Remove Trump From Office Before He Removes Us from Earth

Remove Trump From Office Before He Removes Us from Earth

I'm exhausted.

During the election season, I was looking forward to election day, not because of Hillary (I didn't like her much to begin with), but because I wouldn't have to hear Trump bullshit every day. I was already exhausted at that point, but I figured the day would soon come. Perhaps we would hear him bitch about how it was an unfair election, blah blah blah.

We're nearly 7 months into a Trump presidency, and I still have to hear shit from this moron, and worry about what might happen. I'm kind of amazed I haven't had any serious adverse health effects from exhaustion, other than a lack of sleep.

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It's so frustrating to know that people aren't even being consulted when he puts out statements like "fire and fury" and "ready to go". Like what the fuck are you trying to provoke an attack? That's not what a person in his position should be doing. I know that no one is buying these NK threat displays, but those types of comments coming from Trump could very well escalate this situation.

that is yet another thing obama absolutely nailed.

the man can talk. in every obama interview/speech i've ever seen, he was calm, level headed, intelligent in his reasoning and, most importantly, picked his words carefully. obama is a fantastically eloquent person.

these things cannot be said about our current president.

The electoral college didn’t work like it should have to block this orangutan from becoming president. Republicans need to grow balls and do something.

I'm actually scared of what trump is going to have to do to convince congress to impeach him.

He and his cohorts are actually accomplishing a lot. They’re quietly but consistently dismantling regulations and regulatory agencies. The Russia story and now this North Korea bullshit just overshadow all the stuff they’re doing.

I want politics to be boring again.

Not much can happen when he's 30% of his time away Golfing. Sleep well knowing that on the other side of the ball, North Korea spends 110% of their time planning their victory on you guys. It takes morons to attack the USA, but it also takes morons to elect Trump. Quite the ironic fight if you ask me.

Isn't it awesome that we get to worry about nuclear holocaust again? Trump truly is bringing everything back! MAGA!!!

What's really crazy is that the Right took that quality as weakness! Do they even know what weakness is? It certainly appears as though they worship weakness.

Where I come from, Italy, we had someone very similar to Trump in power for 16 out of 20 years.

By year 4 every 5th word out of anyone mouth was Berlusconi. He was basically omnipresent in every conversation at every given moment throughout the whole country.

There was this case of a 50 something yrs old woman, mother and stay at home wife, who had an accident and suffered severe brain damage.

She couldn´t remember her name, recognise her children or husband nor she could remember anything about her life. But as soon as she saw Berlusconi face on TV she knew exactly who he was and remembered basically everything about his life.

He basically drilled himself in people mind.

What Trump is doing now remembers me a lot of what happened then in Italy.

You think the Republicans supporting him will? Evidence might be showing putin has them in his pockets / coercion as well.

Many of his Supporters DO want to be removed from Earth. They call it the Rapture. Blame 19th Century Dispensationalism and a Bible with a dodgy history.

If voting was mandatory and the EC was scrapped there wouldn't be a Republican president for the rest of your lives.

They know that.

They think reality should be like an action movie where the heroes do very little talking and they jump to violence and conflict as a solution to a problem. Now, it makes for an entertaining movie, but reality being that way tends to get a lot of people killed.

I know that I am going to get downvotes.

Couldn't these Rapture beleiving Christian Cults just spike the tea and Koolaide at their next potluck dinner and save the rest of us from their violent deathwish fever dream already.

I apologize if that is offensive but I don't see how obliterating the Earth and everything on it is going to score you brownie points with God. In fact I think you may actually get some demerits for that.

I really miss not being able to name most of the presidential cabinet, down to middle names in some cases. Fuck this timeline. I love that I can't remember what Biden's wife's name is or even what she looks like. I hate that I know Pence calls his "mother". Eww.

Trump would love an attack. It would be his 9/11. That is why the harsh rhetoric, he wants Kim to attack anything remotely inflammatory so that he can initiate military action.

Million man march? Should be everyone who didn't vote for Trump showing up at Mitch and Paul's houses. Want to see shit get done?

