"Reach for the sky, baby! Here, I'll show you how!"

Cat sees camera-person and decides not to go for the baby’s jugular as previously planned.

"Tiny Human, this is attack mode, not cute mode. Why you make it cute mode? Oh, ok, fine."

Want to kill - but people are watching

Playing it cool to ease suspicion

My border collie hates young children - she's not mean or anything, but she avoids them every chance she gets.

My sister brought our baby nephew over once. He started crawling away from the group, but it was a long hallway with closed doors so we weren't worried. My dog did not like it one bit. She ended up trotting over and laying down in front of him so he couldn't get any further from the herd.

She got a real good dinner that night.




Isn't it a crime to remove a cat's claws?

In some places, yes it is because it's amputating the cat's bones and that's inhumane. Cities have passed their own local laws making it illegal. Most major cities in California have banned it. New Jersey I think was the first state to ban it state-wide for wild cats. New York State had a bill in the Senate last May to make declawwing illegal for all felines. That's the extent of my knowledge, i just know basic stuff about it regarding the US, I have no doubt that other countries and local governments worldwide have also passed laws making it illegal.

I was thinking this is what a cat looks like right before it starts clawing away at another cat. I thought it was trying to fight the baby.

That is amazing! I love seeing pets with young children and babies. They almost act like older siblings or parents and become guardians for them. I always hope my pets will be this way if i ever have kids. The thought of it is just so heartwarming in itself.




Definitely move the baby they are about to be shredded

no it isn't??

I don't think so. I think it's horribly inhumane and cruel, but I don't think it's an actual crime...