Rapper Logic released a song titled 1-800-273-8255 and it increased suicide prevention calls by 50%.

Rapper Logic released a song titled 1-800-273-8255 and it increased suicide prevention calls by 50%.
Rapper Logic released a song titled 1-800-273-8255 and it increased suicide prevention calls by 50%.

Are those actual people who were seeking help with suicide or people who saw the song and wondered who would answer?

Either way it's great publicity for suicide prevention.

In an interview with Genius, Logic said:

So the first hook and verse is from the perspective of someone who is calling the hotline and they want to commit suicide. They want to kill themselves. They want to end their life. When I jumped on a tour bus that started in Los Angeles, California and I ended in New York City and did a fan tour where I went to fan's houses and shared meals with them, hung out with them, played them my album before it came out. Them along with other people on tour, just fans that I met randomly, they’ve said things like, "Your music has saved my life. You've saved my life." And I was always like, "Aw so nice of you. Thanks." And I give them a hug and shit but in my mind, I'm like, "What the fuck?" And they're really serious. And they tat shit on their arms and get shit like lyrics that save their life and in my mind, I was like, "Man I wasn't even trying to save nobody's life." And then it hit me, the power that I have as an artist with a voice. I wasn't even trying to save your life. Now what can happen if I actually did?.[4]

Pretty cool, from the wikipedia entry.

It's that bad of a song huh?

Honestly the vast majority are probably just people who were curious... the "867-5309/Jenny" phenomenon.. but even if just one/a few suicidal people legitimately called due hearing the song it already makes it a success.

Also, the song is all about spreading awareness so while the majority of people may not need the number at the moment they are now aware of it should they need it in the future

Damn, that guy picked the right stage-name.

But I feel like fielding a ton of unnecessary calls could be harmful too. Similar to why 911 treats prank calls super seriously

Edit: 911 not 9/11 I'm too tired

insensitive, but humorous. i like it

I've battled depression and suicidal ideations in the past, and recently some suicidal thoughts have been coming back. When I heard this song, I completely broke down, and it made me realize that not only am I not alone with my feelings, but also that not everyone who has the same feelings as myself live to see the next day. After hearing his song, I thought about calling the number, but with the type of person that I am, I just didn't feel comfortable doing it. It's a powerful song, and I just pray to make it through these tough times again

I think OPs saying that he thinks logically hence his stage name, Logic.

The video was nice as well

911 and 9/11 are vastly different things

That's why the rest of the world writes 11/9

But why male models?

Logic sure knows how to make something of his music instead of just money.

Go on

I met him doing security in college about five years ago. very nice guy.

because we are logical and go by dd/mm/yy you know..from smallest to largest.

instead of your weird mm/dd/yy .

what next? you gonna count your age in hours"?


If you haven't seen it check out the end of his VMA performance. Starts at 3:50 - it's very moving.

What do you mean? I don't follow.

He thought, I never tried to save peoples lives and I did, what would happen if I tried to save lives? Presumably he would save more, thus he made the song.

Keep your head up, you can do it. You aren't alone.

Who can relate!?

The video was phenomenal.


This shit is deeper than money

Kind of like that song 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone.

The song caused a fad of people dialing 867-5309 and asking for "Jenny".

The song, released in late 1981, initially gained popularity on the American West Coast in January 1982; many who had the number soon abandoned it because of unwanted calls.

"When we'd first get calls at 2 or 3 in the morning, my husband would answer the phone. He can't hear too well. They'd ask for Jenny, and he'd say 'Jimmy doesn't live here any more.' (...) Tommy Tutone was the one who had the record. I'd like to get hold of his neck and choke him."

— Mrs. Lorene Burns, an Alabama householder formerly at +1-205-867-5309; she changed her number in 1982.

Who can relate? WOOH!!

Something i'd be so scared of if I was an influencer or artist, it's such a huge responsibility. This is a really sweet quote.

Are you serious? I just. I just told you that a moment ago

I'm ~148,920 hours old

Pardon my mistake i am not used to this system.

That's the theme of Reddit.

I think the song is great and has a very solid message but that ad lib made it feel so corny.

fuck dude lol

To clear up all the confusion I vote we switch the emergency number to 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3

This is a great song, but something about the way logic yells "WHO CAN RELATE? WHOO!!" In the middle of a sad chorus about wanting to die Is incredibly weird to me.

My experience over the last week has been 100% people calling needing support. That doesn't mean some folks aren't testing the lines but I haven't seen an increase in that behavior. It's cool that more people are calling and we always need more volunteers, if you've considered volunteering but been on the fence about now is as good a time as ever. :)


Don't forget to check out his VMA performance of this and his music video, both are SO powerful and amazing!!

