Rebuilding Puerto Rico Will Cost $95 Billion, Says Island’s Governor: Ricardo Rosselló demands that lawmakers treat Puerto Ricans like they treat other American citizens.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico Will Cost $95 Billion, Says Island’s Governor: Ricardo Rosselló demands that lawmakers treat Puerto Ricans like they treat other American citizens.
Rebuilding Puerto Rico Will Cost $95 Billion, Says Island’s Governor: Ricardo Rosselló demands th...

Thinking of Flint Michigan and New Orleans.

Yeah they are already getting treated like a US state - ignored and exploited.

Japan's Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel cost about $3 billion ... maybe PR should look at something similar.

They should vote on becoming a state then.

How much to do it properly. I've read a few articles that said PR's infrastructure wasn't good to begin with.

Maybe now it's time to get it right, might take longer but in the long term would be more beneficial to the PR people

Devil's advocate here. If I am driving a beat up, old car with bald tires, leaky engine, cracked windows, non functioning muffler, etc. And I get into an accident totaling the car, should the insurance company buy me a new car? The situation is very similar and the $95 billion will need to be broken down so Puerto Rico, just like any other state or major city, can only get an amount that's fair (to both the US tax payers inside and outside of Puerto Rico). Just because you are poor, doesn't mean everyone else have to pay your bills. We have our own bills to pay too.

And then one day they might get treated like Michiganders.

Here's a handy way to tell the difference:

People in territories don't pay Federal* income tax and don't deserve to get their shit rebuilt by the people who do.

FEMA are only authorized to restore services to the level they were before the disaster. This would be treating Puerto Rico the same as any US state affected by a disaster and accepting FEMA assistance. To go above that would require a change in policy. The system was in a terrible state before the storm so restoring it to a state of disrepair is not realistic.

No Representation without Taxation.

They love being in that grey zone. A friend from PR told me that it's nothing but people wanting handouts from the US and are scared they would lose some of their "benefits" if they became a state.

Wow! I have fantasized about underground chambers to drain floodwaters. It is amazing to see somebody has actually built some.

made for an awesome mirror's edge 1 level

Ricardo should first stop stealing from his own people:

Puerto Rico’s $49 billion in unfunded pension obligations are a key piece of a historic economic crisis that has landed the island in the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. municipal history.

Get the fuck out of here. Seriously.

Puerto Ricans with no income outside Puerto Rico and not employed by the Federal Government do not pay Federal Income taxes. So explain to me again why my federal income taxes should go to rebuild Puerto Rico's infrastructure that their government let decay for decades?

You mean like we treat other Americans paying federal taxes? Because that’s not Puerto Rico.

State and territories is the thing here. Territories do not pay federal taxes, you can't expect to receive the same aid as a state.

Who knew the Feds were responsible for city water.

No. You don't get to go $70 billion in debt, declare bankruptcy, continue to invest nothing in to your infrastructure, and then demand tax payer money to build brand new everything, especially when you currently don't pay taxes yourself. I'm sorry the hurricanes destroyed everything, but you should probably move somewhere else because it's just going to keep happening year after year. It's called adapting. I'm not going to pay for you to live on a tropical island because it's your "home".

So they don't want to be treated like a state when it comes to sharing the federal debt and paying federal income taxes, but want to be treated like a state when it comes to rebuilding infrastructure? Can't have it both ways, Puerto Rico.

Amendment: they don't pay income tax to the US, but rather to their own territory.

It's an island filled with greedy, lazy, corrupt idiots.

A) We don't want them to be a state. B) Fuck no, they aren't getting $95 Billion, they'll get whatever the storm package is and like it C) We should've kicked them out and made them be independent years ago.

You don't have to be a state to be US citizens.

no, it's a corrupt indebted territory, and pays no federal income taxes.

PR was already teetering on the verge of economic collapse and was having trouble securing basic operating funds. It is also experiencing a massive brain drain. People were leaving because there aren't enough opportunities and because they have lost faith in the government. The loss of talented workers is hinder its economic vitality. The hurricane could be the finishing blow.

From my (center-right) position, I am thinking that Puerto Rico needs life support and that we must act decisively. The requested disaster funds are necessary but not sufficient to stabilizing the situation. The governor and the people of PR should be prepared to undertake some meaningful reformations in exchange for federal help.

1) Disaster relief monies should be disbursed in small increments which are tied to specific disaster-recovery milestones. They get the full aid package but it comes in pieces. This would insure that the funds are used to repair damaged infrastructure and not on other projects or expenses.

1) Puerto Rico has a number of state-owned enterprises which operate inefficiently. Management of its state-owned corporations should be handed over to the private sector in exchange for long-term investments in infrastructure. For instance, if a corporation want to provide utilities (a stable, profitable business), then it first builds the power plant and invests in the distribution system.

2) Puerto Rico should be classified as a special economic zone for a period 10 years in order to attract private sector investment. Republicans senators love to talk about special economic zones as solutions for struggling regions. This would be a great time to test their commitment.

3) Allow PR to import products from other Caribbean nations. They are currently limited to importing products from the USA. This would result in a significant cost savings for their people. Everybody benefits from cheaper groceries, for instance.

