Raised-Relief Map of Western Europe (With a touch of North Africa)

Raised-Relief Map of Western Europe (With a touch of North Africa)

Sorry but this map is clearly wrong. We have a huge mountain called Himmelbjerget in Denmark, easily one of the biggest mountains in Europe, yet here the country is completely flat? It's obvious someone has an agenda.

Netherlands and Denmark are just painted on.

It's fucking 147m high x)

we're just the sea weed on the northern coast of germany and france

We have a huge mountain called Himmelbjerget in Denmark

The fact that you call it "Sky Mountain" is funny as fuck.

Deventer also has a small bump in the road.

The highest point on the Dutch island of Texel is called the Hoge Berg (high mountain). It's 15 meters tall.

A raised-relief map of central/eastern Europe (with a touch of Turkey ;) )


You reached the low countries when a sand dune can hold the record of the highest point.

Here's the high resolution version: http://i.imgur.com/C1cYltU.jpg

Here's the high resolution version:

WOW that must be a mountain. Our highest point is a sand dune on a island with +24.4m, highest point inland is anohter dune with +18.5m

Yeah we have a huge mountain in Limburg NL, one of the tallest in NL, and they just show us as flat? :P

I like it, but I am not so sure about the depiction of the Iberian Peninsula as a some sort of desert wasteland.

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It's actually a map from 50 years in the future.

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Did someone say alcohol?

While now in summer it is not very green, it certainly isn't a white, sandy desert. Source: this was taken yesterday.

Are you reddit Jesus?

We have over 300 sunny days per year, sometimes I even forget the sky can be a different color from blue.


Ahh, the glorious Roman Empire!

Okay, I gotta ask, does Portugal have some kind of anti-cloud defense system? I mean, what's up with that?

When I moved to Maastricht I followed a guided tour. The tour guide said, if she speaks with Dutch, she is speaking of mountains, if she speaks with Germans she speaks of hills.

What is 'raised relief' that OP is talking about?

I figured there could be a bigger version, so I right-clicked the image in Chrome and hit "Search Google for this image". It brings up a page with "Find other sizes of this image: All sizes - Medium - Large" and I clicked Large. This is a really amazing feature of Google, it tracks images and knows which are scaled versions of each other.

Hey we have a hill in Limburg that's like 80m.

The Vaalserberg is 322 meters.

Still not quite a mountain, but its something

For you guys, it's like a depression map only it's in the other direction.

I'll be going there in August!

Will I need any sort of special breathing apparatus, or climbing gear for the ascent?

Should I inform someone before I leave in case the weather turns bad and I get stuck on the summit?

Finnish actually. And they seek solace in alcohol.

Himmelbjerget "huge"

Ah you danish make the best jokes.

Greeting from the hilly Black Forest.

Greece looks like an uninhabitable rocky wasteland.

I actually think depressions are more of a Danish thing.

You are the first person I have seen with that flag, so may I ask if they actually speak Frysk in East Friesland?

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Why are we not flooded then? :p

the good news is, you can do it yourself! step 1: choose a 3D modeling package. Blender is free. Cinema4D has a plugin dedicated to this. step 2: aquire a heightmap. DEM data is what you're looking for. you could even google "europe heightmap step 3: render that shizniz.

the technique is the same, but terminology can vary between software. in the end, you use a heightmap to generate 3D geometry. i actually do the same, using custom generated terrain instead of real world geometry

Oh yeah? Behold the mighty Vaalserberg!

That's what raised relief means

Spain and Italy are thicc

Hey, we also have a mountains here. We have a mountain called "Mount Heaven", which is a towering 147 meters above sea level. And a another one called "Mill High", which is an impressive 170 meters above sea level

They speak Frisian (Frysk) in a small town called Saterland. Apart from that it isn't spoken anymore in East Frisia (Ostfriesland). But there's also an area called North Frisia (Nordfriesland) in Schleswig-Holstein where they speak Frisian.

I am very much aware of that fact.

He got downvoted for our sins

Ha you wish.

Saterfriesisch: Die Wänt strookede dät Wucht uum ju Keeuwe un oapede hier ap do Sooken.

Nordfriesisch (Mooring): Di dreng aide dåt foomen am dåt kan än mäket har aw da siike.

Westfriesisch: De jonge streake it famke om it kin en tute har op 'e wangen.

Ostfriesisches Platt: De Jung straaktde dat Wicht um't Kinn to un tuutjede hör up de Wangen.

Niederdeutsch: De Jong strakel de Deern üm't Kinn un küss ehr up de Wangen.

Niederländisch : De jongen streelde het meisje over haar kin en kuste haar op haar wangen.

Niedersächsisch (Niederlande): De jonge strek 't dearntje um de kinne en gaf heur een smok

Ostfälisch (Niedersachsen): De Jung strakele de Deern umt Kinn un gaww öhr een Säuten up de Wangen.

Hochdeutsch: Der Junge streichelte dem Mädchen ums Kinn und küsste es auf die Wangen.

