Renovating condo. This was up behind bathroom ceiling fan.

Renovating condo. This was up behind bathroom ceiling fan.

Took me a second to see the cleaver. I wondered why an electrical junction box was 'wtf'...

The murder weapon of a cold case no doubt.

Took me a second too. That’s a ceiling fan/light. I was having trouble getting it out. I took the pic to see what was up there. It’s precarious to get into this opening. I saw the pic before putting my hand or eyes up there.

Well my first thought is that someone hid it there in case of a home invasion. Probably seen too many scary movies where someone gets trapped in the bathroom.

Looking at it again it seems like the blade is a little stained... Any history of murders in that building?

Some guy used the knife to do some work in the ceiling, closed it up, went on with his life. Later, his wife asked him where the knife was but he couldn't give a damm about opening the ceiling again.

Holy shit that makes it even creepier that you saw it in the picture first.

ITT: CSI: Reddit

Yes, but you'll be relieved to know they were all committed with an icepick.

Murder weapon from a dusty old case I’d say

Yup. You use a kitchen knife to cut rocksol insulation.

He didn't expect a fucking cleaver in the ceiling.

You have one in your ceiling too I presume?

Did you call someone about it? As wildly improbable as it is, you don't want to be in possession of a "dirty" knife

Yer a murder now Harry.

When I was a teenager one of my jobs was installing sheetrock in new homes. This guy I worked with used to leave his knife in the walls all the time. This is probably what happened. Weird knife to use but maybe a homeowner repair.

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I literally just got done using this knife to cut Roxul. It worked great.

I was wondering if I was missing some redneck wiring nightmare

Could this be a clue to solving a local crime/murder? How long can dna survive on something like this?

32 million years, give or take.

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