Remember the Panama Papers? A trove of 11.5 million files spanning over 40 years from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian firm infamous for helping hide and protect assets. ICIJ released a searchable database of it and Trump appears 3,540 times in the leaks.

Remember the Panama Papers? A trove of 11.5 million files spanning over 40 years from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian firm infamous for helping hide and protect assets. ICIJ released a searchable database of it and Trump appears 3,540 times in the leaks.
Remember the Panama Papers? A trove of 11.5 million files spanning over 40 years from Mossack Fon...

Don't worry, I'm sure that topminds at /sub/conspiracy have studied this in detail and cleared Trump of any wrongdoing.

/sub/conspiracy where pizza is slang for underage prostitution, and Trump can do no wrong. What a gaggle of retards they are.

Is that why assange said the panama papers are worthless? Cause they go against his far right russian narrative?

It was when these were released and Assange booed that I started getting really suspicious of him.

I'm convinced now that he's either just anti-American, or wholly owned and operated by the Kremlin.

That subreddit has been bad since it's beginning. They claimed to be unbiased but the mods were/are neo-nazis.

Russians, but yeah

/sub/uncensorednews is pretty bad also lately.

Edit: I never really paid attention to it until just before the election and IMO has just been getting worse. Never really knew it always was that way.

Hilarious that his defenders will say that the charges are BS because of Sweden's ridiculous legal definitions of rape, but then use those same definitions of rape to say how horrible all the refugees are.

This only reinforces what was widely known before and during the election: Trump businesses are shady AF. Not a smoking gun as you can be dodging taxes in a legal way. His supporters will just ignore it the same way Emma Watson fans did, and Trump will have another chance of showing how "very smart" he is for not paying taxes.

Yeah you needed to toss a /s on there, I've seen too many people try to seriously argue the Nazi/socialist thing.

The best part about making fun of /sub/conspiracy is that they actually use our mockery as some sort of 4D chess affirmation that what they believe is right. I hope some find their way out of that mindset like I did a few years ago. It was a dark place and I've been significantly happier since then.

Nah it's ok, he's white so he has a right to rape those women, unlike those filthy refugees

yes, which is why it is baffling that they will not even posit conspiracies about Trump, where many could be true

Remember the first rule of posting on /sub/conspiracy... No Russian

The Panama Papers is a trove of 11.5 million files that span 40 years. The leak came from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm that’s now infamous for helping people hide and protect assets. In the course of one year, over 100 media organizations have gone through the leaked files connecting offshore companies to individuals in over 200 countries.

The Panama Papers reveal how wealthy individuals can keep personal finance information private. Use of offshore businesses are often not illegal, though they can be used for tax evasion and fraud, among other illegal purposes.

the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released a searchable database of its Panama Papers. The database allows users to search through the Panama Papers and other records for individuals and corporations that might be using foreign shell companies and offshore accounts to keep financial information private.

Certain entities will use shell companies to avoid paying taxes on income, launder money or hide evidence of misconduct. Here is a look at some individuals and companies that appear in the Panama Papers.

wholly owned and operated by the Kremlin.

Why else is he not in Swedish prison?

/sub/conspiracy: where actual conspiracies involving the most powerful people in the world are banned, in favor of speculating on nonexistent pizza parlor child sex basements.

It is a left sub. They just never said how far left. /s

National Socialism = Best Socialism /s

Adolf Allies > Berniebros /s

Edit: My political stances do not put me at a discretion to not make Bernie jokes.

Edit 2: It's sarcastic

Edit 3: Jesus Christ it's a joke

This came out like 9 months ago. I don't remember much fall out from it.

Have people been searching this for clues about the Trump/Putin connection lately? What do those 3500 mentions of DT say??

A friend literally tried to tell that to me so I just said "Hitler was just as much as a socialist as North Korea is Democratic."

Maybe If you're a 19 year old on 4chan.

