Rampage Jackson not enthused about potential fight with Chael Sonnen

Rampage Jackson not enthused about potential fight with Chael Sonnen

Days since rampage has complained: 0

He straight up said he doesn't want to fight any wrestler because they'll just "hump his leg". So that's like half of the field immediately out... just let him bang bro.

Why the fuck is Rampage even in MMA? He's been complaining about wrestlers for like 10 years now. Someone should probably tell him there is another combat sport that only involves throwing punches.

I hope they fight just for the buildup. Rampage and Chael are the best talkers out of the bunch

“Fedor is my favorite fighter of all time,” Jackson said. “Fedor is my favorite fighter, so that would be an awkward matchup if i had to fight him, fighting your favorite fighter of all-time. A tournament is a tournament. I would never sign a deal where I had to fight Fedor unless I was being paid like $10 million. For $10 million, I’ll fight my mama. If it’s a tournament, that’s the only way.”

"It's respectful. Say it with me, Rampage. 'Mr. Sonnen.' Please. Respectfully, please. Try it one time."

"Shieeeeeeeet. Suck deez nuts"

For real. It's in the damn title, MIXED Martial Arts.

Guess it's because he thinks he needs to be able to slam his opponent.

Rampage doesn't need to learn shit at this point in his career... he's a draw and if he wants to fight hitters then they should let him. Dude is a legend of the sport trying to cash some checks in his twilight years I don't blame him at all

I was hoping for the same thing

I don't remember Rampage bitching about wrestling when he wanted NOTHING to do w/ Igor Vovchanchyn standing up.. or when he fought Wanderlei and came straight out w/ a double leg takedown basically.

Rampage needs to stop complaining so much and focus on training.

my brain says no, but my heart says Rory Heavyweight tournament Champion

That means we'll get Chael vs Replacement Rory.

I agree but I think it's partly because his knees are fucked-up too.

Rampage isn’t going to make this event. Calling it now

I don’t dislike Rampage half as much as everyone else seems to because whether or not you like him or whatever you think about his decline, he is a legend of this sport. However, his fights have not been exciting, against a wrestler or not, for a long time.

Why the fuck is Rampage even in MMA?

Because he probably dropped out of community college and was good at punching people in the late 90's.

Love the respect Fedor gets from fighters

GSP has skin of tissue paper

Think it's because he wants to create exciting fights and can't do that off his back

Put them on opposite sides of the bracket, have them meet in the finals. Boom.

Rampage might not win his fight there. Shit, they both might not.

As retarded as he is, even he realized he wasn't good enough for boxing or kickboxing even in his prime.


I wouldn't want to fight an undefeated & undisputed goat either.

I don't really like Chael's chances against anyone. Even though Rampage is shot at least he's still got a chin and heavy hands so he's got a chance. Chael is too damn small, the few guys he can take down will submit him, and the ones he can't will KO him.

Days since Rampage was enthused by a fight: I don’t know, I lost count somewhere around 2011

He was fangirling his face off when Fedor fought Randleman and Rampage guested the booth. Basically described him as a father-like figure.

Rampage has always complained like a Brazilian in a USADA waiting room, but it seems like he's reached a point in his career where he just wants so called "superfights" or hand picked matchups for his last few fights.

them, rather than a couple of out of breath dudes trying to make it through 15 minutes.

Those first two minutes though.

I want Rampage vs. Nelson

He wishes they were female reporters then he would be humping their legs!

Please. Not again.