Releasing a condor

Impressive flight check before takeoff. This bird has the right stuff.

When you wake up and just sit there for a while

whispers ...For Gondor


All systems check. Ready for take off. T minus 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... And we're off!

I keep forgetting how huge those fuckers are


Big stretch 'this is gonna be awesome!'

Me watching this gif: please don't end too soon


“My captors have released me. Their mercy is weakness. Rise my critters, RISE and show them the face of pain! Non Desistas. Non exieris.” - General Condor, upon its release from prison, 2018

I expected it to jump off the cliff and fall before gliding away.

Did he just use his wing and tail to determine the airflow and then jump accordingly? That's amazing.

Nope. He was kind of stretching and separating all his feathers.

Right! My first thought that's a big f****** bird

The beacons of nature is fucking lit!

For a second, I thought he was going to be a cant-dor.

It's just warming its feathers. Condors like to do that.

*For Condor

The same reason why condors do not kill other animals. They just don't do that.

The way these videos usually go, I expected a pterodactyl to swoop in and grab him


Fuck that chicken is big.

It’s just a joke comment. People like to do that.

It's just an informative comment. People like to read that.

"Goddamn that bird flies fast."

Pithius probably.

I was expecting him to get hit by a truck

Big stretch 'well, that's me fucked my neck'

What was your second thought?

This is not a California condor, it is a South American condor. Look at the collar of white feathers around its neck, only South American condors have it. Also, source: I worked in the California condor recovery program for a year and a half, lived with them in a mountain during this time.

I've found a value to convert:

9.0ft is equal to 2.74m or 14.38 bananas

I saw it more as younger, frattier bird saying "Awwww shieeeet. Guess who's back up in this motherfuckerrrrrrrrr? That's right, Chad! I told you I could eat 14 lemmings in a row, you fucking puss!"

Jesus Christ. I just flashed to a version of my life where I said this every morning. New goal! I've got some work to.

Why not both?

California Condor I believe, they've got a wing span of over 9ft. They would use the Pacific winds coming off the coast to launch straight out without any excursion. Awesome creatures if you're lucky to see them.A face only a mother could love though.

remembers that the dishes are piled up in the sink

'maybe just 5 more minutes of sleep'

Preflight checklist

There are only two types of condors in the world, and this doesn't look like South America, but the general backstory for California Condors is:

Condors almost went extinct 30-40 years ago, with numbers as low as 27 in the world, and virtually none left in the wild. Pesticides, poaching, habitat loss, and lead poisoning are the main culprits. Lead poisoning is still quite a challenge for them. They are much like vultures, they eat carrion. Hunters use lead bullets, which although are effective, leave thousands of shards of lead in the carcasses. When the bodies are not properly disposed of, condors will eat them (over half of all wild condor deaths are due to lead poisoning now).

Because of this, there has been quite a large rehabilitation effort involving several groups that helps fund these sites which raise chicks, treat lead poisoning, and monitor the birds. There are roughly 500 in the world now, and 250 in the wild. Every adult is marked with a numbered tag and radio antennae on the underside of their wings.

Long story short, it's probably being released from one of these sites after being monitored and/or treated.

Edit: Oops, looks like it's S. America after all, which makes most of what I said irrelevant.

Your ignorance is not forgiven.

I miss Unidan, but you're not so bad either

You must appreciate the candor

That was really sad. I still think of it from time to time. So disappointing for the lovely old Dutch Danish guys.

edit: not gory just sad that a falcon they had cared for flew straight into the path of a speeding truck:

Here we go

Not towards the highway!!!



We don't like this!



Nooo ffs

That didn't happen


... after composing themselves and a camera cut...

A good bird we lost there This was a bad day

Hugs, back pats.

C'est la vie, c'est la vie

Walk it off.


It’s for church honey don’t need the attitude

I just saw it more like someone who just got out of the car after a long road trip, stretching out those wing cramps.

"Look at me human. Look at me! On this day I have chosen to let you live, on this day you will watch a god take to the sky!" - that sweet condor, probably.

Getting close to one is a helluva thing. I think this is an Andean Condor. Largest wingspan of any living bird.


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Thats royal albatross. You can see them in New Zealand.

It fooled you! It's a con dor

Hm. Good bot for now. But I feel like you’re gonna get annoying.



You go! Made me get out of bed and go to college!

Can't wait for the new game!

That link is staying blue. Yup.

No, no, Condor. It says right there in the title

*remembers that all my clothes are dirty and I need to do ALL of the laundry today*

Contrary to what others are saying, this is not a California condor, it is a South American condor. Look at the collar of white feathers around its neck, only South American condors have it. Also, source: I worked in the California condor recovery program for a year and a half, lived with them in a mountain during this time.

Activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go!

Same, except the gliding part. But then I saw it's not /sub/unexpected

I thought he was having a stretch since he's been in the cage for a bit

Was half expecting it to fold back up its wings and run back in the cage after feeling the cold

Big stretch 'I want to go back to sleep!'

Literally both of these at the same time

Good bot

Condor calls for aid!

Democracy is non-negotiable!

It totally looks like Chile or Argentina, we have this kind of views around the Andes.

It's just a clip from a TV show, where they're releasing a falcon, and it flies onto a highway - where the trucks roam.

Time to go back to sleep

I think you guys are thinking of zapdos

Swearing is fun! It doesn't hurt anyone! Try it out sometime!

A) The condor in the vid is definitely an Andean Condor and not a Californian Condor, easily differentiated by the white collar feature on the Andean Condor (as other users have also commented on).

B) People don't realize just how big and expansive the Andes mountain range is

Haven't seen this one before

It's probably feeling the airflow against the cliff. Those birds are masters of gliding.


Bird on the beach looks like it's on Jupiter


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Good speech. Nice and short.

Wandering albatross if we're going to get anal.

I thought they were almost extinct due to habitat loss? (No source but I remember that being mentioned in Jurassic Park)

Any backstory? Is this a bird that was injured & recovered with human aid? Or maybe a human-raised bird being introduced into the wild? Or a relocation effort to improve breeding?

I miss how much I learned from him, but not his arrogance

Stand by for titanfall?

Forgive my ignorance but that’s actually what it’s doing? Just curious.

Ready to engage

4, 3, 2, 1...



If a bird can do Pre flight checks, why cant Saratov Airlines

I don't miss how everyone thought he was the only one with a bio degree on here.

♫ Everything is awesome! ♫

I'm gonna try this shit. 6:30? Let's go ya'll! We got shit to do!

Condor please advise when ready to copy your IFR flight plan.

Fuel scooping...

Warning, temperature critical.

Warning, taking heat damage.

Eject. Eject.

retro, go, guidance, go

Rereading your comment it's obvious now, but see, I thought you were referring to this clip by Public Broadcast Service....

It's a bloody sea bird.. It isn't any bloody flavour

I’m more interested in the third!

Largest wingspan of any living bird.

Isn't that the Albatros?

Big stretch Ah fuck, why didn't I just die in my sleep. I hate my fucking life.

Look up the San Diego Zoo. They were the ones who helped lead the project.

Majestic af