Regional Standings after Week 2, Day 2

Regional Standings after Week 2, Day 2 Region Wins Losses Korea 13 2 China 7 5 Europe 9 8 North America 6 7 Vietnam 2 5 Taiwan 1 5 Turkey 0 6

NA and LMS are both undefeated today. The EU and LCK slayers are back?

You've just doomed TSM, I hope you're happy

i think TSM will 2-1.

Why would you do this?

Yes you can, KOO faced KT at quarters in 2015. That rule only applies to groups.

Doesn't Korea have 13 wins?

6 LZ, 4 SSG, 3 SKT.

there was never such a rule ever

actually 5 of them were. The 4 losses were just from them this week. They also lost once last week


And so it begins

Assuming SKT gets first in their group, if SSG faces SKT or LZ in quarters, we would get 2 KR and 2 non-KR teams in the semis and may be even KR vs non-KR finals.

NA's week 2.25 man.

4 of those are just from IMT alone. Bringing IMT to worlds was like bringing that one person to a marathon race with you only for them to shoot you in both feet and then him/her self before the race starts.

I'm calling it now, TSM will get first and end up getting SSG in quarters.

No but seriously I think this years worlds might get a non KR finals as well. It all depends on if SKT and LZ end up on the same side or not. SSG can def lose to one of the #1 seeds(a good chance its vs a KR team as well) and while they did go 6-0...I think LZ is beatable.

TSM gonna win worlds for sure.

EU has +2 because FNC played 2 tiebreaker games

yes each region has to have a multiple of 3 as a score besides EU/NA/Vietnam due to the tiebreaker - they have 3X+1 for NA/Vietnam and 3X+2 for EU