Englisch: The boy stroked the girl around the chin and kissed her on the cheeks.

From the https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saterfriesische_Sprache (German) you can find some books

To make it more complicated even one Town 20km from another may speak/write some words differently

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The difference between northerners and southerners.

It looks like a Civ V map.

Could we have a version of Scandinavia?

The author took 3D spatial data from a NASA and then re-scaled the z axis to exaggerate the relief. I'm not sure exactly what software was used, sorry :/

No. The highest point in NL is actually in the Carribean.

Really hard to defeat an enemy that won't exist for a few hundred years.

how/where do you get these pictures ?

Alcoholism, another list where you're above us...

Like always: dikes and windmills steam-powered pumps!

Did Norway steal all the mountains from Sweden and Finland or what?

We've got Saba, a Caribbean island with an 887m (2,910 ft) volcano.

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We must live in totally different places. We have about 9 months of winter where the sky is never blue.

Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

Not even the romans were able to civilize you guys

Are we seriously talking about the same country? I live up North. We have consecutive months of rain. The sky is never blue. Temperatures usually range from 5°C to -3°C where I live in December/January. It's not exactly Alaska, but it's winter alright

It is pretty extreme. The 100 highest peaks in the Scandinavian Mountain Range are all in Norway.

It's even flatter


You should write out your will and sort out your estate before you go, you might want to call suicide prevention before you go to ad climbing this dune is suicide, not one soul has made it half way up and come down to tell the tale.

Reminds me a bit about the crusader kings 2 opening map.

I can confirm that in Denmark the earth is flat.

That's like typical Danish humour, though. Understated and snarky as fuck.

Question: The scale of this map is not correct, right? What I mean is that the mountains appear way too high. Or am I wrong?

Spain The Iberian peninsula has lots of vegetation, it's just that it's addapted for our climate, so it all kinda dries up in the summer, but it's very green in the winter. Here you have a satellite image in winter and summer.

Spain The Iberian peninsula has lots of vegetation, it's just that it's addapted for our climate, so it all kinda dries up in the summer, but it's very green in the winter. Here you have a satellite image in and summer.

Oh my, I'm shivering just by watching it.

We call them windshield for a reason

Slight political/geographic cheating, but I'll take it nonetheless.

I hoped there would be a website where you could select a place and it would render it for you

That "mountain" is actually just a hill.

How can Denmark be flat if our eyes aren't?

...and they own like a third of it. Way to go, Dutch people

I'm sorry, did you say above sea level? How? Where are your dikes and dunes to stop the floods? ;)

The name of the guy who made them is Anton Balazh and you can get most of his maps here, https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Anton+Balazh.

Cause you guys are the best water engineers in the whole fucking world

Well good. I don't like mountains. They're coarse and rough and irritating...

With exaggerated relief Spain, Portugal, and France have no flat land at all. And the Italian Po-valley is about as flat as the Netherlands (which is clearly not entirely flat, the Veluwe area is hilly).

It's also nice to see how expansive the Norwegian relief is. Driving in the Alps has some fun parts, but you stick mostly to long valleys. Driving in Norway is like a vast region of only interesting & fun parts :D

Here you go my friend


That's the author's shutterstock. It is all royalty free afaik

Hey I broke a sweat climbing a hill near Maastricht once. Sint Pieter I think it was. Took me at least ten minutes.

northern italy too

I think they should at least give us some holes for our polders. Nobody cares about mountains, polders is what it's all about!

You didn't realise how mountainous those two mountain chains are?

Many have passed away trying.. you sure you are willing to risk your life for this??

What a beautiful sight...! I'm almost tearing up. (And no, I'm not kidding..)


Victoria 3 confirmed?

Follow-up: is the Frisian spoken in Germany (in Oost/Nord Friesland) and the Netherlands mostly mutually intelligible?

Fixed https://imgur.com/gallery/Y7zZy

The church in Holland banned depictions of the Alps as superstitious blasphemy

gib island pls

No, it is not the case in this image. This is a single acquisition by the MODIS instrument aboard NASA Aqua satellite, taken yesterday at 13:15 UTC. Here's the raw data.

Where the fuck do you live? Most of Portugal doesnt even have winter.

You should play Rome:Total War. Takes forever to move troops by land across the peninsula. Much quicker by sea.

So northern interior? Can you name the region you live in?

I live in the capital and I agree with the other guy. Mostly sunny all year round with the exception of a full week here and there when it's just grey and rainy all week long.

300 days/year with a blue sky might be a bit of an overstatement but I feel like Lisboa is close to that, actually. It gets pretty cold in the winter, though. Just not very cloudy.

Vicky 3 really is starting to become like Half-Life 3 at this point

I didn't realise just how mountainous the Pyrenees and Alps are. Makes Hannibals crossing all the more impressive.

Also, glad to see Guernsey on a map of Europe!

Edit: Oh I see it's an exaggerated relief. I should have read the title I'm an idiot