Actually they aren't very different at all, the number 911 was made as the us emergency number only after the events of 9/11. Even if you tell Siri the date 9/11, Siri will call emergency services

Awesome in just a few minutes you will get to celebrate your 148,921th birthday!

Logic, one of the most hippity hoppity of the rapport rappers of the new era. Wrote a conceptual album detailing his fight for equality. Included was his song 1-800-273-8255 that detailed the story of a suicidal homosexual coloured boy, who was going to take his own life due to bullying. The song is a conversation between the boy and the operater. The kid eventually says that he no longer wants to take his own life, thus proving the point of the story.

TL:DR ; Suicide benefits nobody, if you want to talk, send me a message,

Yeah, but we didn't know that you were a security guy, that was really shocking, for all of us

I didn't know he was a security guard before

Damn dude. I tried so hard to cry when I heard it, but I've just become so numb it's hard to. Congratulations on crying after it though (that's sounds odd to anyone who doesn't understand LMAO). Best of luck!

I used to volunteer on a suicide prevention line. We'd get pranked mercilessly. Nothing more difficult than trying to help someone you think is hurting and they're just trolling, makes you then question every call. Caused plenty to quit.

then the troll has won.

Bro listen to his older albums. Under Pressure is a fucking masterpiece. His live shows are absolutely mental too, the guy only cares about his fans and making sure they have a good time. He constantly stops to thank everyone involved. He is a great person and role model.

Gang Related, Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story are amazing songs.

Not sure if you're making a joke, but I meant that I did security for him when he came to my college around 2011.

Deeper than money

That's not the lyric tho.

"I've been on the low I've been taking my time I feel like I'm out of my mind I feel like my life ain't mine Who can relate?"

Imo, It's more of a general, "I'm kinda depressed and out of it. Anyone else feel like that?" not "I wanna die, ANYBODY ELSE WANNA JOIN ME!?". Then the song progresses and goes into how much worse he actually feels. The woo is kinda out of place and weird considering the subject manner, I'll admit, but I guess it might be bringing some levity to an otherwise sad sounding chorus.

I was like, "Man I wasn't even trying to save nobody's life." And then it hit me, the power that I have as an artist with a voice. I wasn't even trying to save your life.

Justin Pierre has the same 'Holy shit' moment in an interview.

Some music can really be people's saving grace. Motion City Soundtrack was mine for quite a few moments.

Never heard of this before. Got to listen.

Edit: so I listened to it and cried.

Logic, a rapper hailing from Maryland, never truly intended to save fellow humans lives, but when he found himself publishing music for the world to hear and growing his fanbase, he found that his music was inadvertently saving lives. This inspired the successful young rapper to write a song that would hopefully save more lives as its intended purpose.

Deeper than your money, my money, their money, everybody money

To each his own. My heart wrenched at that line but you know that's just me. In my mind a voice called out and said "right here dude. right here."

Thank you for that. Hadn't watched it.

Shit gave me chills

That's part of the reason steve from blues clues quit. He was getting requests to meet him from kids in the Make a Wish Foundation, and he's like damn I'm just a regular guy.

It's a pretty bad song and it sounds like someone talking about suicidal feelings with out going through them

So I'm not the only one who cringes at that part. Great song overall, but that part could be without lol

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I actually didn't know who Logic was before - I've seen the song name (the hotline number) on the radio before, but didn't give it much of a listen. His performance and his little rap/speech at the end really was well said and beautiful that I feel like everyone could appreciate it right now, especially with everything going on.

Fantastic song. Emotional as hell but worth it.

Did someone email about a fire?

Birthminute actually (the hour you are born only occurs once a day, so birthhour would be every day, not every hour)

thank god somebody else pointed that out. when i first listened to this song during a listen of Everybody, that line felt so out of place it hurt. it makes zero sense to be there.

"i just wanna dieeee" "WHO CAN RELATE? WOOOO"

You're a killing machine derrick

The entire Everybody album is rapped from different perspectives. Give it a listen from start to finish. Also Neil deGrasse Tyson is God on the album.

Yayyy so used to reddit shitting on logic. This is great!

Can't tell if trolling or just stupid

God, that sounds like a horrible job. Every call you get is either a person who wants to kill themselves or somebody playing a joke at your expense. I'm sure there's some gratification in helping people but that sounds like it would make me need to call the hotline.

Same. He's trying to get people to admit, out loud, that they can relate. For some, it's the first time admitting to the world that they do relate to these thoughts/feelings. Also, it shows them that there are many others out there thinking/feeling the same way.

