@realDonaldTrump: The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. Big advantage in Electoral College & lost!

@realDonaldTrump: The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a t...

I'm not even American but your politics are so much fun!

Same here. Trump made politics great again

but muh popular vote

Good thing Democrat voters don't play Yugioh.

"I know you brought my Life Points to 0, but I have more monsters on my side of the field than you do."

I know it has been months now, but I still sometimes shake my head at how badly Hillary fucked up the election. She had every possible advantage given to her yet she still managed to screw up against Trump.

i used to be a sports fan :/

Hillary spent wks preparing for debate 1 and not campaigning. Bad move!

They're gonna be deported to the shadow realm.

They also wanted a Russian enemy to go to war against.

"preparing" for the debate by resting in a cryogenic chamber and consuming the blood of children to rejuvenate herself

It wasn't always like this. Trump made politics fun. Now, I'm like "Oh, there's a House Oversight Committee meeting on CSPAN right now? Aw hell yeah, mother fuckers! Where's my beer?! U-S-A! U-S-A!"

He triggers the liberals and rubs their faces in their loss every day. I've never been more proud of our president.

It really is the greatest timeline when you look back.

Now all the Democrats and leftist media have got their fingers in their ears and acting like a bunch of children.

No. Hillary absolutely would have walked us into a war with Russia.

She has lots of history with Putin. She wanted to put a no fly zone over Syria, Russias ally. Instead she ran guns from Bengazi to Syrian rebels and ISIS

She would have confronted Putin and forced conflict.

What better way to prove that she has thoroughly shattered the glass ceiling than to go to actual War with another country.

Don't forget Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's signature cards.

He really has been responsible for millions of people getting involved in politics and paying attention. When this is all said and done, that might be his greatest impact on our country. With so many woke pedes now actively engaged the pedo cabal will have a much harder time operating in the sunlight.


And the Russian story is going to boomerang POW! and knock them right on their rear ends.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks.


Eh, Obama didn't mind upsetting people. He hated white Christian republicans. Fucking hated them, and had no qualms making pot shots left and right about them in his speeches lectures to the American people.

"Oh, a bad thing happened? Well, if this country was a little more advanced then this simply wouldn't have happened." How many times did he shame the right about 'common sense gun control' or for opposing obamacare?

He definitely was not afraid to upset people, he was just a cuck taking orders from deep state bosses.

SPEZ: Hey, thanks for the downvotes ShariaBlue. Honestly though, what do you really think you are accomplishing here? Obviously people in this sub agree with this statement. You really think downvoting it is accomplishing anything?

They are not sending their best, folks.

Bill Burr said it best. Simply "she blew it." Democrats just underestimate how much normal Americans do not like the Clintons. Which is a shame because I'd LOVE to see Bernie and president trump do a debate.

I'm sorry but this is not possible. Hilary needed those children in top shape for her pedophile ring.

I can see it now, the MSM will go on as if this wasn't even a huge deal when it's revealed all false.

Just like they did after maddow embarrassed herself beyond reprieve with that tax 'leak'. The next day, everyone pretended like it wasn't ever even a big deal. Joy behar will be harping on the view tomorrow as if this russian scandal was never even a real question.

What's the new fake story line for next week? People are so tired of this shit already, and they wonder why no one believes a word out of the shit the MSM slings everyday

Like putting someone into checkmate and they argue they should win because they have more pieces left on the board.

You cant be a leader if you're scared to upset a few people. Obama didn't get it.

I don't think they ever actually wanted to go to war with Russia. I think they wanted to make it seem like there was a real possibility of it happening, in order to influence the public to fit their agenda. People will agree to anything if they think there's a real threat of war.

Love how all those idiot hacks like "The Resistance" get all of their replies close to the top.

Seriously, if you answer directly to DNC coordinators like David Brock then you're not the resistance. You're the establishment, and you are the swamp.

Never forget she cheated on the debates

I too used to be a sports fan, as Alex Jones puts it... it distracts alpha males from the reality of what is going on in the world.

Not that i am self proclaiming myself as an alpha male. Alex Jones on the other hand...

This entire argument is a non-starter. I guarantee you she already had drafted plans to go to war with Russia. Russia is supplying Europe with natural gas right now, a move acquired when Poland's president mysteriously died in a plane crash in Russia, no surprise there. Probably wouldn't raise any eyebrows until you realize Poland was the country at the hub of international energy trade.

