Related to an earlier post, by (a) request :)

Related to an earlier post, by (a) request :)

I work on public transport and had a punk rocker approach the cab one night. Being young and judgemental at the time I assumed he would be a prick, but he spoke with a clipped British accent and could not have been more polite. It was an important life lesson.

People can tell you not to judge a book by its cover but sometimes you need to experience it for yourself to truly understand what it means.

A true punk is only rude to those that they have a problem with. No need for toxicity, leave that to the mainstream losers.

This is so cute! The little boy has a "Mom, look what I'm doing!" face that's melting my frozen heart.

I rocked hair like this in middle school. Also remember my principal asking my grandma if it’s cause I worship someone other then god. Ah good times.

Probably from worshipping something other than god

Punks and metalheads are usually surprisingly polite. My theory is that it's because their scenes are fundamentally not competitive; no one goes to a punk show trying to one-up everyone else and pick up the hottest chick.

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Yeah, but after 18 years they'll hopefully leave home and maybe maintenance will drop at that point.

I take the train a lot and see all sorts of groups come and go.

Country concert in the city = screaming, yelling, people doing coke in the open.

Metal concert = quiet, politeness, respect and peace.

I'd take the train with metalheads over anything any day.

That’s a good motto to live by.

Back in high school I had a pretty long Mohawk that I would spike up like this. My favorite interaction with a kid was: “look mommy, he looks like a Pokémon!”

We use the music to release tension, perhaps?

How do you get it like this, the spikes are so perfectly cone shaped?

I mean the music is good, the people are friendly, the hair styles are fun, and if you’re in a venue with no ac punks smell slightly better than goth kids. (I’ve done studies).


Thank you! I'm on mobile, so I'm not too sure on doing/linking things.

Also, I'm shit at life so I'm not too sure on doing/linking things!

Some of the nicest people I know love metal for some reason...

Is there a relation to Metal and kindness?!

kid def growing up with a goth kink

I think the style of music attracts people that have suffered, or are suffering, and find it a good outlet. People who have been through some shit imo are more likely to emphasise with others and be more considerate.

Can confirm i may have resting bitch face but im a nice punk rocka. Dont have a mohawk anymore but still punk at heart

Kids seem to like touching the end of spikes

Wow that looks like it would be really hard to maintain

You know this reminds me of something much less joyful. When I was a senior in high school, and this was back in 1989, a kid who was a suburban new jersey straight-edge punk and typically came to school with kind of long, in places, punkish hair showed up one day with one large spike emanating from the front of his head. Kind of like a unicorn horn. We all got a kick out of it, some thinking it looked cool and others thinking it was kind of funny. And, of course, there were those who mocked him. Then, in the hallway, one of the douchebag "cool" kids came up from behind him and cut off the lone spike with a pair of scissors. The punk, who was not exactly a physically imposing specimen but rather just the kind of teenage boy a bully would focus on, was understandably furious and lashed out physically at the culprit. The initial de-spiking had already drawn teacher attention so the altercation didn't last long, but the punk took a punch or two for his troubles as well and ended up with a bump under his eye.

I remember being pissed off about it. I also remember not doing anything about it. I didn't confront the kid that did it. I didn't talk to the punk offering any kind of support. I didn't do anything. One of those moments you wish you had back.

I have to wonder where these two are today and if they ever think about the incident. If the culprit has grown up and realized that he was a dick and feels remorse, or if he simply got older and is now unknowingly leading his own kids into douchebagery by example. And I wonder if the punk ever thinks about it, if he ever allows it to drag him down a bit in moments when he is feeling pretty good about himself. I hope not, but I wonder.

Explains Sleeping Beauty.

Hair glue, not washing your hair for awhile, hair spray and patience

You're pretty much spot on with your second paragraph. My grandpa, an elder at his church, and I were at a park playing after we ate lunch one time. A couple guys pulled up on Harley's and looked like a stereotypical biker gang. My grandpa started to gather our things because he did not want trouble. Those bikers then went and sat down and held a bible study at a table nearby. My grandpa said he has never been so embarrassed and disappointed in himself for judging them

We used Elmer’s glue in the 90s.

