Reebok goes FULL Retard. This is Why I Love New Balance Shoes

Reebok goes FULL Retard. This is Why I Love New Balance Shoes

"Let's alienate half of America for no reason."

-a shitty corporation

This thing pisses me off a lot. Nowadays you can't compliment a woman without feminazis and cuck m'lady male feminists attacking you.

A common theme with struggling corporations: Try to pander to shitlibs who want everything for free.

Talking to women in public is sexual assault.


"Boy, here I go killing my brand again!"

i really don't get this. why not just stay neutral? wouldn't you make more money by appealing to both sides?

i understand if you're trying to run a liberal rag that sits on the bottom of my birdcage, but why a fucking shoe company?

Because they live in a stupid little bubble where they think everyone is as cucked as they are.

And their bubble is so thick, they don't even know that they are messing with powers they can't understand. Their stock will pay the price.

This isn't even a goddamn shoe ad. Just straight-up propaganda and/or virtue signaling.

some faggot wrote that who doesnt know any women. women like being called beautiful and in shape. god forbid you tell a woman anything else.

Their name REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEbok really fits.

I've never met a woman who was offended by a man telling her that he thought she was in great shape and that she looked beautiful..... unless you're fucking creepy about it... like if Tim Kaine Joe Biden did it.

It is infinitely easier to not buy something than it is to buy, and continue to buy, a product/service.

"Excuse me m'lady, may I with your permission say thou are most appealing to my ocular senses. I hope that this does not offend you and if so I will banish myself immediately to repent myself to the nth degree."

Reminds me of the comic book industry going full SJW and attacking white males when they made up over 90% of their customers.

They turned every character into a transracial trigender turbopansexual who voted for Obama twice. They took over Comic Con and said "awkward white boi computer geeks" weren't welcome anymore. They pandered to feminists, trannies, and black lives matter who (surprise surprise) don't actually buy comics and they lost money.

Now young white men are switching to manga and realizing it gives them better value, lots of genre choice, and multitudes of fan service while comics are hemorrhaging money and are subsidized only by movies and intellectual properties. That won't last forever.

NFL spits in the face of blue collar conservative men and caters to women and inner city liberals. NHL spits in the face of Canadians and caters to southern markets who don't like hockey. ESPN told sports fans to piss off because tumblrinas who had never played a sport in their lives were going to talk about the glories of Planned Parenthood and which MLB pitcher has the hottest facial hair.

Every big corporation is doing this because they think they are too big to fail. They don't need us anymore. They know better than their consumers. They think the diehard fans will put up with this shit forever and they can expand to new consumers by pandering.

Something's gonna give. It won't last forever. Their lifelong customers are leaving and the groups they are catering to aren't replacing them. Eventually these corporations will realize just like the housing market they are not too big to fail.

Because they're losing ground to better shoe companies and think that taking a political stance will get people to buy their shoes out of support.

Which is true, they're just too fucking busy sniffing their own farts to pick the side that actually has income.

"hold my kefir"


I didn't even notice at first glance, but yep there's not even a shoe in this "shoe ad". Or a jersey or socks or any actual buyable item.

I guess this is why they call themselves Reeebok

I hope the UFC drops them now.

Feminazis are miserable and want everyone to be miserable.

What better way to do that than to make the evolutionary determined courtship process "problematic".

"I am totally not one of those sexist bigotted drumpf voters, so I just want to make sure, that I don't offend you."

Reebok to USAA.. Hold my beer

liberals waste their cash on stupid shit, as long as somethings not way way out of their means, they'll buy it. I know that liberals I've worked with always complain about being broke and I made the same and wasn't broke. They waste their money, they have to have a set of new clothes every week. They buy starbucks 2 or 3 times a day instead of making their own. They eat out at expensive restaurants almost nightly. They act like every new iphone is a must buy. They had thousands of dollars of tattoos on their bodies. They are terrible with money.

Yeah the only time you allowed to say "you look good" according to our social betters at reebok, when you are talking to an inanimate object.

FYI: Reebok is owned by Adidas.

They just don't learn.

The offended are hamplanets who have never been called beautiful.

