Red Carpet

Red Carpet

I just have to give credit to today’s political cartoonist. This cartoon really tells the story and it was done with a few hours of information. A warm pat on the back for any cartoonist out there trying to make sense of the daily madness and putting it into such translatable terms. Thank you for your contributions.

Eight dead under the age of sixteen and Jared blamed the protestors. Reasonable minds can disagree about policy but this administration is fucking pathetic.

Probably because the Palestinians that were mowed down were unarmed.

Please be sarcasm, please be sarcasm, please be sarcasm......

Today is a great example why the United States and their proxy state Israel can no longer be allowed to assume a leadership position in the world. We, the US, are the bad guys. It's time the civilized world recognized this fact and held us to account.

No kidding! They might have chipped the paint on the US-Made tanks!

Every single one of those killed were throwing rocks in such way that necessitated the use of lethal force?

Yeah fucking right...

50 people were just slaughtered for expressing political discontent. I doubt we'll see any right-wingers throw a free speech rally over this one!

But seriously, eat shit Fascist!

You mean Israel and their proxy state the US. Just because we're the ones with the gunships doesn't mean we're calling the shots. There's a reason AIPAC isn't registered under FARA.

turn on ZOG.

And then you fucked up the whole thing. What is it with you people?

Israel can be rightly criticized without becoming a shithead wannabe Nazi. Yes, Zionists are a problem in the Republican party. So are radical fundamentalist Christians, self-interested corporations and ignorant white nationalists.

The problem with Israel isn't Jews, it's corrupt and violent nationalism.


Hope it was worth it, assholes.

And this is what a boot-licking authoritarian looks like. Red hat optional.

This is whats called "hitting the nail on the head"!! Bravo sir!! Or Lady!!

Dude they were throwing rocks! What are you talking about?

MSM spins it by blaming the violent protests against US embassy for clashes.. good news though no Israelis killed or wounded!