Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine

When I was little I thought he meant sea shells not gun ammo....ugh naive Mormon boys

From what I gather, it's a reference to the fact that very often, the politicians that strongly endorse 'family values' are the same ones that are war obsessed.

Bulls on Parade

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I never really thought about it as anything other than seashells until I read your comment...

Guerilla Radio

"What are they doing with sea shells in their pocket? Pshhh." - Me about 10 years ago


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Turn That Shit Up

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Vin Diesel... Bitch...

Or if you're into D&D, pocket full of spells.

The lyrics are a commentary on destructive nature of war.

"Weopons not food, not homes, not shoes, not need, just feed the war - cannibal animal..."

It means either the military occupies foreign countries, effectively surrounding families while armed. Or it's a call to protect one's own family at all costs.

That's the beauty of art, it is open to interpretation.

Edit: I like the above interpretation even better. Deeper, more politically focused. Much more in line with the RAtM message; subtle and poignant. Nice work OP. Thanks for the new perspective.

Does anyone know that that's supposed to mean? Is someone shooting their family?

Thank you. I've been wondering about that for a couple decades.

Dude you Schruted that one.

What's the exchange rate between shells as Shrewt bucks?

That's just adorable! You must've been so cute and innocent. :)

I thought he was saying "shelves" and that it was slang for some type of drugs. I feel dumb.


I bet you're fun at parties.