Really makes you think...

Really makes you think...

The Netherlands literally had this problem a couple years ago, and guess what they did? Close the prisons like a normal country would.

The word "threatens" in the headline is what makes it really out of place.

But then how would the prisons be able to give campaign contributions to the politicians?

The prison industrial complex is where private owned prisons will get budgets based on how many inmates they get. These prisons cut corners, and try scrape as much profits as possible, and then use this money to lobby and campaign for judges and politicians that are tougher on crime and will pass laws to give them more inmates, thus giving them a bigger budget. And so the cycle continues.

"Threatens" the state with losses of those high quality prison jobs.

simple, they aren't privatized.

Nah. Working-class people with pot in their pocket are way less likely to be able to afford lawyers.

Fill the prison up with all the sexual predators that keep making the news.

That makes no sense. If nobody is making money off of prisoners, then why have laws in the first place?

No, China is worse because they lock up people and they're communists! See, problem solved, I just pointed at someone else and called them worse. What, are you going to argue that America is worse than a bunch of [SLUR REDACTED] commies? (hopefully obvious) /s

Quick! Fill it up with those evil marijuana smokers!

"Threatens" the state

Applauds ancapishly

Don’t you have just enough congressmen to fill that gap?

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You all will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that their threat amounted to nothing, said prison is closed now.

I grew up in that town, if you have any questions, AMA.

The homeless!

"Land of the free"

Dont forget that they lose their suffrage aswell. The fact that if you go to prison you cant vote- modern slavery.

This fucking comment.

I am so sick of hearing this shit from Americans. Now let's all stand for the fucking pledge or you're a dirty commie/socialist/leftist/liberal/antifa/snowflake who deserves to be shot. GOD BLESS THE USA!

Why have anything if it can't make us money?



I don't live in the town anymore, but I have family that does. Please keep in kind that all of the information I have is second hand.

As the article states, CCA threatened to close if they didn't receive an influx of prisoners. The state senators voted, decided not to transfer the prisoners from other state prisons, mostly due to concern that it would just create crises elsewhere. The only viable option would have been to transfer from the state penitentiary, which is over populated, but the prison in question was very small, with very minimal security. Compound that with several sexual assault on prisoner cases, and multiple small riots with disproportionately large injury/fatality counts, and everyone just kind of decided it was more trouble and more dangerous than it was worth.

The prison announced that they would be closing, handed out pink slips. About half decided to try to get unemployment, and the remaining half jumped ship and left town, either to transfer to another CCA facility elsewhere, or to jump industries.

CCA was the single largest employer in the county, so now there's a job market crisis AND a real estate market crisis, from everyone leaving town and attempting to sell their assets.

They shut the doors nearly two months ago, sending the prisoners to other prisons in the state. They still run a skeleton crew of maintenance workers to ensure the building doesn't fall into disrepair. CCA technically breached their contract with the state, so the building and land belongs to the government now, but no one has decided what to do with it. I think they're waiting to see if another privatized prison company will make an offer, but I don't forsee that happening.

I just did a paper on the war on drugs (which is related) and let me tell you I hate our prison system and you probably do too without knowing it.

Now you get it!!

Local former resident here. You'd be shocked how much the loss of jobs effects the community. As another user pointed out below, half of the entire town was employed at the prison. Local economy is completely decimated.

That's what the damn town gets for letting the privatized prison industry come in and dictate that the economy revolves around them. We should have never forgotten how to farm.

I was involved in a thread when this story first broke and explained this there, but the prison pretty much systematically bred two generations specifically for prison work. It was considered acceptable to drop out of high school and work at the prison, because the prison pays over $15 an hour.

Now it's gone, and there are two generations of people (again, keep in mind, half the towns population) with zero marketable job skills, or even GED's. Thankfully I ran far and fast when I graduated, and live elsewhere with a college degree and a great career. I had many peers that didn't have the foresight I did, and are royally fucked now.

Fuck privatized prisons.

Well, Governor, it sure would be a shame if the media outlet had to print the headline "GOVERNOR FORCES FACILITY TO SHUT DOWN, COSTS STATE 500 JOBS" right before the election, wouldn't it?



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We live in a broken country

Prison jobs ARE sought after by governments, though.

When the Canadian province of Saskatchewan was formed, the three largest cities in the province were given a choice. The newly formed province was going to get a Prison, a University, and the Legislature, but the cities had to choose who got what.

Prince Albert - the largest city and former capital from before incorporation - chose the prison, thinking it would bring the best jobs....

Now nobody knows what Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is.

Prison labor.

Close to half of them are Black, too.

Turn them into hotels.

