Racist Trump supporter sighted as reported by antifa

Racist Trump supporter sighted as reported by antifa

For those who don't get it, a fox news interview with a troll said the horse an antifa member stabbed in the neck was a racist trump supporter.

EDIT: Wow a sticky! Thanks guys.

laughing my ass off cause i saw the interview

It was a troll but Waters thought he was a real Antifa member.

Was it a troll or an actual Antifa fag?


That's no Trump supporter! That's Chelsea Clinton!

BG Kumbi = Master troll 9000


What a white fucking mare.

Yup can't cuck the Truck but you still can muddy the Watters.

So he got Tullipso'd, but successfully this time?

She's a donkey. This magnificent creature is far more beautiful than she will ever be.

Lol he has a framed picture of Karl Marx in frame and actually said "Drumpf administration." A++++ IRL shitpost.

Fox got trolled


The world's greatest troll is friends with PewDiePie.

Better link: https://www.youtube.com/user/BGKumbi

Yea, Tucker vets his guests better than Watters. /sub/redacted will try to slander us with this video but they don't realize that we don't care about Fox News. We are media now!

That guy was trolling I'm pretty sure.

...at least I hope he was. Sad that we can't tell the difference at this point, isn't it?

I think people here realize it's a troll. But now it has become a meme.

CNN playing in the background too. Brilliant.

"Already punched my first Nazi today too. I was just at the hospital and there was this bald guy, you know, a skinhead, lurking around the cancer ward -- I sucker punched him and then I ran away as fast as I could before he could retaliate -- and now, I'm a freakin' hero."


both links are down. YouTube removing shit again?

Come on guys. Stop falling for this obvious fake news. The kid in the interview is not a real Antifa goon. He is YouTube comedian/troll BGKumbi. Go check out his YouTube channel. I don't know if Fox was in on the joke or not. Either way we need to stop acting like this is an actual Antifa spokesman. Because it's not. Although their sentiments are most likely not too far off from the character being portrayed here by BGKumbi. We can't accuse the left of falling for fake news only to get caught up in our own. We're better than that.

yeah that was Karl Marx. Dude, I thought it was real, until you guys showed me. So thanks. I like Watters, but dude, that is hilarious.

Lmao he is a mainstream troll now😂 he had Karl Marx photo behind him I thing


No, it is reddit. The YouTube channel is still up.

At this point, what difference does it make?

BG Kumbi is an epic troll btw - he made both sides look stupid here and I have to give it to him, well played.

It was a troll interview, making it even funnier.


Trolls are media now!


He really was trolling. Check him out in this video

He was the Grand Wizard of Antifa. Global Leader....

If you don't believe this, please just keep spreading that he is the leader of antifa... will really piss them off. :)


Fox News needs an internet nerd on its staff that understands all the trolls and youtube characters. They don't understand the modern internet. BG Kumbi is a known YouTube troll. He even was on PewDiePie. Putting him on is unacceptable.

Waters is still a noobie, give him time.

Looks like another white supremacist to me.

That's the thing, he used the same arguments these people actually make:

Right wingers infiltrated us and want to make us look bad

Sucker punch people and run away

Tools of the police

Racist Trump administration

etc. etc. That is what makes it so great.

Well, to be fair, this beautiful creature is obviously high energy and probably would not want to be forced share its oats, corn or hay with lazy horses....perhaps it really is a secret Trump supporter.

Fox News BTFO by BG Kumbi 🤣

Fox News took the bait. You can't attack trolls, you just learn to dance with them. Dark humor is a sign of intelligence.


Ah, thanks pede.

It's even funnier if you think about the fact that leftists actually use the exact same arguments and do the exact same!

All mainstream news is fake. They just want to sell commercials. I laugh when people in other subs try to throw Fox news back at me when I'm trashing other news agencies. Fox (for the most part) is garbage as well.

YouTube shenanigans confirmed. Tried searching on youtube, found the channel, clicked on the channel name, error...

BG Kumbi is an internet troll. Fox News didn't vet its guest properly. They should give me a job because they are clueless on internet troll culture.

Fox is fake news.