before the Comey letter came out seems very ominous.

I wouldn't put that past Chaffetz. He's genuinely a bad guy that hides behind his puritan Mormon faith and then goes out and does a bunch of shitty stuff anyway.

He was pretty anti-Trump and then one day all of a sudden flipped the switch and became pro-Trump. And the Trump people would have known he was in a position that they needed him on their side, based on all the shady shit they were doing and were planning on doing.

This is probably a dream for him. I've heard that he has a hero complex. If he does, then him destroying all these shit heads lives/careers while getting to be the hero sounds like a dream come true for an FBI director.

The embarrassment of an affair seems like small potatoes next to the FBI finding that the blackmail prompted him to actively obstruct justice re: Trump/Russia. Personally, I hope that this the real charge out of this because this man belongs in fucking prison.

This is how fucking WEAK these Republicans are. Hillary went through 30 fucking years of smears and attacks, legitimate and illegitimate, and stuck it out until the very end.

Chaffetz gets some heckling and some questions, and is ready to bow out.

UNLESS, the truth is that he is compromised by some truly shady shit with Russia and/or Trump.

What? Honor my commitments? Pshaw: accountability is for poor people and Democrats!

-Chaffetz, probably.

Grotesque rat face? Come on guys, we're above this. Restrain yourselves.

He's merely a seductive beaver.

Honestly? I hope they are. Like really do.

The damage dividing this country has already been done, and the longer those divisive assholes are in power, the worse things will get. Regardless of what happens, thanks to those intelligence reports that were described from Russia, we're gonna be fighting to restore faith in the democratic process for potentially the next generation.

Only education will help. Teach people to think critically and check sources.

But these politicians, despite all the shit they've done, their constituents continue to vote for them.

I think it absolutely will take treason charges to get their idiot voters to wake up. My boss, just yesterday told me this Russia bullshit is fake news. They won't believe it until charges are pressed

He's done the math. If you can buy healthcare for the price of an iPhone. Whatever's coming is going to cost him 10 Apple stores.

I am hearing it's a long term affair.

"Latest from a well placed Congressional source is that @jasoninthehouse multi year affair with a woman was about to be revealed."

That was my first thought as well, when we heard he's not going to run for another term. But there's a huge difference between not running because you might spoil your career in an election where you're likely to get slaughtered and suddenly resigning.

I think that if Comey has one ax to grind, he has a thousand. I don't know if he's that sort, but there were a lot of folks who made him look awfully bad.

Yeah that's normally a line dropped during a big scandal. There's definitely an important reason for this.

Yeah because O'Reilly was a dream to look at.

Honestly, that's just a description of their plan when Obama or Clinton was in charge. They found the thinnest of threads to impeach Clinton on, and if they'd found anything at all on Obama involving Benghazi, you know they'd have done the same there.

When Bush was in charge, they definitely had a plan. It was a terrible plan for America, but it was a plan.

I think, honestly, that they don't have a plan now because of disorganization and a level of incompetence not seen before. Sure, Bush was incompetent as hell, but he surrounded himself with competent individuals (evil people like Cheney and Ashcroft, but extremely competent). Trump has surrounded himself with sycophants and incompetent family members. Thus, now, they don't have a plan.

Ugh I hate cliffhangers. When is the next episode airing?

I was about to say he gives off a heavy gay vibe, but then again, A LOT of the GOP does. I mean, Lindsey Graham... that guy.

Which means he goes to prison and gets free healthcare. He gets free healthcare every way! Brilliant strategist this one.

Yes they do in Utah! Especially if they are long term.

All the president's men came out 4 years after the Watergate break in..... Maybe we'll see something good in 2020?

maybe tomorrow too?

Take with huge grain of salt though

Edit: This is an interesting development

Well, if and when this all does finally come out and people go to jail, Jim Comey will be the hero of this story. One incorruptible man in the whole swamp. Frankly, we need a hero right now.

Can't wait till her Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell Russian money laundering info comes through. Supposedly, they were talking about their dirty Super PAC funds at the RNC when Kislyak was around so it was incidentally collected in the background chatter.

This certainly doesn't quell the rumors he was caught up in the Trump/Russia scandal.

Can't wait for the real treason behind all this to break...


Check the date. This was posted BEFORE Chaffetz announced he would not seek reelection.

April 13th: Sources say there is kompromat on Jason Chaffetz; that this is why he turned and that FBI know it.

He's the one who leaked the FBI letter about Hillary's emails that caused the huge shift in the race right before voting day, and now it seems likely that he did so because of blackmail from the russians. I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life.

Can you help me understand why Louise Mensch should be trusted?