You realize that's what the Republicans are actively attempting to do, right? They regularly support efforts to make it more difficult for people to vote. So if that's your argument, you should concede that voting does change something.

And where would America's cheap workforce come from, if all the prisons closed?

Whoever told you that is your enemy.



If the education system is going to stay the same then soon you will have nothing but a cheap workforce.

Or even better: escape room, prison sized!

Then you get the sense of pride and accomplishment of reading all the slurs

Reddit absolutely despises whataboutism. Except when criticizing the US, then we can't get enough of it.

Import some from Norway?

Hobo with a Shotgun?

edit:  What a fucking headline...

Hobo with a Shotgun?


What just happened?

Can we talk about this more you guys? I work in mental health, and I have seen some clients (largely in the homeless population) that will get arrested when they start to get sick again, and that’s the only time they get treatment.

We all do yes and we know why...

Yeah, but they have enough money/people to keep them out.

So what ended up happening? How did the whole thing go down?

for whatever reason this made me imagine latter-day Sean Connery saying "capitalisht" like five times

It's perfectly in place with the current state of the country. This is exactly what the "tough on crime" politicians like Trump and Jeff Sessions want.

In the final months of the Obama administration, the Justice Department announced it would end the use of private prisons. In the first month of the Trump administration, the rule was rescinded. In a memo signed February 21, but released to the public late Thursday, the new U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, rescinded the order.

And they are doing everything possible to make sure those prisons are kept full.

In a letter written to Congress on May 1, Sessions argues that because marijuana remains illegal under the controlled substances act, representatives should disregard longstanding protections against the prosecution of medical cannabis.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in remarks prepared for delivery this week that he believes marijuana is "only slightly less awful," than heroin.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will end a Justice Department partnership with independent scientists to raise forensic science standards and has suspended an expanded review of FBI testimony across several techniques that have come under question, saying a new strategy will be set by an in-house team of law enforcement advisers.

In the later years of the Obama administration, a bipartisan consensus emerged on Capitol Hill for sentencing reform legislation, which Sessions opposed and successfully worked to derail.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that he has directed his federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible, including mandatory minimum sentences, in his first step toward a return to the war on drugs of the 1980s and 1990s that resulted in long sentences for many minority defendants and packed U.S. prisons.

Not to mention everything else they're doing to make sure that they keep making money. Like their love of asset forfeiture.

Sessions welcomes restoration of asset forfeiture: "I love that program"

This is part of the reason why Trump wanted to take stop and frisk nation-wide.

It's like a drug addiction. It ends up being both the solution and cause to our problems--and now we are stuck in a cage with no way out except to chuck the whole thing and start over.

If it doesn't say "gleefully announces prison closure due to lack of criminals" that tells you all you need to know.

I'm pretty sure they don't care how they get those prisoners.

i also recently wrote a paper on our prisons, mainly focusing on the war on drugs. it’s nightmarish how poorly we treat the mentally ill, homeless, etc. and no one thinks anything of it. we’ve effectively brainwashed our population to just resort to locking people up and stripping them of all hope or any chance for redemption.

Beds? Is that a hotel industry terminology?

Yes it is, I've played it a couple of months ago! They use about 30 actors and actresses and you actually get thrown a jumpsuit at you that you are forced to wear, mugshotted, and then you actually get locked up for a bit! After that the game starts with over a 100 players decieving eachother on the actual prison yard and in the open cells.

I won't spoil the ways to get out but I will say it's truly like you're in a 3 hour movie, planning an escape.

It's used in health care, too.

you get it

Reminds me of landfills. No one wants one in their backyard, but we need them somewhere. And the less we need them, the better the society probably is.

I'm in no way comparing garbage to prisoners, btw. Dun wanna trigger anyone.

Don't forget the indentured servitude. Modern private prisons have essentially found a loophole to slavery, but with extra steps.

skeleton crew of maintenance workers

Fuck me I’d hate to be one of those people. Fixing an abandoned prison? Seen enough horror movies/shows/games to know to nope out of that scenario.


Now nobody knows what Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is.

To be honest I don't know any other cities in Saskatchewan either.

please don't talk like that.


They'll "fill up" about 0.01% of the incarceration capacity and get 6 months. They need more black kids who stole a tv and get for 6 years to keep the money flowing.

I've spoken to a fair few people and no, you're an exception.

Holy shit. This is an actual thing?

I need this. Thank you kind internet stranger.

Edit: Do you mind if I post this in TIL?

Hey but we live in the land of the free, where we express our beloved freedom by incarcerating a high percentage of the population! Don’t y’all love our Freedom!


I can't get a tan to save my life, and I can drive in the snow pretty well, and I'm not a complete dipshit... Can I come live with you guys?