It's spelled Covfefe

Virtue signaling kills sales.

He knows plenty of liberal women, which is why he's so confused. They're all hypocrites.

"I just want a man who will love me and tell me I'm beautiful."

"You're in such good shape...Beautiful"


Truth is, I've yet to meet anyone who is offended by a legitimate compliment, especially if you're pregnant. If you doubt that, try the following: next time you see a pregnant lady, say, "you look like you're about to pop!" Or, "you look beautiful/fantastic" and see which one gets you farther.

but it's impossible to keep track of what not to buy, Where are we at now?

Try /sub/therightboycott, I just found it today, but their list looks fairly solid.

HR and Marketing departments are often filled with useless, incompetent fucks

Sorry shoes, you don't tell me how to live my life.

Haven't bought any of their shoes in years, wasn't really planning on getting any more, but now they've definitely lost my business just like Nike and their fucking ridiculous athletic hijab.

If I'm running a huge national brand, my one and only job is to sell a product to as many people as possible. I don't care who they are or what they believe as long as they're buying my shoes. Therefore, I'm going to try and stay as apolitical as possible. I'm not going to risk alienating half my customers to make some half-assed political statement. That would be a disservice to my shareholders. This is a really simple concept that you don't even need an MBA to understand. So why are so many big corporations making the same mistake?

Getting real tired of the constant attacks on men. Maybe try giving this to your migrant poster boys over in Europe instead. Reebok can kiss my ass, and fuck your weird Crossfit cult too.

CUCKED. I'll keep buying New Balance, Saucony and Puma. BYE REEBOK! SAD! Because I've played hockey for over 22 years. Bauer will get all my money now. You and CCM merged. BYE!

It's a no-shoe ad, as in I'll never buy a Reebok or Adidas (owner) shoe again.

More like ham planets who were within an earshot of the compliment and decided to get jealous they never get the compliments. Either way, trump was just being cordial. Macrons grandma, I mean wife isn't that attractive.

transracial trigender turbopansexual

Dammit, I laughed. Snorted vodka out my nose. Woke up wife and dog. Get this patriot a coat with three bricks in the pockets because this train has no brakes and is ready to drop a MOAB on the cucked shoe purveyors.

Hmmm... My beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers have had a long time contract with Adidas. This needs to change...

The CEO of Mozilla quietly donated $1000 to a Pro Traditional Marriage group in California and they hunted him down until he resigned in 2013. But Reebok can blatantly and openly hate half the country with no blow-back.

In totally unrelated news Firefox was the best performing web browser in 2013 and now performs worse than both Chrome and Edge.

It's all part of a cunning strategy to capture the smallest market possible and then dominate the industry.

They call an electrician to replace a lightbulb.

New Balance are better shoes for your feet anyway.

It's worth having a quick look online when buying mass marketed consumer goods. The only way those fucknuts are ever gonna change is if people stop purchasing their goods and services. The list of companies that sponsored the Trump Caeser assassination play is a great place to start. They are all cucked AF.

Won't happen. UFC is locked into a long-term contract and is in it for the long haul. If the UFC is fine with the Reeeebok uniform deal screwing the fighters out of 10's-100's thousands of dollars in sponsorships, then I really don't see this bothering them one bit.

What is so bad about complimenting someone when they look great in a non-flirty way?

Beautiful, beautiful.

This is why they lost the meme war.

Of all people, why the fuck would you pander to shitlibs? They are broke and hate capitalism.


Orwell was wrong!

In the future, It wasn't the government that would impose the newspeak, and chase people who commit thoughtcrimes .

Some people, companies and groups are the ones who impose the newspeak and chase thoughtcriminals

tips fedora

We don't know the context of the conversation.

I swear all these liberals don't know how to talk to people IRL and have to "text" everybody.

Good find. FYI Adidas is a German company

They're also mostly ugly and probably never receive genuine compliments

If guys started all of a sudden following this, women would be bitching about guys not ever complimenting them anymore. Reebok acting like little bitches with this crap.

Might be the fault of where I live, but I can still do that stuff in my workplace. But it only takes one or two loud feminists to fuck it up for everyone.