Of course you can't keep profit from a Clinton, and they had the Middle East lined up to pump natural gas and push it through several countries with Syria as the last holdout. It should be noted Qatar was the first to suggest this pipeline and we still don't know how much exactly they donated to the Clintons. Regardless, they needed a regime change, and they armed ISIS hoping to overthrow Assad. They didn't expect ISIS to regain control and expand though. Russia is in there to get rid of ISIS, the United States wants someone who will allow the pipeline to be built, and you better goddamn believe Clinton would have went to war with Russia to get them out of Syria so she could run her multi billion dollar pipeline and put more money in her pockets. Russia has a vested interest in not allowing that to happen, and it would have been World War 3.

She knew it. Russia knew it. And the only person who could have stopped it is the one elected that liberal America is trying to politically demolish. The only one who stopped them from nuclear fallout.

Downvotes are strong this morning!

Bernie is a conman. He doesn't deserve to be in politics, much less debating President Trump.

"I would have won but you gender stereotyped my king. He should be able to move like a queen IF HE WANTS."

“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes, I did,” Clinton said. “And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that’s a good thing.”

Basically all of her quotes age like a fine wine.

I like how Trump sends out one Tweet, the same 10 accounts send him 20+ "clever" Tweets as a response berating him, and they call Trump obsessed with Twitter.

He didn't divide, it was already divided. It's just shoved to the surface because he's not afraid to call it out even if it offends people.

It is a sign of strength though.

I waited in line in 30 degree weather for 6 hours to see Trump speak last week. If you had told me 2 years ago I could care this deeply and follow the current political landscape this closely I would've called you crazy. Many many many more like me thanks to trump

Downvoting comments is the only power they have left.

He did indeed.

Sadly, the "news" subreddits on this site are rife with fake news. Funny how worldnews NEVER posts a positive story about Trump (and if you try to submit one, it gets pulled by the mods under the guise of 'Uh durrrr, this isn't a place to post about American politics, durrrrrrr'), but they sure can bend the rules to allow countless anti-Trump stories that lack any discernible evidence. I swear, every couple days there's another "Durrrr, Drumpf and the Russians!!!!!" article. Meanwhile, I never see anything about the corruption in the DNC, or Hillary selling Uranium to the Russians, etc, anywhere outside of this sub.

Reddit has become a complete joke of a website.

Oh, no, they'll stick to the Russian story alright. They'll just say Comey is a Russian agent too.


Lol @ the thousands of leftist twitter attention whores having an imaginary argument with the president.

It's actually more than that. The Russian story is part of their multi-part plan of impeaching President Trump.

Those replies lol... Thanks @Jack

I'm Canadian and have a framed trump and an American flag. The man is honestly incredible.

..plz annex us America.

Do you think he knows what will be said today ?


It really was the tortoise and hare. She had everything lined up for her, but she let bravado and smugness make her lazy.

She thought she could just show up for her trophy, meanwhile Trump made her look like the biggest asshole by always having an answer, being well researched, preparing, campaigning, and making promises we knew he would keep.

Hillary is a gigantic disaster.

She missed a key advantage: support from her country's patriots.

You were downvoted. Comey browses T_D confirmed

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3:49 AM


'There was no collusion between the Russian Government and President Trump, making their actions (if any), completely suspect.'

Obama's would be Royal Decree

Or hockey.

"I know the other team scored more goals than us, but we have more shots on net."

Only this last race. Politics used to be stale, scripted, and full of vague promises never even attempted to be kept. President Trump has finally injected strength and accountability into the system.

Being a politics fan is fun if youre a trump fan. Cause unlike some teams YOU CAN NEVER LOSE

then you found the donald


The God Emperor only tweets things like this once his evidence is iron clad. Expect Comey to break an epic shitstorm later today!

The Donald found us. 😉

I was the same way! A year ago I use to visit sports sites, watch sports channels, gamble a little, and listen to sports talk radio. Now I visit the_donald, listen to the Patriot channel on XM, and watch Fox News and infowars.

Its really interesting looking at both campaigns. She took what I call, a Micromanager route. Micromanagers are only good at first to train people to do things right. After that, they are a disaster. Trump took a more Systems approach. He evaluated the entire landscape and understood that things are not in their own boxes, but rather, they are all interconnected. Taking a Systems approach means to understand how every decision affects every area. Hence, he won.


I loved watching people go nuts and lose there heads when he won.

I was fairly neutral in regards to the election until I did some research and saw how awful the crooked Clintons were and how unfairly maligned Trump was by a vicious and cruel media.

If I lived in America I would have voted for Trump.

Can you honestly say that happened? There's way more established politicians than I care for.

First it was Russia, then it was the travel ban, now its the poll numbers.

Does anyone else notice the lack of criticism on most of the things he is doing? Nobody is complaining about the economy or jobs, so they have to grasp at the smallest of straws.

It's ok, Trump will mention them in his 2020 acceptance speech. After all, that kind of hysteria actually helps him!

If he had the same power Hillary did, he'd be worse. Never normalize communism.