I mean I think he is now wholly owned and operated by the kremlin, but that happened because he started off and is still anti-american. These people are just anarchists against western democracies. They think no one should have that much power.

I don't think 4chan slang has been relevant enough to be picked up and used by dark international conspiracies.

Trumpsters: America First!

Assange: CIA is evil because it spies on people! Unconstitutionable!

Trumpsters: Listen to the albino Australian anarchist! He knows about the Constitution!

Oh right I totally forgot that a bunch of powerful people (who happen to only be democrats) browse 4chan

Silly me

Worldnews is awful as well. It used to be the sub for news outside of America but now any post about migrants, middleeast, Africa, Syria is doenvoted and the comments are racist and ignorant as fuck to say least.

Wikileaks is basically a front for the fsb

I made fun of the whole pizzagate thing over there and I was called a pedophile and banned lol

Anyone who pays attention already knows this, but this is exactly the kind of information the Trump company doesn't want it's base to understand and why, in spite of all of the smoke surrounding the Russian connections, he didn't release his taxes before the election. They think he is wildly successful and builds all these huge skyscrapers and such. He needs to keep up the appearance of an oligarch when in reality he is a steak selling, university scamming, brand peddling, reality tv hack. Which isn't to say he isn't wealthy, but his "worth" is directly tied to his perceived value.

Not a front. A leak laundering machine that doesn't particularly care where the laundry comes from, as long as it hurts the US's ability to project power.

So what? Let the users guide the sub

But I still believe that many US officials are a part of pedophile rings because it's simply more likely than not.

The logical leap required to come to that conclusion is mind-boggling.

I think that it is obvious that leftists have latched on to pizza-gate as crazy talk, not because they think that there is anything wrong with the theories, but rather because their political opponents believe it and therefore they must oppose it.

Nah, it's more about critical thinking skills.

What is ironic, is that this blind opposition actively suppresses any actual investigations and creates a political climate in which is very difficult to oppose pedophiles and make progress in human trafficking. Making things safer for pedophiles than it has ever been before in modern society. Because accusing the government of sheltering pedophiles, which has recently happened in the UK, is now a conspiracy theory along the lines of believing in chemtrails and FEMA extermination camps. thx libs

You dropped your /s

/sub/wikileaks loves the Panama Papers....oh wait, no, Fraud Assange spoke out against the Panama Papers.

Wow, weird, I thought he was totally for this type of stuff? Guess he only likes it when it can benefit his and he can control its narrative.

Assange is a Russian puppet. I don't trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

That would be fine if they didn't promote other political conspiracies

Heey now, the real conspiracy here is sandy hook, gamergate, cultural marxism, day care pizzagate of course!

That's exactly what /sub/actualconspiracies is for.

It was created specifically because /sub/conspiracy is a bunch of useless twits with a bunch of contradictory conspiracy theories, found by looking in all the wrong places. That's on their best days. On their worst, they're harassing random daycare centers and the parents of dead children, and voting for an obviously unqualified President.

God I love being white.

Right because patriots don't pay for what they get. /s

A lot of projection happening over there.

You think the heads of a conspiracy to run a world wide child sex slave ring co opted 4chan slang? Like some 50 year old banker who rapes kids was browsing 4chan, saw "cheese pizza" and said "hey guys...I got a great idea. Let's buy a pizza place, construct underground tunnels, have Hillary's necromancer hide the tunnels, and get this...we use the code word 'cheese pizza' for child sex slaves. I got the idea from a website called 4chan."

Lol ok

I'm going to try to go through it tonight. I just found this article and the database last night, so I personally can't say what all is in there, but I'm gonna find out lol.

I don't think people were looking for a Russia connection in it, but more so in the tax and money regard.

The Panama Papers reveal how wealthy individuals can keep personal finance information private. Use of offshore businesses are often not illegal, though they can be used for tax evasion and fraud, among other illegal purposes. The database allows users to search through the Panama Papers and other records for individuals and corporations that might be using foreign shell companies and offshore accounts to keep financial information private. Certain entities will use shell companies to avoid paying taxes on income, launder money or hide evidence of misconduct.

