r/art said no, any love for a good boy Snoopy here? Acrylic on Canvas

r/art said no, any love for a good boy Snoopy here? Acrylic on Canvas

Artist here. OP, take a better shot of it. It looks like it was shot at night with an overhead 60 watt bulb, taken the moment you felt like you were finished. If you get into art more, your paintings will look 100% better shot in daylight. It will indicate you're serious about your art because you care enough to take the trouble to show it off properly. Not even though you paint Snoopy in a Van Gogh style, but because you do this.

Use a good camera, not just a cell phone. With a tripod. Take dozens of shots. Hang your painting level and flat on a wall between two sun-facing windows for best lighting, or next to one sun-facing window if you don't have two. Wait for the sun to be the brightest. I usually shoot on sunny days between 10 am and 2 pm. Shoot the wall itself, with your painting centered. Zoom in if you wish, but take shots between each press of the zoom button. Getting the painting as close to all 4 corners being 90 degrees will be the biggest challenge.

Upload your images. Choose the best. Crop the wall out. Play with the light values a bit, but don't go overboard. Save a copy in high resolution and one in low resolution. Copy the low res file and watermark the copy. Snoopy is fun today but bitches steal shit on the internet, you know.

/sub/art of full of snobs, anybody who classifies works as set or not art struggles to understand the concept of art altogether.

I appreciate all the advice, thank you for taking the time to help me :)

Thank you so much. I just started painting 4 months ago and this was one of my first pieces. I have become better and I am trying to redo it with more texture. Thanks for the encouragement, you are so sweet!

Great work. This is Artworthy. I love it. Art is art . Pop culture is art .. pretty snobby of them

Thank you!

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