Reminder: Scott Dawson is expected to return from injury this month

Reminder: Scott Dawson is expected to return from injury this month

Say fuck yeah.


G&A without thinking twice. Time to do The Club right for once.

Good, because as much as I enjoy Shield vs Bar, there could definitely be some more depth to the Raw tag division.

Just in time for the other one to get hurt and start the cycle over

So now RAW has three heel tag teams consisting of mostly bald, tough white guys with bad attitudes. If one of the three turns face...ever...would you pick G&A, Revival, or the Bar?

Fuck The Revival's Return?

Love their music.

It goes h a r d

Oh shit, did I just get it?

Fuck, those guys getting in the mix with Shield and The Bar will be awesome.

All day all night?

Should have a bullet club takeover angle with Finn, G&A, Styles and even Adam Cole if they wanted.

hell fuck yeah.

I'm saying

I hope he gets over eventually.

So sad, but not far from the truth.



I think I just got it, did you get it?

Just in time

Shield vs Revival will both help fix the revival's reputation and the raw tag division

Although I'm worried they will be considered injury prone and buried (plz no)

All my proud southern people if you're ready to fight SAY YEAH!


but they're such good heels.


Shield vs Revival

They shouldn't be considered injury prone if it was different members of the team getting injured.