Hey just wanted to say that I really appreciate you giving your time to help people

How can you say that? Isn't the whole point of the mental health awareness movement that it can be affecting anyone, and often you can't tell how serious what someone is going through is until its too late?

It actually feels insulting lol. It makes the whole thing feel fake like he literally is just trying to appeal to suicidal people, not simply express himself. I'm sure that's not really the case but damn.

The "who can relate? WHOOOO" At the start of the song ruins it for me.

this entire comment chain is like a carbon copy of the one from the same post i read a couple days ago.

Drives me fucking insane every time I hear it.

Ahahahahahha damn man

God that has got to be one of the cringiest lines I've ever heard a rapper say.

Thank you. I feel like the ppl who cringe have no personal experience. Once you fully realize that you or someone close to you is experiencing it, you don't really care how cliche the message around it might be. #IMO

That's balding. His balding had a good amount to do with his leaving as well. He thought kids would find that weird

Go off

I've been there once. The numb feeling. I know exactly what you mean.

A while back I remember being with some friends and something happened that made them all cry and I just felt nothing. It's hard to explain because to some it may be like "maybe something like that doesn't affect you?" but that's not and wasn't the case because I'm actually super emotional and that particular thing I know would affect me immensely. I cry at every little thing (now). I went through many dangerous situations and didn't even feel fear. Not even as a natural instinct if that makes sense.

The feeling of nothing was so fucking strange and alien. It was a lack of every emotion. I couldn't feel anything. Scariest was the lack of fear which was dangerous as fuck but ofc I didn't care about that either. I was experiencing severe depersonalisation too which I wonder if those two correlate. It felt like I was watching my life as a spectator.

Hopefully this passes for you. Sometimes I think it was the best thing that ever happened to me and that it was one of the most peaceful moments of my life.

If you haven't watched the music video, you should definitely check it out.

All I know is he can do a Rubik's cube and rap at the same time.

the "WHO CAN RELATE, WHOO" ad-lib seems like a bit of sugarcoating

I don't normally watch these music shows anymore but it happened to be playing on the channel so I watched and I have to say Logic's speech and the performance was absolutely the highlight and most genuine part about that award show. I missed the last 25 mins. but what I saw there was moving. Wasn't expecting that at all.

I'm reading comments here that people think the lyrics are stupid but for someone who has battled severe depression, some of those lyrics really hit to the core. And it's probabaly not even the ones you'd expect.

I'm kind of rambling now but I just want to say I have a lot of respect for him because he's right...despite it being talked about more, mental illness is still not a subject that is talked about openly unless (usually it seems) after we here about a tragedy happening...then you will see a brief uptick and then back down again.

I think the biggest myth I wished we could dispell is that if you suffer from any kind of M.I., that this makes you weird in some way and that if you seek out help, that by doing so, is a bad/taboo thing to do. It's not true. It can happen to anyone, at any time. And you're not weird for it.

This is especially a huge issue in minority groups (but not exclusive) where mental illness is stigmatized ...though I personally feel like it is stigmatized everywhere.

Just know that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks...if these lyrics speak to you and you're feeling this way..know you are definitely not alone but there are people who care and please call if you want to talk.

Edit: felt like sharing u/elpyromanico 's comment here I saw in a different thread the other day. Hope he/she doesn't mind...

please seek help if you are feeling suicidal. I stumbled across a comment that helped me; I share it whenever possible:

if you need someone to talk to no matter where you are there is always someone there. Don't ever feel like you are alone.


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•Canada - Greater Vancouver: 604-872-3311

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•Canada - TTY: 1-866-872-0113

•Canada - BC-wide: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

•Canada - http://www.suicide.org/hotlines/international/canada-suicide-hotlines.html

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Safety Plan Apps

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Not a terrible song but definitely nowhere close to Logic's best tracks imo

I think he means only for 9/11

It's a pretty bad song

Tbh I really like it, but mostly because of Alessia Cara's feature in it. Definitely wouldn't be as good without her.

Here 'tis

It's because the song is about living. Not dying. At its core it's about wanting to be alive after everything is said and done. If you think about it that way it sounds exactly how it's supposed to, IMO.

So, what's it like to have 168 celebrations a week?

"I'm poor, destitute, obese and I haven't gotten any sleep, because I have to stay up all the time and buy so much cake" c( T-T )ↄ

Go on

I always thought it was likely the chosen date because it was the 10th anniversary of Bush's New World Order speech where he outlined what would be a persistent US military presence in the Persian Gulf in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

I actually thought she was the worst part, she sounded country

Good bot

That cut scene to the wedding. Someone chopping onions in the office?