So, because we know it was something about money laundering, or some kind of international financial crimes that got him involved in an investigation by 13 allied nations (and eventually tied to Russia) and then he decided to run for president, got the nomination and won an election without ever releasing his taxes, or any financial records really, but enough information available through public records to form a reasonable conclusion of at best Trump could just be a shady af businessman. These could go a long way in that regard, but I don't know how much potential is here for any concrete clues to Russia collusion. But possibly Russian money laundering.

The Panama Papers revealed Russian President Vladimir Putin is linked to $2 billion in transactions funneled through banks and shadow companies. The leak revealed how Putin helped make members of his circle wealthy, and has led to 3 of the closest to him resigning.

There are links to 12 current or former heads of state and government in the data, including dictators accused of looting their own countries. More than 60 relatives and associates of heads of state and other politicians are also implicated.

Also in the leak (from summaries of the fallout) are the brother-in-law of China's President Xi Jinping; Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko; Argentina President Mauricio Macri; the late father of UK Prime Minister David Cameron and three of the four children of Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The documents show that Iceland's Prime Minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, had an undeclared interest linked to his wife's wealth. He has now resigned.

The scandal also touches football's world governing body, Fifa. Part of the documents suggest that a key member of Fifa's ethics committee, Uruguayan lawyer Juan Pedro Damiani, and his firm provided legal assistance for at least seven offshore companies linked to a former Fifa vice-president arrested last May as part of the US inquiry into football corruption.

All in all the leak implicated government officials from more than 50 countries and revealed more than 500 banks, including their subsidiaries and branches, nearly 15,600 shell companies with Mossack Fonseca.

So, if there are financial ties to find, it seems reasonable that this could hold clues in some capacity of them.

But, I'll come leave an update with whatever I personally come across

PC Police here: The use of "Retards" is not cool.

However, in this case we will allow it, assuming you realize that you are insulting the developmentally disabled by comparing them to the cretins in /sub/conspiracy.

(I love how many people are conflicted about this. I couldn't care less if you use the word "Retard", I was making a joke.)

You're very wrong

How long until Assange/WL says something negative about this?

Actually neo-nazi's, but yeah

The bashing that's being done here is that /sub/conspiracy believes the Trump allegations are a false flag even though it has evidence and is prime conspiracy material. They're being willfully ignorant.

What Panama Papers Say (and Don't Say) About Trump


His name comes up mostly in relationship to leasing his name / brand out for developers of real estate.

Emma Watson

She was on the panama papers leak as well, "absolutely no tax or monetary advantages from this offshore company whatsoever - only privacy".

Really? They don't think Osama Bin Laden is both alive and had died several years before the Obama Administration said they did? There was no harassment of a daycare center because someone thought there was something fishy out front? They don't call up the parents of Sandy Hook victims and call them liars and frauds?

All this stuff absolutely happens on this sub. The systematic harassment ought to have been enough to shut the place down.

Yeah because it's so fun to live under total propaganda a.k.a. national socialism.

Under Hitler people got brainwashed into hating jews and the same is happening nowadays with muslims. For some it's even cool to be a Nazi it seems. I'm ashamed of humanity.

Edit: woops sarcasm went over my head. Sensible topic as a German. Could have been clear if I payed attention to which sub I'm in.

Okay, Marge, if anybody asks, you require 24-hour nursing care, Lisa's a clergyman, Maggie is seven people, and Bart was wounded in Vietnam

I'm sure a 68 year old political advisor to the White House keeps close tabs on 4chan slang.

What the fuck is Assanges endgame?

Help Putin in destroying western countries.

I hadn't checked that out yet. Let's see...

Breitbart, dailymail, sputniknews, breitbart, breitbart, dailymail...


