Quick Thanks

Quick Thanks

Really appreciate the love and support you guys showed me on that thread. We got started slowly but this community is full of great fight fans. It is everything that is good about the sport. Thanks Reddit. Good luck to /sub/colorado's u/ChrisCamozzi in his upcoming fight with Riggs

haha, lets just say touch screen companies should have me beta test the screens. no mini laptops or small portable devices for this guy

Shane real quick....

Do you have to use a special keyboard to type with those massive hands?

Thanks man

gotta have mad respect for Riggs, how many guys come back after being shot?

When you clap your hands together do neighboring countries get their missile defense systems ready?

If Camozzi wins, word has it, Joe Riggs will chop off his dick and throw it in the river. Baited breath everyone.

Dude thank you for the highlight reels over the years.

My personal 2nd Favorite Shane. Sorry Carwin, you need to dive off a JumboTron to take that spot.

Thank you for all the entertainment and overall badassery. All people named Shane are frigging amazing.

I'm aware of his accomplishments. p4p #2 Shane on the planet.

Oh I do. I respect anyone who could beat the fuck out of me in their sleep, while on their deathbed.

How many Dicks does Riggs have, ffs

Shane, thanks so much for coming on here to chat with us, and for being so honest and easygoing about it

I'm pretty pumped to hear you're healthy now and considering getting back in the cage-- best of luck to you and please keep us posted

I always hate seeing careers ended due to injuries, I'm happy you're on the road to being healthy again

You have a lot of fans out here waiting for you to inject some life back into heavyweight, we're ready when you are

He fought Gonzaga, Mir, Lesnar, and JDS irl. I love Shane-O-Mac (and am afraid of heights) but I think what Carwin has done might just be more badass than any of those spots

Dude, Shane O'Mac fought Big Show, Kane and STEVE FUCKING BLACKMAN!!!!!

Enough to lose a few.

I had to sign a legal document forbidding me to clap, the clap on company said I was wasting electricity turning the lights on

I heard that dude has like twelve God damn dicks .

Not Plax.

I'm not one, but I knew a guy named Shane once. He was a real piece of shit.

Literally thunderclap lol

Thanks for the thread Shane. Can you do us one more solid and go on the Joe Rogan Experience with Schaub!?!?

It's even crazier. How many guys get back after being shot by themselves?

My buddy Shane watched another friend's dog for two months, once.

We need to get some more Shanes to weigh in on this

Honestly, that was the best mma AMA so far. Fucking A.

Not sure why you getting down voted, it was awesome! All respect to both JDS and Carwin, no quit in those warriors

Edit: unless you're trolling, in which case that's a dick move

yes sweet child, anything you say.

That match... was brutal!

was brutal!