Reminder: The result of Game Award is not a reason to hate on Overwatch.

Reminder: The result of Game Award is not a reason to hate on Overwatch.

Yea, it sucks a bit, but lets all be civilized here. As someone who played Overwatch, i can confirm that Blizzard cell that responsible for it indeed dooing its best to fix the game problems and improve it, at least in my opinion.

So lets not be toxic about it, shall we? After all, much like folks at /sub/overwatch, we still have a game to enjoy.

nothing against Overwatch really, mostly against Gameawards, overwatch has not been around long enough to be "ongoing".

Screw the awards I just wanna know WHAT THE FUCK KOJIMA IS SMOKING.

That's what I was thinking. Sidenote: How is PUBG and Overwatch in best ongoing game, but not League or Dota? Are those counted out for some reason?

Hey hey hey wait a second. Fucking PATH OF EXILE WASN'T NOMINATED? The F2P game that got an expansion as big as Warframe's PoE? What a fucking joke. If there's a game that deserved the award of best ongoing, it is in fact Path of Exile (together with Warframe of course).

Destiny 2 was in it too, the 3 month old game

You and me both, my friend.

What the everloving fuck is that game even about?!

i don't know but i really really want it

The nominations didn't make much sense to me to begin with. Ongoing shouldn't be less than a year and if you're going to nominate a game that's going strong after over 4 then how do games with 1 or less years of standing get to even be nominated in the same category? If the argument is that there aren't enough to compete on that level then don't have the category at all.

Who the fuck cares about the awards, anyways? BAYONETTA 3 BABY! When Bayo 3 and Shin Megami Tensei V releases, I'm sooo getting a Switch.

overwatch is a really incredible game with a great cast of heroes, a great plot, and great gameplay (ignoring all the obvious flaws of the game... like the entire balance team). i'm glad it won something, because the teams involved put a lot of love into it...


but, like... "Awarded to a game for outstanding development of ongoing content that evolves the player experience over time." LMAO. limited time cosmetics, limited time events, trash nerfed supports and new heroes, detrimental nerfs disguised as reworks, and listening to a handful of players to dictate how the game evolves.


on second thought, maybe the award does suit overwatch. the content overwatch has provided me has certainly evolved my experience... into playing other games.

i can confirm that Blizzard cell that responsible for it indeed dooing its best to fix the game problems and improve it

LMAO - Very funny. But seriously:

I don't need the awards to hate on Overwatch, blizzard gives me plenty of reasons already. I'm not gonna attack OW, I'm just very disappointed. It's clear these shows are based off popularity and nothing more, of course warframe doesn't stand a chance. It's funny because I know of people who like Overwatch and don't even play it and of course they would vote for that instead of a game like Warframe or Rainbow Siege.

You gotta buy the DLC to remove it from the vote.

I hated Overwatch and Blizzard prior to this.

At least its not pugb.

I decided to plan on getting it as soon as the game went into Norman's mouth and showed a baby giving the camera a thumbs up in his stomach

As someone who's enjoyed Kojima's games:

just what the fuck

when's the release date

How long until Honest Game Awards?

The amount of expansion level content GGG pumps every few months is astonishing. With their biggest expansion release of Fall of Oriath and then backing it up with another expansion focused on the end-game, it's crazy how it wasn't even on the list.

Call it a hunch, but I think this is why those two are in best ongoing game. That being, they're new and hyped, so the people in charge of nominations shoehorned them into the awards so the fanbases of both games would give them more attention.

This theory also explains why Destiny 2 is on there... at all... because reviewers loved it, even if players didn't, and there's a lot of reviewers on the jury.

Destiny 2 has been out for 3 months. PUBG technically isn't event out yet. The only games I think should be in the list in the first place is Siege and warframe

This. The whole show is just a big marketing gig with a bunch of circle jerking disguised as professional, artistic accolades.

I'll hate Overwatch for my own reasons of it being a lazy rip-off of TF2 that Blizzard scrapped what could have been a great MMO to make. As for it winning a "longest standing" award, I just feel like the whole thing is rigged. Destiny 2 has been around for all of 2 months, how did that even make it into this category?

In all honesty, none of the games deserved the award. They are 4 years old TOPS. TF2 just got an update, and it's TEN years old. World of Warcraft is 13 years old, and it's still alive and has a great playerbase. LoL is 8 years old. Ultima online is 20 years old. How the hell is a 2 months game ongoing, I have no idea

So lets not be toxic

Yeah, no reason to be on the same level as the Overwatch community.

But seriously though, the community is why I quit playing that game. Pretty good game...but dear lord I thought CS:GO was toxic...but Overwatch is its own level of terrible.

lol game "awards" are either popularity contests or pseudo intellectual fringe decisions (Depends on the publication) if anyone thought that Warframe would actually win with games like Overwatch, LoL, ect. being considered...

But that doesn't stop Overwatch from being a boring / bad game.

While I'm not "salty" Overwatch won, I don't really understand though. DE came out of a nowhere where no one wanted them, came from this navigation smack-dab at your face menu to being able to have your own ship. And from that ship you can customize the shit out of that ship, and from that customization you can put shit on your ship. From the first 4 Warframes we got to like what, 52 Warframes now including the Prime variants. And recently they just got the Plains of Eidolon update. We have the spoiler, as clunky as it is, we have a new mechanic to play with. And from nothing, years later we get this overwhelming, groundbreaking The Second Dream quest. There's also an intro quest too.

Don't know about Overwatch. Not even 2 years on the market. Warframe was here twice that time. New maps and characters for sure. I don't know. What do you think?

because reviewers loved it were paid


That's what I thought as well. I play both games.


(Nintendo Switch Exclusive)

Well, at least i don't need to buy a console for all those R34 arts...

The money Blizzard paid TGA for their game to get that award it's quite a reason to hate them

Since the name for Plains of Eidolon came out, I ended up seeing a lot of jokes about 'PoE' being different things. In the end I checked it out... Warframe brought me to Path of Exiles and I don't know if I can stop playing it. That game is fucking AMAZING. The fact that it wasn't nominated is utter bullshit.

I mean, it's the same deal with CS:GO or mobas, they can't award you stuff that gives you an edge, that's the problem that battlefront 2 and the new mma game was is releasing have.

Seems like competitive games aren't your thing.