REMINDER - This Wednesday is NOT a Wrist Rocket Wednesday

REMINDER - This Wednesday is NOT a Wrist Rocket Wednesday

Low effort content, including memes, reactions gifs, etc, will be removed as normal.

We will have more info about upcoming Wrist Rocket Wednesdays after the chaos dies down a bit.

"Watch out for those pick-pockets!"

can I buy the ability to post memes?

Thanks EA for ruining our meme magic

Scammers dead ahead!

You can post memes in 168 hours, we want there to be a sense of accomplishment and something to look forward to


"Boy, it's lucky you had these loot boxes." "I use them for fleecing my customers. I never thought I'd be hiding myself in 'em."

How much money for the ability to post memes this time EA?

How many credits do we need to unlock AMA?

We can unlock the ability to post memes if we grind for 40 hours. The intent is to give reddit users a sense of pride and accomplishment for posting different memes.

Me me big disappointment

about -680K by the look of it.

One of the most misquoted lines of all time

Still their fault

This was happening before the whole thing started

Is that with the 75% reduction?

A small small fee of $60 plus micro transactions to post

Yes, but your credits were also reduced by 75%.

Or you could skip all that boring grinding and just pay one low fee of $29.99 to unlock the memes section of the micro transaction store, where you will be able to then purchase one of many memes for as low as $19.99(not including premium/mid level characters, offer exclusive to pre-order customers, while supplies last, no refunds, satisfaction not guaranteed).

"Misquoting Star Wars ain't like digging crops boy!"

I need my spicy dank memes tho :/

Watch those lootboxes!

Half the front page is low effort reposts. It might as well be WRW

All these subs just coming to circle jerk are really bringing too much negativity in my opinion

Not from a jedi

₮h€ i₦₮€₦₮ i$ ₮¤ ₱₹¤vi₫€ ₱₺₳¥€₹$ ₩i₮h ₳ $€₦$€ ¤ƒ ₱₹i₫€ ₳₦₫ ₳¢¢¤₼₱₺i$h₼€₦₮ ƒ¤₹ u₦₺¤¢₭i₦₲ ₫iƒƒ€₹€₦₮ h€₹¤€$. ₳$ ƒ¤₹ ¢¤$₮, ₩€ $€₺€¢₮€₫ i₦i₮i₳₺ v₳₺u€$ ฿₳$€₫ u₱¤₦ ₫₳₮₳ ƒ₹¤₼ ₮h€ ¤₱€₦ ฿€₮₳ ₳₦₫ ¤₮h€₹ ₳₫﷼$₮₼€₦₮$ ₼₳₫€ ₮¤ ₼i₺€$₮¤₦e ₹€₩₳₹₫$ ฿€ƒ¤₹€ ₺₳u₦¢h. ₳₼¤₦₲ ¤₮h€₹ ₮hi₦₲$, ₩€'₹€ ₺¤¤₭i₦₲ ₳₮ ₳v€₹₳₲€ ₱€₹-₱₺₳¥€₹ ¢₹€₫i₮ €₳₹₦ ₹₳₮€$ ¤₦ ₳ ₫₳i₺¥ ฿₳$i$, ₳₦₫ ₩€'₺₺ ฿€ ₼₳₭i₦₲ ¢¤₦$₮₳₦₮ ₳₫﷼$₮₼€₦₮$ ₮¤ €₦$u₹€ ₮h₳₮ ₱₺₳¥€₹$ h₳v€ ¢h₳₺₺€₦₲€$ ₮h₳₮ ₳₹€ ¢¤₼₱€₺₺i₦₲, ₹€₩₳₹₫i₦₲, ₳₦₫ ¤ƒ ¢¤u₹$€ ₳₮₮₳i₦₳฿₺€ vi₳ ₲₳₼€₱₺₳¥. ₩€ ₳₱₱₹€¢i₳₮€ ₮h€ ¢₳₦₫i₫ ƒ€€₫฿₳¢₭, ₳₦₫ ₮h€ ₱₳$$i¤₦ ₮h€ ¢¤₼₼u₦i₮¥ h₳$ ₱u₮ ƒ¤₹₮h ₳₹¤u₦₫ ₮h€ ¢u₹₹€₦₮ ₮¤₱i¢$ h€₹€ ¤₦ ₹€₫₫i₮, ¤u₹ ƒ¤₹u₼$ ₳₦₫ ₳¢₹¤$$ ₦u₼€₹¤u$ $¤¢i₳₺ ₼€₫i₳ ¤u₮₺€₮$. ¤u₹ ₮€₳₼ ₩i₺₺ ¢¤₦₮i₦u€ ₮¤ ₼₳₭€ ¢h₳₦₲€$ ₳₦₫ ₼¤₦i₮¤₹ ¢¤₼₼u₦i₮¥ ƒ€€₫฿₳¢₭ ₳₦₫ u₱₫₳₮€ €v€₹y¤₦€ ₳$ $¤¤₦ ₳₦₫ ₳$ ¤ƒ₮€₦ ₳$ ₩€ ¢₳₦.

Or you can buy our $20 comment starter pack and get 100 free comments

"once they realize we are contracted for every star wars game, which means if they want to play a star wars game they have to give us all their money because no one else will make a star wars game "*insert evil laughter

I loved the threads with people saying

"I never played this game and never will, but i'm from /sub/destiny and Fuck EA!"

Excellent way to add to the conversation

I think he is referring to the fact that the line is actually:

Watch those wrist rockets

and not

Watch out for those wrist rockets

The amount of questions will be reduced to 75%.

The chaos will not die down.