Reddit: Lesson One

The radio equivalent is the phrase "long time listener, first time caller."

"Post something worthwhile in /sub/gonewild"

girl behind: now you got my interest

I was listening to a radio station where he was detailing how much he hated when people say that and the next caller picked up and said that then he immediately hung up

I'm commenting just to comment. Am I now no longer a lurker?

I need more time. I haven't even mastered the D.E.N.N.I.S. system yet.

The chalk is incredible. Bravo.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention

and that's just how easy it is folks! Step right up, free upvotes can be had all around. Feel good about yourself, get that dopamine for the low low price of a few calories for typing a couple words!

a couple words

Dennis, I can't get past the letter D. I broke into her place and I ripped her sink apart, I brought a bag of hair, you know what I mean? And I come across looking like a total jerk.

I like it when people get nervous and say they are a first time listener, long time caller.

/sub/highqualitygifs would appreciate this

apparently the "long time listener" didn't listen that well

What a dick.

I just watched that whole thing without realizing that was Glenn Howerton

This one's a natural! You'll go far, champ.

It's from his new show, AP Bio.

The first episode of a new series called A.P. Bio. I changed all the blackboard stuff though.

I've got my magnum condoms, I've got my wad of hundreds, I'm ready to plow

I've got a different system.

The name's Mantis, Mantis Toboggan, MD.

Was lurking and came across this post

I didn’t look at the sub and assumed that’s where I was... fuck it’s too early in the morning

"Long time first...long-first...I listen long time and call first, noooo...I listen long...It's my first time god damn it!"

Not the guy I wanted...

I've streamed it in my bed and from the couch, could probably stream it almost anywhere though.

See, this is the quality OC we deserve!

The show is AP Bio, first 3 episodes have been pretty good in my opinion. Seth Myers and Lorne Michaels are executive producers.


THIS IS A FAUX LURKER, stealing karma from the hands of actual lurkers!!!

Who am I kidding? They weren't going to say anything anyway.

Fuck yeah we would

But it's the guy we need

I’m lost. When do we get Sun Chips, again?

This is a million times better than iFunny’s meme academy with Mia Khalifa


Can you stream it anywhere?

I've been watching on Hulu

Is that a profile drawing of trump on the board? Now I’m curious about where the original is from

If you're looking for emotional coddling, I'd definitely not call in to most radio shows.

He was actually calling from the future. We are all going to die now since he didnt have a chance to warn us.

A 5 year account? Then no.

All you have to do is make a comment asking what Gold is and someone will come along and gild you in no time!


Well, that's random...

Uh... I've been that guy.

You should see him feast, he’s like a mantis

I like to call mine the M.A.C.

Move in



Upvote OC.

Upvote .

Yep, thats Glenn Howerton.

This one's got naturals! You'll go far, sport.

Upvote for Kung Pow.

TBF, pretty much 99% of all radio call-ins are staged bullshit anyway. It was likely scripted for a laugh.


Baby don't hurt me.



if you know what I mean.

;) hey big boi, wanna go to Starbucks?

What about Gold? What do I need to get that?

nearly 1 million comment karma

Lesson No. 2: How to be pedantic in the comments section.

Noticed that. Very well done man!

I watched 1-3 last week all on Hulu. Unless they changed it already

As a lurker I feel like I needed this. Lol

You could put this on /sub/highqualitygifs too, I think.

Not quite my tempo

😶 ........ does this mean I just popped my cherry with this comment

Your mom's equivalent is ride them all.