Real Talk Biiiih.

Real Talk Biiiih.

Not saying the police don't have a problem with corruption and abuse of power, but even if they were completely honorable and full of integrity, people would still say fuck the police.

Anyone in the position of enforcing the rules is gonna catch some hate.

As opposed to beating your wives while popping percs and snorting dope?

Careful on that high horse, buddy, you might break your fucking neck.

Didn't you know that the fire department starts fires so that they will have a job? /s

Let's not forget that policemen are human beings like everyone else and therefore will make mistakes like everyone else. Sure, there's more than a few bad apples who abuse their position of power and they should be punished for it. But you can't expect the police to never do something wrong at all, just as no one is expecting you to never do something wrong


Hey nobody made a song call “Fuck billywilikens” either! I got that going for me

Fuck the dean’s office coming straight from the student center. Young student’s got it bad cuz I’m dumb.

Yeah, let’s stick with fuck the police.


Back in the day, fire departments were basically neighborhood gangs that would fight each other over who got to put out the fire. There would literally be two rival fire teams fighting in the streets while your house burned. Then they'd steal your shit.

Now if that shit still went down, well first it'd be kind of amazing, I'm sure there would be songs about them.

(Heard about that from a podcast called The Dollop.)



Jokes are supposed to be funny :\