Rat infestation spoils food, donated supplies never sent to Puerto Rico

Rat infestation spoils food, donated supplies never sent to Puerto Rico
Rat infestation spoils food, donated supplies never sent to Puerto Rico

Question..can Puerto Rico sue the company they made contract with? Since goods weren't delivered like agreed upon.

This is about Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Kissimmee, Florida.

NOT the story about FEMA contracting Tribute Contracting LLC (a one person company)

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If they can live and not eat the courthouse, I don't see why not.

but that varies state to state. Not even sure how that would apply country to country

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. They are United States citizens so it's the same country.

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There's a reason why 1 person handling such a complex task cannot be done. She absolutely failed to deliver and has a history of poor performance.

This is sad and frightening that FEMA can be so careless in not vetting or being prepared for disasters and nobody is going to realize how bad this is until it's affecting them. Our elected officials are out of touch with reality.

No, they should sue the president of Puerto Rico.

How is this still not coming knowledge?

I work in construction and sometimes do government work. The entire bidding system needs to be redone to avoid this. She won that contract because being a female owned minority run business holds more weight than a regular well qualified business. Also her claims of being suing by her vendors sound like she cut bad contracts. Government contracts usually have clauses saying they can be terminated at any time. Her previously voided contracts should have made her aware of that. Also, good luck in court. My company couldn’t even get the government’s attention after they approved a junk bond from a contractor that screwed over my company when he stopped paying us.

It’s a play on a past mistake by Trump where he addressed the “president of Puerto Rico” (and he wasn’t talking about himself).

What reality are you living in? Who do you think appointed the current director of FEMA?

EDIT: I forgot that he didn't even fill the position for FEMA director for 6 fucking months after he took office...

Hey, it's almost like the government being led by people who say government is bad is purposefully putting in unqualified people, letting them do whatever they want, then saying "SEE? GOVERNMENT SUCKS!!!!"

Not everyone on Reddit is American...

Ty for pointing out that this is a different story! Is this incompetence or on purpose, about the food? It almost feels like they want to fail on this, the level of incompetence is so astounding that it feels intentional

News like this reinforce my skepticism of donations these days. There's no way to know if things got pocketed or wasted.

I wanna believe this is a joke.

What he is saying is, the current executive branch officials have pretty much been chosen for their incompetency. The idea being that guys like you will shout, “haha, look, government doesn’t work!” Despite the massive amount of evidence to the contrary. There’s a reason states exist and it’s mostly for organizing huge things that affect everyone and for which there isn’t always going to be profit involved.

The problem is, if you put people that don’t care about a well run state, or in this case actively prefer a poorly run state to increase the cries for deregulation, you get absolute piss poor performance.

The vehicle is fine, the driver is unlicensed.

Yet there is a volunteer chef who has managed to get over 3 million meals to Puerto Ricans.

The rats appreciate your donation, thanks!

I guess part of the problem is that according to trump the whole thing is going 10/10.

Maybe if he had called it the emergency that it is it would have been handled better.

As a health economist in the public sector, I think you gravely underestimate the talents in most health systems teams. You get the left and right clamping on stupid constraints like preventing indemnity clauses or locking out healthy people because they miss a work requirement (and reducing our bargaining power as we expand networks, raising costs across the board), all the while demanding we use in-state businesses and pay them at the 80th percentile for heir services.

It’s not that the govt sucks, it’s that we have to suffer from a bipolar political environment. Give me two seconds and a baseball bat and I can fix health care in my State and sell the model eastward.

I assure you, the threshold to qualify to bid on work is very low. She absolutely gets alot of “points” for being a W/MBE (women/minority owned business enterprise). Her office is most likely in a HUD zone too which is another big winner. If you government contracts, any of those three are HUGE pluses. The real red flag is that after multiple voided contracts for no performance she is still allowed to bid. As she was most likely the lowest bidder, FEMA’s bid officers certainly dropped the ball on vetting her qualifications.

This is pretty basic stuff. I'm surprised you didn't already know about it, but I guess not everyone is familiar with contract bidding.


FEMA can be vetted, if the appointed officials in power are competent then the people understand that is a primary issue. However if the people appointed are corrupt, then corruption will trickle down.

Wow! Didn’t see this coming! Just joking I did and so did everyone else who brought up the fact that it was a single person company when it was first announced

Trump on twitter: Millions of meals donated to animals in need #peta

I imagine this is probably just an example of why they say it's better to donate money (to legitimate centers) and let them handle the purchasing and logistics. In this case, it sounds like they didn't have the money to send the donations, so they just sat in their warehouse.

There's not a snowball's chance in hell that nobody else bid on a FEMA contract this big. That only happens with contracts like the one Whitefish took on from PREPA that weren't guaranteed funding by the Fed.

Thanks, Trump.