Arm the homeless...

I misread "mugshotted" as "nutshotted" as was like 'damn they go hardcore'

prison slaves, you mean

Polling stations near you close. You are injured/disabled and the lines are 5 hours long. You work 50-60 hours per week on minimum wage to feed your kids, and your asshole boss might fire you if you try to take an evening off to vote.

That's just scratching the surface for you.

As correct as he is saying that voting doesn't do anything, it's still a huge fucking problem to take away somebody's right to do it. You might not care if they have suffrage since it doesn't really matter in the end, but their right to vote might mean a whole lot to them and y'all two are acting like it's not not a problem that it's being taken away. That's why you're getting downvoted.

The empire will soon fall. Better get in on some of that Mexican beach property before shit hits the fan!

Jesus Lord in heaven, all this talk and no one actually brought a source:

For shame...

but somehow treating them more efficiently, using less public money in a hospital is 'theft'

Look, I'm not here to convince you of differences between the parties. But it's fact that at least 1 party makes it harder to vote, so by the argument you offered, voting must have some value.

The front entrance to the Torrance County Detention Facility still uses CoreCivic’s former logo of CCA. Located on the northeast edge of Estancia, the detention center employs 203 people or about half of the town’s population. - that's a small town...

Yeah totally! Also how crime laws, specifically the one where 1 gram of crack has an equivalent punishment for 100 grams of cocaine, are targeting those of lower income.

Thought the EA memes sunk value after Pai memes became a gold rush?

Well, it's a little hard to give an absolute answer, since it can vary by where in the States one lives, but mismanagement of voter registration files, small windows of time in which to vote, inaccessible voting locations, a lack of effective protections for workers who take time off from their job to vote, requiring photo identification at the polling location (in places where many people do not have such IDs and could not obtain one for free), and restricting voting ability based on a criminal record like Meres91 noted are probably the most common.


True, we flew over a couple of poor sods from Norway who didn't get to enjoy Norwegian prisons. And some from Belgium too, I beleived. But our problems were solved.

But that's the kind of workers you do need to care for a little bit. At least so you're technically within law. The beauty of using prisoners as workers is that they don't have to get any rights. You can just directly exploit them, no bribing of any law enforcement required!

I thought they used them as alternative accommodation for refugees.

But the inmates don't want to live next to the congressmen. They don't want to sink that low.

big majority of inmate in prisons are non-violent offenders. the justice system, police force and prison industry are a massive racket of dirty blood money flow through the system. they couldnt keep up with enough prison's population to fill the spot, so what did they do? more small time drug arrests, more targeted non-violent and minor crimes like speeding or parking horseshit. and where could they get such numbers? the poor minorities ofc! there's a problem why prison population is filled with black and brown peeps. the system is racist to its core. understanding how prisons become slavery is to understand what is systematic racism.

"if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

I understand that the statement isn't an "if and only if" statement, but then what reason is there to make voting illegal if it doesn't have value?

My stance was (and continues to be) that voting offers no chance at significant change from the people's perspective.

Gorsuch, CHIP, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, the EPA, the Paris Accord, taxes (& the inequality they effect) would all have different outcomes without Trump as president. I don't like the Dems; they're lightyears from proposing the sort of systemic change we need, but to say that voting offers no chance at change for the people is wrong.

You can wave your rah-rah-go-liberals flag

I'm not a liberal; check my post history.

This tickled me.

That sounds like slavery with extra steps.

First they came for my slaves.

Then they came for my indentured servants.

Then they came for my child labor.

Now they want to take away my prison labor.

How am I expected to survive?

Global warming will make Mexico uninhabitable, I choose Canada beaches!

In university I asked my abnormal psych professor if the shutting down of mental health facilities in the 80s caused many problems with regards to those who suddenly were turned loose without treatment.

Little did I suspect that this would spark an impassioned defense of our savior Ronald Reagan, who knew that the free market would solve all of the mental health problems.

I wasn't about to articulate a response, but the man sure seemed authoritative when he told the class that, since said mental health facilities were bad (your stereotypical one flew over the movie starring jack nicholson1 nest thing, was the image he conjured of us all) then the solution was obviously not to improve conditions but to set the mentally ill free onto the streets where, and this is me editorializing, they could frolic and be merry.

1 I had a run-in with the automoderator w/r/t the name of this movie, I had a good laugh

I instantly had a vivid image of a spit-spraying Zizek floating in front of me

There's always an aftershock as people become informed their pop-culture reference is now out of date.

Which is why you'll still hear your grandparents say "Did I do that?" and "I've fallen and I can't get up" because they are the last to know something is now uncool.

This is amazing.