DT is absolutely our Berlusconi. I thought people in general could learn from other's mistakes. It seem that just like angsty teenagers, we're determined to make our own.

Do you think that Trump is acting like a person who didn't break the law?

How many times has he fired people investigating him.

The GOP is going all in. If the quit now, they are probably losing power for some time to come. No, instead they will continue to double down and try to consolidate power.

The first sign that effort might be taken to it's full conclusion would be action against journalists. Let's hope we don't see that, it's the canary in the coal mine.

Trump would love an attack. It would be his Reichstag fire.


I'm pretty sure a lot of Trump's supporters don't know where Italy is.

They would rather rule smoking ruins than be out of power in a paradise... And they are willing to prove it!

Probably real life consequences rather than just scary fear mongering headlines. Most Americans lives haven't actually changed much since the election.

You do realize that a best case scenario would likely leave 10-15 million dead (including tens to hundred of thousand US service men), the largest humanitarian crisis ever seen, and likely crash the global economy right? Not sure if "ironic" is the word that comes to mind about when I think about how these 2 morons now can start world war 3. More like horrified.

For real, like his pauses in his responses were seen as him not knowing what to say or being uncertain! NO! He's thinking before he speaks because he understand the weight which a presidents words carry.

Now this guy is making policy off the cuff and threatening war and nuclear armegeddon. A guy who shoots his mouth off is in control of the most powerful armed forces in the world and could potentially scorch the earth on a whim.

It's crazy that people thought/ think yea this is the guy I trust not to abuse his powers as the commander of our armed forces. He's threatened NK and now Venezuela inside a week. He's excited about the thought of war. Something nobody should consider lightly.

He was a horrible president just in domestic matters. Now he's risen to an international antagonist threatening peace and diplomacy across the world.

To me this week has elevated the necessity to remove him from office as soon as possible before he sparks an international disaster.

Sorry for the rant in my reply, the dichotomy between Obama and trump is just so stark and says so much about each of them.

Make America Glow Again

remember when you'd see the president hold a fuckin press conference in response to something, and not just a preplanned rally in some random swing state?

Clinton got impeached for giving someone a blow job


Make Americans Get Anxiety

I'm pretty convinced he's on a roll to see how much he can get away with.

This bullshit about not being able to win over the more populous states is a tacit admission that Republican policies are failures more than anything else. If you can't win over city voters, maybe you should take a look at your policies and why they don't appeal rather than taking a giant dump on democratic values by seeking to make those votes worth less?

Man, it'd be a shame if the voters of Wyoming were ignored. Instead, the 8.5 million people in New York City get no representation.

That's way better!

For this idiot to use such flippant language about nuclear war is one of the most disgusting things I have read about him. This is an odious man and something needs to done.

The Electoral College was NOT created to prevent small states from being drowned out. The Electoral College was created because the people who founded this country were worried that the average citizen might not always be informed enough on the issues to make an educated vote, they were worried a demagogue would take over the country. The Electoral College was created because they wanted veto power, it was created to stop tyrants like Trump. So no, the EC didn't work "exactly as intended", it did the exact opposite.

Is fake news. Product of moose and squirrel.

The first sign that effort might be taken to it's full conclusion would be action against journalists.

Hasn't that happened already? That fucker from Montana already pushed one around.

South Korea had millions of people to oust Park and it worked my friend!

Being black would help, republicans would have had his Kenyan ass impeached by now.

I agree. I heard him taking on a news report and my brain kind of stopped for a second. This is the loser that some (not a majority) decided was the best person to lead our nation. Fucking SAD. (To quote our leader I guess.)

I want politics to be boring again.

Yeah, remember when Obama did that one big thing in 2010 and the rest of his presidency was basically just him giving occasional press conferences and national statements? Good times.

Clinton got impeached for giving someone a blow job and then lying about it.

That was it.

We have passed impeachment level shit already.

It would have been highly irregular for multiple EC voters to go against the will of the people.

That's exactly what the electoral college was designed to do.

Hamilton wrote that president should be selected "by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice."

(In other words, don't let the uneducated pick the president.)

That plan failed and we got Trump.