Earlier this week, there were a number of articles circulating on how guys like Alex Jones were performance artists, who told people what they wanted to hear rather than being concerned with the truth.

We all so desperately want to hear movement on Russian interference that we should be wary of people who tell us that everything we suspect - and worse - is true.

Granted, she's had some reports vindicated (such as the Alfa bank server court order), but it does seem like she's very quick to make allegations even before she's reasonably sure something is true.

I mean, she's literally tweeting right now that Ryan, McConnell, Chaffetz, Comey and Bernie Sandwrs are ALL being blackmailed by Russian agents due to having money laundered by Russians. She comes across like... well, a little McCarthy.

Edit: bonus points for a tweet admitting she was wrong on an issue last week, so at least she's not one of those types

Fred Savage

2028 = He's expecting Trump (or whomever is in office post-investigation) to lose to a Democrat is 2020, and doesn't want to go against an incumbent President in 2024.

When will the Republicans realize that Russia is our enemy and wants us to fail? If he was aware that Russia had compromising material and did nothing is very telling of his character.

I mean it's far more complicated than that though. If he did collude with Russia, which I definitely believe he did, very blatantly, that's pretty big deal. Whatever you want to call, it treason, being a traitor to the country, working as a foreign agent, whatever.

It is such a huge thing, that I don't think has really ever happened at this level in America, that there will be reprocussions. I mean shit if this isn't fully proven wouldn't that be grounds for war or an attack against Russia?

If we blow our load too early we will miss people involved. I want everyone. I don't want to get Trump and then have others yet to be discovered get away freely. Anyone in that office or public office of the US that has helped or known about it or covered it up needs to be founds and tossed out too.

Not only that, we have to have strong evidence. We are talking about removing the President from the office and I imagine it will have to be done forcefully. Do you honestly see this being an easy situation where we find him guilty and simlly put him in cuffs and take him away? He's going to try to fight. And he will do it the way a traitor would.

From what I've seen all of the evidence the public has is circumstantial. But there is so much and it's from so many of his people and there have been plenty of lies that have been exposed, and we can obviously piece it all together and see what's happening, but what about the other half of the country? The half that's basically fully armed and filled with lunatics who will react in a very bad way if Trump is removed, especially in a forceful way. Weve have to be able to really show that there is direct collusion. If the dossier is as accurate as it's being reported that may help heavily.

But this is basically unprecedented. We don't know what will happen. It could be wildly negative if we go to quick. We impeach him and it goes to the next level and we shit the bed we can kiss making gains in 2018 goodbye.

We have got to fully nail this.

If the most salacious rumors are true, Chaffetz is in deep shit with the FBI.

This calls into question every House investigation during his tenure as being influenced by a foreign fascist dictatorship.

Brave Sir Jason ran away. ("No!") Bravely ran away away. ("I didn't!") When danger reared it's ugly head, He bravely turned his tail and fled

Apologies to Monty Python.

why? the FBI didn't need JJJ to resign to investigate or prosecute him. In this case, if the rumors are true (and im not saying they are), the FBI could've said - give us this/sign this, cuz if it comes from you, our case is rock solid. And if you do, we won't come after you too, but, ya, you can't keep doing your job cuz you know, ur a crook.

Seems like your dog also knows how to foil Trump's immigration policy - just dig under the wall.

Nah, he's too ugly for prime time TV. I can barely look at the mug in the article, let alone for 60 minutes.

Yeah, but we all have to pretend like he didn't for now apparently.

Treat Louise Mensch as The Lone Gunmen of this saga. A lot of kooky conspiracy with an increasingly worrying habit of accurately predicting future plot progression.

His name has been floated for gubernatorial race in 2020 too so governor to president

When the Russians and oil companies stop throwing money at them.

If this rumor pans out, it will call into question a lot more than that. If he was compromised, then it stands to reason that he's not been the only one. I've heard rumors of both McConnell and Ryan being compromised as well, and that's the kind of thing that would shake the foundations of our democracy.

As much as I'd like for these guys to go down in a heap of flaming human wreckage, I think I'd rather these rumors not be true.

Incoming bombshell story from either NYT, WaPo, Reuters, or AP before the end of this week?

Shit, really?

Actually, yeah. That makes sense. I had a lot of Mormon classmates and none of them were as conniving and shitty as Chaffetz.

Compare Chaffetz to Romney or McMullin. That's a pretty good way to illustrate it. All the Mormons I've known had personal integrity and unflappable convictions.

I have very conflicting feeling about her. Shes been way ahead of some stuff, but also grasps at every straw out there and there's no way shes right about everything.

The rumors are that he was having an affair and Russia was using it to blackmail him.

heavy breathing

He may never look his daughter in the eye again!

Who the fuck would have an affair with him