I can confirm that. I listen to mastodon in the showers.

You haven't lived until you've beat your meat to a polyrhythm

Shouldn't everyone be a punk then ?

It’s aggressive music. You get your aggression out in a loving, mutual, non-threatening way I n a mosh. It leaves you remarkably well-adjusted.

The scene also tends to pretty aggressively weed out any dickhead who disrupts this vibe by being aggressively aggressive.


I also have noticed many times over that oftentimes, the nicest people were those who suffered the most.

Reaction formation: a defense mechanism employed by people with deeply held thoughts and beliefs that they consider to be socially unacceptable.

The sad tend to be the funny/goofy.

The oppressed try to liberate themselves and/or others.

I tip well because I worked as a waiter before, and believe that a good tip can influence more than just a person’s mood.

I, as a non-punk female, am essentially defined by my hair. Every single bad (or even just not perfect) haircut resulted in hours of ugly crying in my car/bedroom. If that ever happened to me, I would be absolutely mortified for the rest of my life.

I can't even imagine what that kid must have felt like after that was done. I would seriously consider switching to night-school.

As a person who was goth in high school, can confirm, goths smell.

Always brings a tear to my eye when I see moments like this :)

not as hard as you think, you just hold some hair up and hairspray it with the good stuff. It takes down to like 10 minutes of time once you're used to it.

I also know some people who've used hardened gelatin in their hair so that it lasts weeks instead of a day

Elmer's is actually pretty great for spikes because it's water soluble so it washes out easily and a quick fix only requires slight dampening. The purple kind is infinitely better for this as it doesn't flake and look gross nearly as easily. Elmer's wood glue gives even more hold for you kids with serious antigravity hair needs and is just as easy to remove.

I still love punk rock but I just kinda outgrew the fashion aspect. Plus I hated all the attention in public

I wish my post hadn't made front page. Now my inbox is full of nasty comments when all I wanted was to appreciate it with the kind people of eyebleach. 😐

My friends got super bright neon pink trihawk goin on right now! Everyone he runs across loves it and it makes him super happy! I cant wait for my hawk to grow back out again!

Oh this is adorable. This is exactly what I needed today. <3

Guy in my high school used to use elmer's glue. It worked, but always looked super gross

I wad gonna say the exact same thing

Yeah Elmer’s glue and lots of hair spray. We did a bride of Frankenstein hair do on my best friend for Halloween and that’s what we used to make all of her stand up. It was badass!!!

I think that could go downhill real fast

forever punk, I'm gonna be forever punk

I've been to punk shows where people were assholes. I was 14(f) and punched in the face by a grown man. I'm sure I was being an annoying teenager, but I don't think being an annoying child at your first show without your parents deserves being punched in the face. I've also been to shows where people have helped me in the pit (somehow I lost my shoe once, but everyone around me helped me find it). I've been rap shows where everyone was nice, too.

I think there are dicks and nice people in every crowd. People are people, and how you dress or express yourself doesn't really determine if you're a good or bad person. I think that's the important take here.

This is what I love about the metal/punk/hardcore scene! I go into a mosh pit knowing I'll come out with bumps and bruises, and sometimes worse.

I went to a show last March at which, I accidentally broke someone's nose. I apologized profusely, and ended up taking a pic with the guy, big grin on his bloodied face. On the other hand, there was a drunk dude there that kept attacking one of my smaller friends (trying to punch him, at one point choke slamming him). I didn't have time to react before half the mosh pit had this guy running for the hills.

Tl;dr Mosh Pits are a community. If you fuck with one person, you fuck with us all and it doesn't end well for you.

Kids that are amazed by touching pointy objects should be legit subreddit

Kids are the best. I don't look anything like this but I do have stretched lobes and while parents tend to look at me sideways kids only want to see if their fingers fit through them

That's fine. On desktop, below the comment you find the "Permalink" which is a direct link to the comment. Now you are less shit at life haha. I just like to give full references and was glad to help you out here

Was gonna say this, it calms me down. Ironic to some.