What the fuck is Assanges endgame? I used to hold him in pretty high regard because I value openness but I wouldn't trust him with a thing now.

Yup. They want these subs to simply be r/blackandimmigrantcrimeblotter. It's happening in most if not all city based subs, they're being used as glorified police blotters by right-wing trolls. If they focused on posting crimes by white Americans (which they will ignore and not submit) they wouldn't have enough time on their hands to post anything else.

It's almost like it's a complicated issue and you can't just paint everyone that did it as some kind of evil masterminds...

Yeah with those it was funny but without them I would have thought you were an unironic idiot

That subreddit is an utter shithole.

It's "uncensored" only in the sense that batfuck insane posts by racists and conspiracy theorists aren't removed in order to make room for actual news.

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Except the leaks were released and timed in such a way that they damaged a particular political party, whose presidential candidate had policies that were contrary to Russia's interests.

Then there's all the apparent collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, where wikileaks was likely involved.

this could be the smoking gun

If I had a dollar for everytime we've said that in the last 18 months


Uncensor the Russian propaganda!

I don't know why you'd say that.

Glad to see you'll have almost neutral karma maybe. :/

But really I don't think its "upset way too easy"; we literally have nazis out there who believe they have a platform that is logical and reasoned AND that they deserve the right to spread that platform freely and without repercussion. Scary times indeed.

My grandpa was a member of one of the last horse back riding cavalry units to ride into battle during WW2. He fought and killed nazis. Fast forward a few decades later and american born citizens whose own grandparents died in the mud over seas fighting with my grandpa now talk about how "the jewish media is controlling the narrative" and fully embrace nazi rhetoric and ideas.

Fuck these people. Fuck everything about them. There are a lot of red blooded americans who are rolling in their graves right now, so its a touchy subject at best.

I may be the only one here who feels this way but anytime I see or hear a nazi I don't think "we need to love that person and at least hear them out"; all I can see is red. Maybe that's just the murica in me? Anyway, I get why people's knee jerk reaction is to treat something like what you said as non satirical.

It's like sitting next to my vegan boyfriend with a stack of chicken mcspicies and chowing them down in like one bite each as he tells me how bad meat is, how no one should eat it, and I'm like "yeah, nom horrible nom" and then I have no trouble getting a job just sounding like I know what I'm doing. I was hired by fucking Mormons. I mean sure, I'm gay, but at least that isn't on my fucking skin. Might get fired if I introduce my coworkers to my boyfriend though.

Protip is something has the words "truth" "Uncensored" or "real" in the title, its safe to assume its just a bunch of republicans projecting.

It was astroturfed by neonazi's a while back is why

Yes, it's a conspiracy theory. A conspiracy theory with the support of most government agencies, stacks of evidence, and actual admittance of fault by several people in the Trump campaign.

Hang on. Don't we call those "scandals"?

Wait did you just say you go to /sub/conspiracy to get away from politics?

I think people get upset way too easily, but putting /s is helpful hopefully.

Except people send weird dumb bullshit emails all the time and it falls apart when Comet Pizza doesn't have a basement. People can be into weird art and do weird things without it being pedophilia. And I believe that there are other pedophile rings which do exist so don't believe that it's so crazy. Just not this one.

Yeah I've seen comments from people asking "wtf" but the mods added a tag to one of the Trump posts saying it was based on not much. Meanwhile there were countless #pizzagate posts.

But possibly Russian money laundering.

I think he's almost certainly involved in this. Between his Palm Beach house and the Bayrock stuff, it's pretty suspicious.

So, if there are financial ties to find, it seems reasonable that this could hold clues in some capacity of them.

Wow, yeah. Good luck. I didn't mean to put you on the spot, but I'm super interested to see what you find.

Member when Trump reportedly called a disabled person a 'retard' then that person sheepishly wrote a statement never actually saying Trump did not in fact call them one, since they themselves supported Trump? And it was accepted by right-wing media spin doctors as proof Trump didn't actually refer to a disabled person as 'retard'? Good times.