And after they prosecute one you'll say "oh no, not just prosecuting them, but jailing them without a trial."

Journalism is already under attack. A worse hypothetical situation doesn't mean the current situation isn't dire.

He has avoided going under oath.

Members of his administration have clearly lied under oath.

Trump lies all the time. I don't think it would that hard to get him to perjure himself.

some random swing state

He's moved on to West Virginia now - swing states don't give enough blind cheering.

That kind of apathy is what got us here. If there's one lesson to take away from this mess, it's that you should know your government, know what they're doing and firmly push back the moment you see them doing something you don't like.

As a US Army soldier, I'm just thanking my lucky stars that my wife and daughter are Canadian. I've deployed 3x in the past 6 years. I know exactly what the outcome of this is and I want nothing to do with it.

As has been pointed out ad nauseam, one does not need to break the law to be impeached. Republicans were talking about impeaching Hillary the moment she was elected just for being under FBI investigation. Kind of ironic now, eh?

Also, very few people "openly break the law." That's why there's investigations, like the one Mueller keeps adding more people too.

All votes should not be equal in power?

One vote in Nebraska should only be worth 3/5 of a vote in California?

I swear, I've encountered this idea before . . .

Isn't that what Congress is for? The President is supposed to represent the entire country. So each member of the entire country should have their vote count equally.

And basic human needs don't change based on whether you're urban or rural.

I always thought there was an unintended irony in the lyrics to Trump's campaign song. The guy is singing about how everything could be taken away from him and his family, but it would all work out, because "at least I know I'm free." Like, this abstract, ill-defined concept of "freedom" is some sort of consolation prize if you lose everything and have to "start again" in life. You know--bootstraps! Rugged individualism! Cowboy up! The Lord helps him who helps himself! Let's roll!

Sure, Trump and the Republicans may want to let insurance companies refuse to cover your daughter's chronic illness, they may want to privatize your Social Security so their scumfuck buddies on Wall Street can gamble it all away, and they may want to cut the social services that would otherwise be there for you and your family in your hour of need--but at least you're free!

Trump couldn't have picked a better campaign song if he tried.

Obstruction of justice.

I'm not sure what it will take to mass mobilize the American people to literally fight for their very existence. Free tacos?

Obstruction of justice (with Comey's sworn testimony was evidence) is the probably the most straight-forward law he's broken so far.

There is a reason Session didn't want to answer any questions regarding his discussions with Trump on the matter--his only two choices were to lie (which would make him guilty of perjury...well, guilty of even more perjury) to protect Trump, or to tell the truth and provide additional evidence for the obstruction of justice case.

It remains to be seen whether he's broken any other laws, as Mueller's investigation is still underway.

I wish he were smart enough to be testing limits. He's just flailing around recklessly, crossing whatever lines happen to be in his path; much scarier.

This is not about 'winning' a war - that's a given. In the long term North Korea doesn't stand a chance.

No, this is about the 10 million people in Seoul, Japan and elsewhere who die in the first 15 minutes while we simultaenously get the arsenal and Kim's palace obliterated before they can launch too many missles.

Oh, then we get to nation-build again - just like Iraq.

It's almost as if Republicans believe certain people aren't equal..

Not to be rude, but a fellow who is spreading the repeatedly disproven and overwhelmingly dishonest lie that is PizzaGate may not want to criticize this sub for pointing out that Trump's game of nuclear chicken endangers American lives.

The Pentagon's discomfort with the 9 minute gap after the "consultation with my generals" tweet is telling in the context of his rhetoric with NK now. They know he's a loose cannon.

Republicans won't budge without Muller and Muller is out chasing every single crime associated with Trump and his campaign, which may take months or even years. And Muller is the kind of person who does his job right and does it well and doesn't give into pressure. Even if that pressure is potential nuclear war.

Not just Americans, mate. There's a lot of us around the world wondering if we are going to wake up soon and find out that our worst cold-war nightmares are coming true.

See, there's a problem with that explanation. Trump isn't speaking directly — he's lying directly.