Take your damn upvote.

I think it's more about the size of the show. Metal shows tend to be smaller and draw people their for the music, whereas larger shows seem to attract more people who care les about the music and are there to party.

I once went into a mosh pit while wearing a banana suit. At one point I got knocked down really hard, and before I could even start get myself up, I could feel about 10 hands on me lifting me up and pulling me over to the side. Once I was on my feet I just hugged whoever was closest to me, and then I felt this cocophany of pats on the back. Then someone shouted "wooo! Bananaman!" and everyone around the pit cheered for a second.

It was one of the most terrifying yet pleasant experiences of my life. Theres a lot of carnage in the pit, but theres a lot of caring people that line the ring.

Walgreens (and I'm sure other places) carry a hair spray stuff called got2bglued or something similar and in middle school my friends and I bought some and hung upside down and sprayed each other so we had ridiculously tall hair straight up. One friend had too much hair and not enough spray and he looked like a palm tree though. And at the end of the night his had mostly fallen down. 

Edit: Ah, to be young again.

Walgreens (and I'm sure other places) carry a hair spray stuff called got2bglued or something similar and in middle school my friends and I bought some and hung upside down and sprayed each other so we had ridiculously tall hair straight up. One friend had too much hair and not enough spray and he looked like a palm tree though. And at the end of the night his had mostly fallen down.


I'm glad to have helped :) Hope tomorrow is a better day <3

I am not a metal head per se. I don’t look like it, don’t subscribe to the culture ( like wearing black and all that cliche stuff) but I listen to stuff like Eluveitie, Epica and Kamelot (to give examples).

I see this kind of music as „proxy“. They (the artists) express my feelings and emotions so that I don’t have to. I listen to some epic metal and don’t have to smash something :)

One would never know or suspect me of listening to such music. I feel like a lot of people are similar. To them, music is an outlet.

Plus metal is music that is quite intellectually challenging. A lot of bands have themed albums that tell a story. They use musical elements from classical music and if you really give it a chance one finds that it is not just loud noise but complex composition.

The same imho goes for rap. On the surface it’s just some dude talking aggressively but quite a few artists are true masters of language. Modern poets.

is that Sheena?

Your post is so cute. I was happy to see it. Thank you for sharing it. I am so sorry you are getting nasty comments. The internet can be such a challenging place. Hugs.

aggressively aggressive

Now you have a good name for your future metal band.

Some of the best people I have ever met in my life were metal heads and bikers. My cousins and their friends (about 4-6 years older than me) were metal heads always looked out for me and my younger siblings; we were at their house (when they lived with my uncle) all the time! They always included us (except in Rifts games; they felt like they were protecting us from their epic debauchery), and took us everywhere. It was always funny to be this little blond girl surrounded by dudes in black leather jackets, liberty spikes, piercings, and the one crazy Russian that wore those Cat in the Hat hats (he’s still friends with my cousins and actually lives with/takes care of my grandmother).

I had a friend that would also make some sort of paste out of corn starch and water. Also remembered temporarily dying my hair w sugar free kool aid and conditioner before I discovered Manic Panic.

I grew up n the hardcore/punk scene of the 80s and 90s its was just as competitive and show off as any other scene . Their was high competition for the ladys as their where less then a normal scene. Lots of pecock show off. Lots of fights and clicks. People look at hardcore with Rose colored glasses. Any time teenagers hang out its like that. Especially with all the booze.

Joining a gym gave me this experience. I assumed everyone who lifted was a fucking asshole, but I’ve met way more friendly and helpful people.

I don’t do crossfit or weightlifting anymore (mostly powerlifting and general fitness), but I made some really good friends who helped me through hard times. Before I started, I would’ve probably assumed those people were narcissistic assholes or something if I ran into them in public.

Inferring that you've never been to either... it can be an awesome community but I've seen a lot of guys "one upped" in the pit

Very true. When I go to punk concerts the crowd is generally kind and pretty considerate (will help pull people away from mosh pits, chat with those around you.) The few rap/pop concerts I've been to were full of assholes who loudly complained about everyone and everything happening around them.