Reebok deal has been a nightmare since the getgo. You are right it did fuck a lot of fighters.

You joke, but I have actually been on those service calls! And not just to change lamps that are 20' up. Standard 8' ceiling. "Hey, while you're here, can you change the batteries in my smoke detectors, or should I call the fire department?" Hey dumbass, you're paying me $75/hour for shit you could do yourself.

TFW you realize how lucky you are for being a gay male and don't have to deal with women and their shit.

\ (•◡•) /

Reebok and Dana ruined the UFC with those retarded uniforms and taking away sponsorships.

Tips reebok hat

NB are the best shoes for wide feet (and I like compliments too)

To be fair, I've seen a lot of women in marketing. A lot Hillary supporters were also more women. Sweden, Germany, and the U.K. all have feminist governments with a lot of women in power. Colleges have overwhelming have more women in them.

I'm starting to think there was a reason why men kept women in the goddamn kitchen. I apologize to the female pedes here who are the exceptions, but I'm getting pretty darn tired of this feelings / men and woman are equal crap. Equal rights for everyone, that's America! But MAKING everyone equal is bs communism.

They had dropped running their ads during Hannity's show due to pressure from the left (after Seth Rich reporting).They claimed it was because they don't advertise on opinion shows except they also advertise on others on MSNBC for instance. After many backlash from conservatives, they changed their minds and are now advertising during Hannity's spot now.

Or creepy Joe biden whispering it into her daughter's ear.

Marketing is infested with social justice leftists. Give it time, they'll all be fired eventually.

I sometimes work with them. These are the smartest people in the room. They don't know shit but they think they do and dress to the hipster 9's and communicate amongst them selves in a laughable Millennial language which is what get's you in the door and they look down on everyone over 40.

All hipsters. Useless as can be.

Pulled advertising from Hannity(?) then tried to justify it with lame excuse they don't do advertising with political opinion shows, but they advertised on other left-wing political opinion shows, then they got a horde of angry cancellations, then I think they bent the knee. Others can correct if I'm off.

Well crafted.

Wow fuck reeeeeeebok. You make fucking shoes. Shut up and show me shoes.

You know all of those gender studies grads who everyone thinks will be unable to find employment? They do, and this is the result.

Seriously some 1984 shit. If you can manage to pay a compliment without being creepy, then do it. By the way pedes, you guys and gals are in fantastic shape, beautiful!

Because there's such a loooong and proven track record of success with that tactic. /s

I'm struggling to think of an example where a business pandered to SJWs and saw and increase in profits as a result. On the flip side, I can think of plenty of examples where businesses pandered to SJWs and lost a great deal of money, if not went out of business entirely. I have no idea why so many keep thinking it's a great idea. I can only imagine they made the mistake of hiring some SJW into a managerial position who approved this shit without the higher ups being aware.

You've got it wrong, they don't get any compliments and don't want anyone else to get any.

Darwin's laws will eliminate beta cucks over time. Let them be cucks.

TIL campus liberals = Australia

What's so bad about complimenting someone in a flirty way? What the fuck is wrong with people?

"Hey, what gym do you go to? You look great, feel like grabbing a coffee?"

Is this now hate speech?



Endorsed Trump.

My misery deepens....

I don't own any Reebok gear, but now I actively hate them

Another marketing disaster from a brand who is, quite frankly, struggling to keep up with some of its competitors.

"Everyone thinks exactly like we do"

Last words of retarded millenial corporate promoters.

I'm sure a certain percentage of their revenue model is constituted by welfare recipients and because they feed at the public trough they feel they can safely ignore public sentiment.

Jimmy Norton put the smack down on Reebok

Had to respond to this. It's true. I'm leaving my career in marketing after a few years partly because of my SJW coworkers. They constantly bitch about Trump, my boss included. It inspired me to go into Finance. I'm in Texas btw, so it must be 10x worse if they are headquartered in a blue state.


You fucking sexist pig!

Remember it is inappropriate to show interest to the opposite sex guys.

Been away, what did USAA do?

Monk straps are the final redpill. Don't degenerate with all the sneaker fags and ascend into formal, leathery glory!