It's partially because Obama is black. They considered his 'fancy words' to be uppity. Nevermind a person should be able to communicate effectively in that role, it was taken as a personal sleight against them.

Not true at all. Can remove Trump at any time for his mental instability, 25th amendment.

Also, plenty of crimes worth impeaching were already committed by this administration.

Remember how for 6 months we were all kind of saying thankfully there are no real immediate major crises to be dealt with?

Um yeah. Good old days

You have 1 person 1 vote. It's called the Senate.

What a strange and peculiar lie. The Senate is further from "1 person 1 vote" than anything. Dakota has 4 Senators for 1.5 million people, California has 2 Senators for 39 million people.

It's a boot. America has the best boots.

You should read up on the history of the phrase; in both English usage and the understanding of the men who drafted the Constitution, it encompasses general dereliction of duty, incompetence, or abuse of the public trust. The first successful impeachment was against a judge, for chronic intoxication.

It's also been revealed he constructed the flimsy lie about why his son and Kushner/Manafort met with several Russians with close ties to their government. That's probably obstruction too.

It's also become clear that Donald Trump was a major money launderer for Russian organized crime since at least the late 90s. Another area where his bonehead son has practically confessed.

The Trumpublican Party is a death cult.

Pretty sure Sunken_Fruit was talking about actually prosecuting journalists thereby showing that they don't care about the 1st Amendment anymore.

Not "just" assaulting them and encouraging their supporters to harm them.

It's not that the right has taken that quality for weakness. It's that they've used the image of an intellectual to trash the left and win the election. They put forth "real men, family men, salt of the earth men, etc." and play the two images off each other. They paint dems as effeminate know-it-alls, intellectual elites that wouldn't know a real man if he clocked them in the nose they use to look down at you, republican voter!

They've done this for so long that their constituents have actually come to think that higher education is a terror. This is where the anti-intellectualism movement comes from: their desire to smear candidates they're running against by claiming their intelligence is something to fear and something to hate. It's proven to be one of the most harmful tactics ever employed in politics.

It wrought Donald Trump.

Imagine all the progress mankind has made over the years yet we still have chimpanzees like yourself walking around squandering their brain matter. So sad.

He is a bitter, angry, frightened man, cornered by prosecutors, rejected by a majority of Americans, declaring his leaking aides are merely fighting to prove who loves him the most and yet unsure which of his former lieutenants—or maybe even family members—will sell him out to save themselves.

They'll all sell him out. The man commands no loyalty, that's why he's so desperate for it. You think Manafort, Flynn, Bannon, or Kushner would risk anything for him if it didn't serve their interests? Not a chance.

Thanks for taking a break from spreading pizzagate nonsense to share your thoughts with us!

The electoral college doesn't work, period. We really need to eradicate it. Why should someone in Wyoming have more power than someone in New York or California?

The electoral college is WHY he got elected. If we had strictly democratic elections where every vote counted, we wouldn't be in this predicament.

You're drunk. Dog said that.

You haven't addressed my comment in any meaningful way.

"I'm a democrat"

Posts to /sub/thedoofus

Pick one

It's like the 50's again!

Nothing you can do folks,

although the second amendment people, maybe there is.

How does your given example have anything to do with the executive branch?

I'll reiterate what I said...the Republican insistence on needing the electoral college because they can't win without it is simply a tacit admission that they realize their policies suck.

When I first learned about the electoral college in high school here in New Zealand, my whole history class couldn't believe what we were hearing. One student asked our teacher "Doesn't that mean that basically their votes don't really count?" Our teacher confirmed that, yes, their votes don't really count. Just archaic.

The 90's were a hell of a time.

Mueller. Might want to remember the spelling of his name. He's going to be the first man to ever prove a president guilty of treason. He will go down in history for this.

How come anytime a Trump supporter is asked what "great things" Trump has done/ is doing they avoid the question?

Also much easier in Seoul where 25 million people live close enough to take the subway to the protest.

Jesus fuck is this hyperbolic.

The impeachment was the "under oath" part. The impeachment is an investigating and hearing.

How about that time when he swore to uphold protect and defend the constitution of the USA and then he proceeded to wipe his ass with it.