At first I was like, "Cool, H-post was doing some journalism", then I read the first line:

"Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump appears 3,540 times in the ICIJ database. However, over the years Trump has sold his name and reputation to investors, meaning the appearance of his name does not necessarily link him to offshore accounts."

A journalist would have traced these instances and reported out connections, not jumping to conclusions and leaving room for a debate. A journalist would have pulled a thread of facts until there was not any doubt that the link was based in truth thereby eliminating any counter debate.

I used to love that sub. Then trump happened and it just became a circlejerk.

You know that in normal times, this thing alone would produce a huge outcry, lots of follow-up investigations, lots of discussion.

But Trump has successfully fatigued our ability to be outraged, so now I'm just sitting here thinking "Well of course he's also involved in the Panama tax evasion stuff" and can't even be bothered diving deeper into it.

As an Atlanta resident, somehow I'd never heard this. Had to Google it. I guess that means the delayed effects of the "chemtrail snowballs" I threw at friends will be causing my hands to fall off any day now. It's a pity, I was pretty attached to them.

i still laugh when i think about atlanta plastic snow.

Well, you can point out the hypocrisy while still being skeptic about it. (Talking about Trump, not touching the Watson issue, THAT can get you killed)

It's really weird that /sub/conspiracy is so right wing. There have always been conspiracy nuts on both sides of the aisle

me rn

They already did last year

There were constant threads about Obama back in the day. Stop being an apologist.

Hey now, it's entirely possible that Assange is annanti-american shill, that the rape charges are specious, that the Russians have a hold on him and that the crimes by immigrants in Sweden are overhyped by the media.

If Assange has shown us anything, it's that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. I think. I'm still trying to figure out who is on what side. But the point is you can be anti-swedish rape and still enjoy Russian soup. Unless Trump had a hooked pee in the soup. Then you shouldn't enjoy it.

It was created by /sub/the_donald to further their agenda.

Widespread surveillance capabilities have been in the public discourse my entire adult life. I first noticed Alex Jones when he was hassling George W. Bush when he was governor.

Alex Jones wasn't the first guy to tell me about widespread government surveillance, Sneakers did.

September was quite a while ago, considering new pieces of the puzzle are being uncovered on an almost daily basis. Have you been watching Rachel Maddow's segments for the past week? It's getting very interesting.

Hey, dont disparage the mentally challenged like that. Its not fair to compare them to the mounds of human garbage that is your average Trump supporter.

Well, Russia's very Neo-Nazi of late. Putin's little fan club and all that. The funny part is that they call everyone who doesn't like Putin "fascists".

What's this about Emma Watson?


And what are the odds that other people browse 4chan?

where do you think Brietbart got it's audience from?

Can you name any conspiracies that were uncovered by the conspiracy theory community first, before mainstream knowledge of it existed?

This could be a smoking gun, but hard to know without careful examination/audit.

It's surprising, he got away with his infamously shady business dealings for so long. Wish Obama, the FBI, IRS, maybe SEC, took him more seriously sooner and vetted him.

Vox did an interesting piece in September on why Wikileaks hated Clinton so much. Basically, we have no strong evidence either way as to whether Wikileaks knowingly collaborates with the Russian state or merely happens to align with its anti-American power agenda.

What convinced you? Besides the shill money /s

Literally in the article itself, it states:

"However, over the years Trump has sold his name and reputation to investors, meaning the appearance of his name does not necessarily link him to offshore accounts"

Yes, which is exactly why the folks at /sub/conspiracy are so laser focused on digging into the huge pile of evidence linking pretty much everyone around Trump to Putin and the FSB/GRU... oh, wait...


Omg this is hilarious.

Like you actually can't see that you're in a bubble


keep your child porn to yourself you sick fuck.

The oldest conspiracies are right-wing ones, mostly against Jews 'Moors' and Asians.