Reminds me of a Skyrim modder by the name of u/Apollodown. He created many great mods like EGO:FIO, EGO:CWO, and EGO:DCO. He was perhaps the king of Skyrim modding. He then took down all his mods because someone called him an SJW. They were down until Nov. 9. They were up for a day before he took them all down again since Trump won. He now only responds to posts asking why with MLK Jr. quotes and refusing to give his own argument. Taking down his mods was the only power he had. Now he has none.

I like the old tweet where he said if the popular vote was what mattered then they would have campaigned differently.

Like, common sense.

I cant respect him. His whole message is about how the rich dont do their part and how young people work too hard. Bernie didnt have a full time job until he got elected at the age of 40. Now he owns 3 houses and pays 13.5% in taxes. So not only was he not a young person who worked too hard, he is also a rich person who doesnt do hos part. Despicable.

Yea, look at what it did to Reddit.

The Democrats are actually paying $hills to downvote posts here and like 60% is 100%.

He's technically correct. Memorizing a script is still preparing. Too bad she was smug and robotic.

I activate Jeb of Greed. Place one Jeb! counter on this card per standby phase. You may use two counters to draw one vote.

Not to mention having the questions in advance

Then failing because she came across asWAY to scripted

Bread and circus.

Trump literally helped me quash my gambling problem. Spent all day shitposting and lost interest in gambling altogether. The rush you get from shitposting and stumping cucks is better too.

Worldnews is the most shill subreddit on the site. Everyone knows politics is just a lobbying wing of the DNC. They don't even try and hide it. But Worldnews is supposed to be a news based sub and fiercely defends itself as one. Yet, without fail, every day an anti-trump hit piece from bastions of journalism like The independent and Huffing Paint will end up on the top of their front page. If you report it for US Politics or Internal News it gets ignored.

The two main news subs on reddit have a long and ignominious history. Slandering the name of a boy who killed himself and tormenting his family during the Boston bombing, censoring Islamic terror attacks, doxing victims and suspects, disclosing police movements during operations and hostage situations gained from watching streams and listening to police radio, and now the anti-Trump shill job.

Why are these subs not banned for breaking the TOS? Even worse they are not only allowed to break the rules, but they are defaults and their mods are close with reddit admins. When you start to see the mod/admin relationships on these shill subs you understand why reddit is a joke of a platform.

Well yeah... how can anyone apprehend Hillary for her crimes when we have a Russian Spy Hacker Racist Sexist KKK Neo-Nazi Fascist Totalitarian in the White House?

in the stone cold steven austin voice

You know who likes hockey? RUSSIANS.

How quickly they forget that a rapist got impeached and got to finish out his term. Why do they think a successful impeachment would be any different for a bulletproof president with no criminal activities to his name?

The Democrats are autistically screeching RUSSIA on the top of their lungs, and their approval rating are suffering! SAD!



I've never seen a leading figure actively trying their best to keep their campaign promises, I guess it shows how much you can accomplish without getting bribes from companies.

I wish my leader (Ireland/Enda Kenny) could do the same, instead he embarrasses himself and contradicts himself like crazy. I lost hope in my country

you should put that quote in the full context.. "but my side has more monsters than you.... and I will beat you with them again and again!"

Killer line about the EC, which they love to claim gave him the advantage. There are four put downs here in two short sentences lol!

At the end of the day, after all the arguments, after all the criticism, Trump won not Clinton. Pretty good to keep that in perspective.

Which is why he went on an "I'm sorry" tour.

Seriously my parents have been telling my whole life politics are important. My teenage angst towards the man created apathy towards the system. Now there is a real man in politics who is changing the whole landscape and NOW politics are apart of my everyday life. MAGA!!!

Yeah, but in comparison to Hillary? I'd take Bernie any day of the week.

bernie was a teacher and a carpenter and got into politics at 30.

She's a terrible manager.

Aaand I'm dying over here.

Fuck you, @jack.

Troof. Remember when the press was complaining that Bernie was keeping Hillarity from pivoting back to the center? They were admitting she was saying whatever worked. She ran as a left winger when competing against Bernie, then a centrist when Bernie was vanquished.

Excellent analysis.

I think you have to add in Malik's Brother in this though. He shot down Hillary's plan to put a no fly zone over Syria. He was generally against Hillary until Snowden outed Obama's most Transparent Administration in history as the biggest surveillance machine in US history. After Obama trapped Snowden in Russia, he and Hillary had a common enemy. Before that Obama seemed to be trying to reset US-Russia relations.

Mad. Mother fucking. Man.

UpTrump for you!

obama never intended to upset anything

First work day of the week. Gotta make Daddy Soros happy.

I know. And they attribute his words as being "thin-skinned". I see it as having a backbone.

Lost Bigly