'Racist Anthem' spray painted on 106-year-old Francis Scott Key statue in Baltimore

'Racist Anthem' spray painted on 106-year-old Francis Scott Key statue in Baltimore
'Racist Anthem' spray painted on 106-year-old Francis Scott Key statue in Baltimore


The single, biggest issue in Baltimore is a statue of Francis Scott Key.

I'm confused. Francis Scott Key is a slave owner but fought for the rights for slaves, allowed his own slaves freedom, and was called "The n***er lawyer" for standing up for them in court yet he was anti-abolishment?

It's almost as if the Anthem was written back when slavery was a normal part of life, and merely mentioning it in a song doesn't give evidence that the individual supported nor decried it.

But hey, let's vandalize statues while the city tops 300 murders per year.

ITT: Redditors defending the vandalism by quoting a verse of the song they've never heard of until they read another redditor quoting it in this thread.

He's a white male.

did you think removing statues would stop at confederates?

Jesus Christ am I tired of these assholes.

Trump says "what's next, statues of Washington, Jefferson, etc?" Then people go out and make his comments come true, which validates the self-created fear. It's almost like people just went and took the bait without thinking of if it was a good idea or not....

And that is today's lesson on how to not get people to side with your "cause."

He's the Key to all the town's problems.

TIL the Star Spangled Banner contains a reference to slaves.

Its a song about a fort getting bombarded by an overwhelmingly superior force and the defenders holding out against all odds.....

That third stanza that nobody knows about except afrocentrists sure is holding down all the people of color.

No I never wanted those removed in the first place because I knew this would happen.

Uh oh and the biggest one for UVA college was the Tomas Jefferson statue how dare they have a founding father of the school on campus.

It's Baltimore, that statue is the least if their problems.

Any asshole that has to inject identity politics into every little nook and cranny of our society.

Nobody learns the full star spangled banner. We only learn the first stanza.

But the third one has references to blacks/slaves.

"No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:"


During the war of 1812, the sneaky and opportunistic british offered freedom to black slaves if they fought for the british and many did.


So the passage is about the "traitorous" slaves that fought for the british and got what was coming to them. It's a lot of bravado, but naturally, a lot of blacks find it offensive.

Eventually, the british lost the war of 1812 ( though they claim it was a tie and "burned" down the white house bullshit ) abandoned the black soldiers in florida. The remnants of these soldiers and a lot of other ex-slaves and the seminoles banded together for a bit but were "invaded" by the US army.


they don't know how to not blame others for their own problems

These people want our identity of a nation gone so they can enforce their socialist utopia. If you actually think this comment is about confederate statues you are clearly stupid.

Ironically, those slaves would be considered traitors. Applying the confederate standard to them, we shouldn't really give a shit what they want.

Snopes, the epitome of an unbiased source.

Oh noes! Someone mentioned slavery in a poem that got turned into a song long before I was born! Outrage! Why? Because I have nothing else in my life to give it meaning. OUTRAGE!

Its about overcoming overwhelming odds and not having the most powerful nation in the world destroy our young republic.

which validates the self-created fear.

Isn't it evidently not self-created it was highly predictable?

it's like the british anthem which used to contain references to crushing the scottish barbarian scum.

First they came for the confederate statues, and I did not speak out...

Yea, i didnt think removing the statues was a good idea either. I have much more problem with religion being involved with the state than confederate flags and statues. To those who believe rewriting history, and removing monuments to a period in our history is healthy, be proud knowing that your type of thinking is the most dangerous. Acknowledge and respect history, dont ignore and destroy it.

So even though 99.9% of the population doesn't realize that the song had a verse that's almost never sung that chastised slaves who fought for the British, it should not be our national anthem? Ok, technically I guess it did have a racial component, but literally who is that affecting? Nobody outside grievance culture (who are offended for the sake of being offended)

Acknowledging history does not require you to memorialize individuals nor lionize their actions.

Being a white male is a micro-aggression.

Because it would lead to a slippery slope as it is now doing. Give them a inch they take that mile.

The "cause" is to piss people off and cause chaos.

Why don't these idiots just move to another country if they hate this one so much

I'd love to hear your theory on how the trans-Atlantic slave trade has not ended, but only changed in methodology.

Treason is treason. They lost, they were traitors.

Are we arguing Francis Scott Key is problematic now?

They used black paint. Racist graffiti.

Lighten up, Francis!

This is probably not the collaborated effort of all the people in the town. It's probably just one or two people. I could be wrong but that's my guess.

believe it or not most Americans don't give a flying shit about identity politics or politics in general. Its just that the minorities who yell the most and loudest get the most air time. Kind of like the same way the media convinces people theres a crazy degenerate crime wave happening when violent crime has been going down for decades.

I'm guessing they don't pay taxes.

They spray painted "Racist Anthem"?

Activists attack the symbols of tradition because it's easy exposure. The statues aren't the end game.

You're a cry-bully.

I mean, that's the whole point of the "I did not speak out" thing. We should speak out against craziness even when it advances our beliefs. By enabling people to have the power to riot for the removal of statues we largely disagree with, we establish the power of removal of everything in general. It will be applied more and more broadly for every little grievance people can come up with, even made up grievances.

As the scope of what is considered "bad" is expanded, eventually you will be included in the bubble of "bad", and there will be no one left to speak for you.

It's the third verse that'll throw you:


But we're not ruling out the mayor.

We aren't Germany. If you want to live in a repressive country that tramples on your rights, then you are free to leave. Claim refugee status.