4) Establish a federal relocation fund to entice overseas manufacturers to relocate to PR. If Trump is all about bringing jobs home then this will give him the juice needed to bring jobs home from Asia. Puerto Rico needs to commit to this by revitalizing its aging industrial parks and by simplifying its business code.

What do you think?

You do realize that for every $1 that PR spends in taxes they receive $7 back from the US government?

I'm not saying that the US shouldn't help rebuild PR but they need to clean house before throwing billions of dollars down the drain like they have been doing for years in this corrupt island.

PR is closer to a 3rd world country than a 1st world.

True. And it isn't a state of the US, just a territory. So, it just makes everything all the more confusing. Would probably be more sympathy if they were actually apart of the US, if then.

Peurto Rico has had 5 or 6 referendums for statehood, they voted no as recently as this year. They voted it down again. The overwhelming negative to statehood is the possibility of having a federal income tax but when there's a disaster, everyone want the government to rebuild.

Wasn't the last vote like 93% for statehood but only a 23% eligible voter turnout? Hard to make a solid case with that, but I am guessing current circumstances would shift votes. The part about congress is spot on though, Republicans would be hesitant to add a blue state.

It's easy to spend other people's money.

Except Vermont has less than 1/5th the population.

Puerto Rico should be charging their own taxes and setting up their own emergency funds since they aren't paying our taxes.

They do not pay federal income tax unless they work for the federal government or are not in Puerto Rico. Tired of the lies. They pay for and receive Social Security and Medicare.

When hurricanes hit the United States Puerto Ricans paid nothing into the funds that rebuilt those areas (unless they were working for our government or living here).

That wasn’t the question.

Typical auto insurance will pay you ACV for a total loss, actual cash value of the vehicle. So if you're driving a total clunker you could possibly only end up with a few hundred bucks. Personally, I think it is in our interests to rebuild Puerto Rico better than it was before, but also make them a state and make them pay federal income taxes sp they can contribute back to a greater degree.

I mean, of course reasonable people agree with you... but did you miss the part where FEMA isn't currently authorized to do what you're proposing? FEMA is like car insurance - whatever car you had before it was totaled is what you're going to get back.

Politicians are buying offices using other people’s money by being overly generous with pay, employment numbers and benefits. In my book, that is stealing.

I'm not sure what that edit is about. Every state pays income tax to the federal government. Not all states have a state income tax. No one can ditch the federal income tax, you know unless your rich and have no reason too but want to anyway cause you just a bag of dicks.

The average per capita federal tax contribution for people living in the 50 states is 10 times gr... That isn't exactly an equal contribution and discussing it in relation to disaster relief is totally acceptable.

Make sure you're not the ignorant one before you start calling people names.

Holy crap is that what I was running around in? I just assumed it was more neojapan artistic license, that's cool as hell.

I guess this clarifies that the game is intended to be set in Japan, but I was never 100% sure just because they never specified.

They are a soverignt state. They are not the US government, they are the Puerto Rican government and they have actively chose to stay that way many times over. With that said Florida and Texas are both states, neither of them got or demanded 90+ billion dollars

They also don’t pay American taxes..

Uh, maybe their own citizens?

This is not true. Stop repeating outright lies.

1) PR pays zero federal taxes. They pay social security/medicare - which supposedly isn't a tax, it's an entitlement program you pay into like insurance. It's not relevant for this discussion.

2) The PR vote for statehood was not what you are selling. By all accounts, there is not a majority for statehood although in more recent years it was getting closer.

3) 3 Billion a year net or gross? I'll wait.

I pay local, state and federal income taxes

Kind of - If say Texas decides they want to secede so they don't have to pay Federal Income tax They can't come back crying for Federal aid.

1) no, you are mistaken 2) sure, Congressional approval is needed, but only after they vote to become a state. they have actively voted not to become a state dozens of times. It absolutely has something to do with them. 3) both states had greater amounts of damage, does the type of damage mean something?

You are literally wrong on every count here.

You save a lot of money building the same type of infrastructure as what was just destroyed by storms, in the face of worsening storms.


There's been two Referendums in less than a decade that have offered both Statehood & Independence.

Each was sabotaged by a coalition of those supporting the status quo (about 35-40% of the population) & independence (about 5% of the population) through propaganda campaigns, which de-legitmized the 2012 Referendum with accusations that it was "too complicated" as a 2-part question (the 1st question asked whether the status quo should be changed, the 2nd whether statehood, free association & independence should be the path if it is) to striaght-up boycotts, as was the case with the most recent referendum (which, to appease the critics of the first one, was dumbed down to a yes/no/status quo format).

3 billion is very small relative to the population. Per capita, most states pay 10 to 20 times that amount in federal taxes.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 84%. (I'm a bot)

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Monday that the territory will need $94.4 billion to recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

In Puerto Rico, Rosselló estimates it will cost $46 billion to rebuild damaged and destroyed homes, $30 billion to repair critical infrastructure, and $17.9 billion for long-term recovery.

The Associated Press notes that Congress has already approved $5 billion in aid for Puerto Rico as noted by the Intercept, a large portion of that aid came in the form of a loan the island would need to repay.

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Surely they want better than that