Quickshot is an incredible caster

Quickshot is an incredible caster
Quickshot is an incredible caster

1: https://clips.twitch.tv/SingleBashfulJaguarKappaWealth

2: https://clips.twitch.tv/InspiringFurryAntDxAbomb

Thank you guys so much! I'm lucky that over the last few years I've been able to focus on my core skills and grow as a PBP! I never want to stop getting better and today I had a few misspoken lines and mistakes that I want to work on and get cleaner! Feel free to hit me up with feedback and criticism if you have any on Twitter! I may not be able to respond, but I 100% read every message! @RiotQuickshot

EDIT THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I am at a legit loss for words, this is the largest amount of support I have ever received for my casting. I'm flabbergasted and fully intend to live up these messages. Won't let you guys down! Thank you again. You made me an extremely happy dude today.

I'm so so so stoked you brought this up. It's actually one of my favourite memories. Casting that Riot Vs viewers game rocked because I got to make fun of my non broadcast colleagues and just let my hair down to literally goof around on a super stage with an actual audience. I remember getting people to cheer and boo and have fun with me! LoL

Thank you for that blast from the past!

You‘re a machine, Quickshot!

I still remember at gamescom, a few years ago. The event was over and they started a riot members vs viewers match on the big Stage. But more and more people left because noone was casting the game. Quickshot noticed and stepped in even after a long day of casting a Tournament and created an unbelievable atmosphere. He will always be my favorite caster( and deficio)

Kobe being amazed was awesome

For an old man he does pretty well. Always an absolute pleasure to cast with him.

Kobe always seems like the audience substitute, dudes just super hyped to be there and see cool shit.

Super happy to read that. I hope to project that with my brand, my voice and my style. I'm a happy guy who loves my job and the game and I'm stoked to hear that it comes through in my casts.

Quickshot, I don't know you personally. But you come across as one of the most genuinely happy and lovable people I've ever seen and your presence on stream makes everything a lot more enjoyable. Hope to see you around for a long time!


you haven't heard dota casting then

Straight up the greatest play by play casting I've heard in those last moments...

Yeah that was such a Kobe comment

my favorite part a bout QuickShot as a caster, is he was the first caster to really start remembering and using the names of the spells. An example of this is back in the days* when Kennen was the meta everyone was yelling "flash R from Kennen" whereas QuickShot was naming the Slicing Maelstrom instead which just adds on to the hype.

A great great caster idd!

So Deficio is calling you Trevor ?


Test his blood! He's not from this planet!

Holy shit, I'm no fan of Dota, but that guy has undeniable skills.

Prefer my wife calling me Trevor ;)

yea he usually doesn't sugarcoat shits, he'll flat out say it if the players/team fck up

That's what marriage does to you :P

You mean the one that this whole post is about?


I still find to be one of the better things that ever came from mobas. It's so god damn funny. Every. Freaking. Time ! And I got to thank Dota2 for that!

This comment probably won't be too popular, but as much as I love the two of them, looking back they weren't THAT good. What sold them was mostly the synergy between them, but individually they weren't as good as some of the casters we have today.

On the other hand, today's casters also have pretty good synergies while being better casters than Joe/Deman, like Quickshot-Deficio, Frosk-Pira, etc.


Thank you! this is my best best Memory of LoL Oh and i caught one of the OG Teemo Hats that day :D

If Deman and Joe had a baby you were it.

Rap god

Fantasy intensifies

It was reverse afaik, in his spotlight video quickshot yalked about wanting to stand out so he started using ability names and deman (or joe) was like, shit now we gotta do that too

Goddamn i love me some Kobe! One of my favourite casters :)

It's scary how well the casting lines up with the music. Also, I'd like to imagine that at 1:12 when the other caster goes "are you kidding me?" that hes looking at the other guy with his jaw on the floor just like how the hell are you doing this?!?!

Seems like he done it all in one breath. He's too good

I've definitely thought about the casters studying flashcards together, quizzing each other, etc. on spell names. Makes me happy.

TY brother apartheid



YOURE A MACHINE!!!!! all i could think of was

Do you prefer being called Quickshot or Trevor?

How can you understand what's going on? I see people just flying up and going to random places, even though I play league I have no clue what's going on there

I really, really approached the relaxed pace you gave that final (really drawn out) team fight. I think that a lot can get lost in the exclamation of every ability used, but you just highlighted the key moments as they were happening.

Even after years of playing, I can still get lost in team fights, but your steady casting made following this one a breeze. Keep it up!

Just wanted to say that you're one of my favourite casters. You make the games more fun!

Dude was on fire during that base defense, respect

They are still very dear in my heart but there's truth to what you're saying. Maybe it was because the game wasn't as big as it is now, maybe because we didn't have any expectations, maybe nostalgia has distorted some memories but yeah, despite being funny as personalities, Joe and Deman were pretty average. IF anyone has doubts I suggest going back and listening to some of their casting and they'll see what I'm talking about.

We have more casters now, many different unique and refined styles, casting has become a sort of science if you will and as expected, progress made will apparent on newer work. I still miss Joe and Deman lets not delude ourselves that they were the best of the casters.