No, actually speaking is pretty much always okay. What's the worst that could happen? They say something stupid, or something you disagree with? Opinions don't hurt people. Discussion doesn't hurt anyone. Does it actually hurt anyone to consider a position that one is deeply opposed to? No. It doesn't.

How dare a country not bow our collective head in perpetual shame over something that hasn't existed for over 150 years... oh that's right we must not mention how white immigrants and those convicted of lesser crimes and debts were held in a form of slavery up until and through this last century or those labeled migrants still face because admitting that would lessen the impact these people's lives want to have matter so damn much. Don't even get me started on native American history...

I mean we wouldn't want to have to make these people admit they are more American than most of the white, red, yellow, or brown labeled people they blame for all their ills. Fuck this divisive revisionist history bull shit.

By that logic, we should get rid of any and all monuments to Native Americans. They lost, right?

I can't imagine that going well.

So we can't like his achievements now?

Maybe it'll stop with an adulterer who plagiarized his thesis and said being gay was a "problem" that needs to be solved.

No, because they were never citizens.

Plus Jefferson is totally the wrong person to attack. First president to (at least in private we know because of his memoirs) grapple with the issues of slavery. Probably the first president to also have an extraneous relationship (with a slave) outside of the first lady, certainly not the last though. Shame nobody is willing to talk to and educate these people, help them understand when and where the cross the support line, because tjey crossed it here.

so, want to ban songs then?

We got you to quit arming the native american tribes of the northwest territory, the entire purpose of the war in the first place.

If you remove the statues of everyone who's ever done anything that could be considered offensive, the world will have a much lower demand for sculptors.

I don't. I don't live in Baltimore. But Francis Scott Key isn't a problem, never was and never will be.

They counted as 3/5 of a citizen for the purposes of apportionment, but they had 0/5 the rights of citizens.

I mean I wouldn't really says it's about military might, more like somehow holding it together and not dying. Now the classic tune "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" by Tobey Keith is definitely about military might.

Exactly. It would be like asking the Germans to change their national anthem entirely because the verse they don't use anymore was once co-opted by Nazis. Actually, that seems way more sketch than this. This whole thing is a non-issue.

It only hurts the tax payers. Idiots

Never underestimate the 4d chess grandmaster.

Based on how things have been progressing over the past few years...I think that makes you a racist. /s

Lots of people were slaveowners back then. The world used to be a much nastier place.

I don't think it was "highly predictable" until Trump put out the bait.

Yes it's far more likely that Trump triggered people into vandalizing statues than it is that it was a natural progression from tearing down other statues. That's certainly how logic works. /s

Maybe I see it differently as I am not American, but where I'm from 'confederate' flags are quite popular in rural areas. Not in anyway due to the confederacy or support for it, but because the flag is synonymous with rural life or a symbol of it. People up here just refer to it as the 'rebel' flag. So comparing it to a Nazi flag seems pretty extreme.

I think OP is saying a FSK statue is the least of Baltimore's worries.

Do they include that part in England vs Scotland soccer matches?

Defacing and vandalizing statues of the founding fathers, or the person that wrote the national anthem accomplishes nothing but furthering the divide in this country.

I and a lot of others thought the removal of the confederate statues would be a slippery slope.

Germany is not the US. Shocking, I know.

And like any war, most of the participants didn't have much choice in fighting or what they were fighting for. Label the leadership all you like, but the soldiers were men and boys with almost no education or access to unbiased information who's only choice was to fight or face the mob alone.

Which states did Bernie win?

what exactly is covering it with a tarp and threatening people called?

Great Scott!

You're just going to dismiss out of hand a "Murder on the Orient Express" type scenario?

can we ban BLM then? that group has made very racist statement's.

How the hell was I talking about the Confederate states when the article is talking about the guy who wrote the national anthem?

Indentured servants were called servants or redemptioners. They were never called slaves because their status was nothing like chattel slavery.

When our land is illum'd with Liberty's smile,

If a foe from within strike a blow at her glory,

Down, down, with the traitor that dares to defile

The flag of her stars and the page of her story!

By the millions unchain'd who our birthright have gained

We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained!

And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave

While the land of the free is the home of the brave.

That didn't seem to fly for James Madison.

Somehow I doubt that is a concern for them either since that pretty much never happens. When do the browns annihilate anyone?

Well it's been fun, but it looks like the star spangled banner is the next thing on the leftists' chopping block.

First it starts with some fringe vandalism. Next some online hyper-liberal rag is going to write an article about how the star spangled banner benefits the white patriarchy or puts down [this week's PC term for minorities]. Tumblrites will run with this, until anyone who thinks the star spangled banner should remain is thrown to the wolves for being a racist.

"Oh you want to sing the banner? Why do you support racists?!"

You can be a non-citizen and commit treason and one owes (temporary) allegiance to the US if they're within the US. (Source)

But that decision definitely came after the War of 1812

Me too.

Hmmm... Compelling argument.

Wouldn't it be crazy if you go fuck yourself?

"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open Court."

Technically doesn't really say you need to be a citizen. Traditionally treason is only for those who owe loyalty to the aggrieved nation state, which slaves would have. This WaPo article agrees. I would argue slaves had a temporary duty of loyalty to the United States for so long as they were in servitude or escaped the country. Therefore their rebellion was treason.


It's all I had for the total retard.

Didn't we literally add a verse about freeing slaves during the civil war? Justice Holme's father wrote the new verse.