Realistic choice

Realistic choice

I dunno, once I'm done I might catch up on some sleep.

It said no repercussions so I'd assume that you wouldn't age during the time stop

I'd find a really corrupt company and rob them blind. Being careful to wear gloves and a hairnet, of course.

Then I'd wait three months and buy a fuckload of clothes. And shoes. And get electrolysis for my entire body. And get my eyebrows waxed like once a week just because I can. And I'd eat out with my girlfriend every single day. I'd be too scared of the IRS to buy a house or car, though.

And from there I'd try to find a job where having good reflexes, moving quickly, or thinking quickly is important. That way it looks like I'm really skilled; but not like superhuman skilled.

Edit: Also I'd always have the perfect comeback, but it'd look like a jump cut.

Why is the first person's name missing?

I’d nap, then finally get all these overdue assignments done (sigh).

Yeah but if you kept doing this, you'd age faster than everyone else...

Hmmm, that's true.

I would be blind, blah blah blah science crap.