Nazi Punks, Fuck Off.

In my experience the metalheads are way more likely to be conducting polite conversations with strangers about helpful dining tips or particularly interesting places to visit. Quiet and polite with a side of general interest in others.

Instead of pushing down and hiding the anger and frustration, its channeled into something like music. You vent the bad emotions to make room for the good

Hardcore dancers are the one-uppers of the pit. They're like YouTube pranksters, swinging punches on the biggest dudes and then just be like "oh, I was just fucking pit dancin', bro, relax."

When you think of spikes as armor, like on animals, it’s adult straight society the spikes are meant to scare away. It doesn’t work on kids, which is why the punks can’t help but smile at them!



heres a picture he put up right after he styled it for the first time after the new color!

It looks so cool in sunlight!

heres a picture he put up right after he styled it for the first time after the new color!

It looks so cool in sunlight!

or sleeping?

aggressively aggressive aggressors

Happy cake day!

Uhm.. well... maybe in America, dunno. I guess it depends on the location mostly, but say Wacken is pretty big and there still aren't that many douchebags around :)

My friends and I wore naruto headbands to PSR once and we got pulled into the office and told it was against god to wear them so that’s the day I decided to not do the religion thing.

You know, that might be a bit unrelated, but I'd love to be an anti-goth that wears normal goth clothes, but all in white. Wouldn't that look awesome? Only problem is I wouldn't have the courage to pull it off.

I don't think it should be a shocking surprise to anyone that those on the active political left might actually be pretty nice and aware people.

Punk is a very politically aware scene.

I saw leftover crack and combi Christ in the same venue in the same month and I was amazed that the goths smelled worse.


Definitely! I listen to speedcore () which could be considered loud and pretty fast, but it really calms me down, strangely enough.

Most goths are too apathetic to be concerned with something as trivial as showers and deodorant. Also, speed.

It was late 90s/early 2000s, so don’t forget the JNCOs and Mt Dew! LOL And the one kid with liberty spikes had them 3 feet tall and blue.

Yes! They also know they'll be in like company.

You don't still have one? Why not?

So much freaking Elmer’s glue!

This makes me happy :) When I was in high school I sported a mohawk for a while, I’d leave my bangs down and wear a bow clipped into them. One day I was walking through the library and a woman who must have been in her 70s stopped me to say she liked my bow and that my hair was lovely. It was a really special moment for me.

i'm sitting here in 0 degrees with 40 mph wind gusts. this warms my very little heart.

Oh, story time?

I was raised by good parents, but in a shitty community, that had very little respect for the muslim community, and that attitude was imparted on me at a very early and impressionable age.

Ever since I was 15 though, I've engaged in various volunteer/charity work, mostly with children and animals, so I've met a lot of charitable people with the same passions as I do.

Not a single day went by that I didn't meet at least one or two muslims that wanted to donate food and clothes. The food was always fresh, the clothes were always clean and neatly folded.

Turned out there was a pretty large family nearby that ran a local grocery store. They always had the best produce in town.

Suffice to say my cover-judging came to an end.

Even now, I run my own non-profit providing academic resources, and most of the donations I get are from people with middle-Eastern names.

TIL: When kids are intrigued by punkrockers, it's fucking precious.

Sexual activities + metal = great time

You are not shit at life. Please have a really good day today and pet a pupper.

I'll give kudo's though, regardless of smell, to the desert dwelling goths of phoenix, tucson, las vegas and the likes though. You gotta be a little bit tough on the inside to say "My clothing must be black as my soul, even in this heat." Cuz that place is gnarly with the overbearing sunshine.

Hey, it's me, that guy from your high school. I also used to die my hair with the inside of markers.

I have naturally curly hair, my hair gets frizzy and just wild if I wash it too often, 2 a week is best.

It's very possible to shower without washing your hair, I do that most showers.

Oh no doubt, it's overall a subjective opinion from my experience. Overall; everyone is still an individual and you cannot truly generalize a group as good/bad.

Maybe those who do coke for metal shows are nice enough to do it at the show instead of in public? Kidding, of course.