Is there a video of it anywhere?

I started watching since ti2, they have like 100 games every TI so I have had hundreds of hours to learn. I still don't know everything, but I do know almost all abilities and important items.

Today's SSG vs G2 game, that spell around 40ish mins is absolutely amazing

Only caster Ive taken pictures with in EU Lcs/Rift Rivals.

Hope you stay in Berlin!


Amazing cast today as always, QS! You're always top notch and manage to keep up the hype in a clear in concise way, all while so many things are happening in game. I have no idea how you do it lol. Thanks for sharing your gift and hard work with us! :)

I can't even make out which champion is where during teamfights, meanwhile QS is shouting out the remaining healthbars and the intentions of 5 champs simultaneously in real-time. Unreal

sadokist cs:go

here's a clip of sadokist in csgo

Being able to talk very fast is definitely important, but after a certain point (just like in rap) you're getting into a pointless debate about fast talking skills when there's more important stuff. You don't have to cram every bit of information in there like it's a radio broadcast, the audience is watching the game as well.

Hyping the viewers is a lot more important, which is where I think Quickshot really shines.

i knew it was ODPixel even before clicking that link. The guy is truly a (rap) god!

This is the best thing ever


btw, you doing pretty good yourself. It's so refreshing to actually have you as a full caster now. Keep it up!

Well yea, nowadays he's a streamer. Although he is of Chinese decent, he's always been an NA player, so calling him a Chinese streamer seems a little funny lol. But yea, Scarra played for Dignitas from it's beginning until he did some coaching for the team before leaving to coach CLG for a little while, and now is primarily a streamer.

Yuuup so glad to see him back ,I've missed his casting, insane. Love how into it he is!

Joe Miller imo was. He had superb voice and breath control and could hype like no man could. Just rewatch PDD Rumble ult at allstars s3,peke vs SSB, FNC vs OMG nexus tragedy. Man was pure gold.

Legit. I'm glad he made his comment so the audience/me knew exactly how impressive that was and drew attention to it. Made the base defence that much more hype.

Yeah, that's why Kobe's always been my favourite. His casting reminds me of the FGC, they seemingly just shoot the shit and try to have fun rather than trying to be overly professional.

To be fair though, what makes Sadokist the absolutely incredible caster he is, is more-so his ability to come up with new analogies and ways of saying things on the spot.

He doesn't usually cast near as quickly as in this example :P

I'm willing to admit in the dark days of EU lcs when you were used as an analyst I was amongst those calling for your head. These days I think as a play-by-play you're the best in league. Your casting with Defico is phenomenal and I wish that Riot kept pairs together rather than rotating so much so I could hear you together more often. I look forward to the day that you cast a worlds deciding moment that your voice will be the soundtrack to like the CS:GO moments with Coldzera's jumping awp or S1mple's falling no scope.

I imagine there are a few times she'll be calling you quickshot.


Much love brother.

You're actually my favorite EU caster.

Fresh/ Fresco

I listened to this at work with no video and its unreal how much i can picture the fight with you casting just by listening. Casters are a big reason I watch the games without excellent colour and PBP casters like yourself the game would be way more stale. you are as bigger part of the action as the players. thats no discredit the players just how i feel.

He's from South Africa. A lot of South Africans are just happy like that (at least in my experience)

Not only the best attack damage carry in the world but als the pinnacle of male dominance, gracing us with 8-10 hours of PURE and FLAWLESS gameplay from mondays to fridays. The ONLY and SOLE reason he is not rank 1 anymore is because, much like a god, he looks down from his throne on us intrigued what his "competition" is capable of, well knowing that they will NEVER reach his level. He is KIND enough to let us think that we might reach him someday instead of crushing our every hopes and dreams.

We are truly blessed that our lord and savior decided to shine his light on us. You might ask why that is. We dont know. His mind works in ways we will never comprehend.

But not only he is who we should thank for but also the godess that is by his side, Lisha.

Her grace we should be thankful that she keeps our lord focused, providing him with his every need, as with his own words:"I am a worthless piece of shit. If my PC would break down I would say, well thats it, was fun streaming it is over. If that happend Lisha would go out and by me a new computer. Oh wait she just sad I am not worthless, guess that is how it is."

So thank you Lisha by gracing us with your divine existence so that we can keep looking into the shining light that is Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana.

This is hilarious, but I have a kind of hard time believing it's real haha. Either way, I'm gonna start yelling I AM THE MACHINE and I DON'T CHEAT ON MY WIFE at my friends.

Isn't he south african?

It is a little bit. It says in the description.

sorry Quickshot only casts for EU LCS.

That was crazy

So at very tense moments like that there should be a silence ?

Nah, that's the job of a play by play caster to do this at this moment, and yes it's obvious most of the time, but that's what is expected to be done because that is how you create a legendary moment at Worlds, especially if G2 could reverse it.

yeah but this is when he first got into it afaik, hes been praised quite a bit for the past few years?

I thought it was edited to fit the music the first time I saw it, still not sure if it is or not.

That was some of the most incredible casting I have ever heard, he just went OFF and it was wonderful.

And they would completely have stagnated for these 3 years? They would have constantly improved just like everyone else.