Quick compact public nap

Quick compact public nap

As a guy that can’t even sleep in mildly uncomfortable situations (e.g. Airplanes, in chairs, on couches) how does one sleep in such an uncomfortable position?

join the military

It's less about confidence and more about having no fucks to give.

I wish I had the confidence to do something like this in public.

I can sleep anywhere thanks to the Navy.

I can sleep standing up thanks to the Navy.

She was a cat in another life.

Day after battlesations I started to fall asleep marching. Came to after I'd drifted a few rows over

I can sleep in my jeans thanks to Old Navy

Can one truly have no fucks to give, if one does not have the confidence to do so?

Thank you for sharing, Mother of Kelly.

All nighters are a bitch.

I can’t sleep at all thanks to kids.

As a fellow college student this is so real - we have couches and chairs in various lounges around campus and you can catch someone taking a nap any time of day.

If it fits it sits

Some people just can. It helps if you're sleep deprived or have a habit of napping.

Confidence can be dead and gone, fucks will remain negative.

I can't sleep unless I'm all compacted and have most of my limbs tucked away. So, to me, this position looks a good bit more comfortable than putting my head on the table.

I can sleep with men thanks to the Navy.

Close eyes.

Man, I actually was part of the force that took that airport. I remember seeing 747s or whatever they were burning on the runway. It was still called saddam international then. We drove vehicles over still running Mercedes, shot up command trailers, good times!

I slept on the concrete at BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) with an ACH (helmet) for a pillow once. Weather was fucky and we couldn't leave the airport because we didn't know when it would clear and none of us wanted to miss R&R.

Get an average of 4-6 hours of sleep a day, and have mild depression and/or anxiety. I fall asleep from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds, regardless of the situation.

Moms spaghetti

I would sleep everywhere on my college campus. One time, I pulled out the bed of the pull out sofa and took a sleep.... Nobody said a word, and everyone knew me as the guy who napped in all the buildings.

can confirm. army infantry here... fell asleep on many a road march.

also fell asleep in any vehicle approximately 1 second after the hatch shut.

Why wouldn't you just put your head down on the table? I feel like this would not be comfortable at all.

That's what adderall is for

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This was my university experience. Stupid scheduling had long breaks between classes so I would sleep anywhere - laying in the hallway in front of the next class was typical. Woke up one time to two people above me wondering if I was dead. lol

Send them to the military.

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico

That's nice, dear

what kind of organism sleeps like this

My girlfriend can sleep like this on chairs. Not coz shes in the army. Shes just 4'11 and loves a nap

Well, frogbutt was certainly interesting.

Nearly every building has this in my University. A lot better to take an hour nap on a couch before my next class than walk 20 minutes in freezing weather to my dorm.

A frog 🐸

That's just like asking for an enormous sleep-fart. But then again, she doesn't look like a person giving much about public opinions in the first place.

I have been a military historian for the past 10 years, learning about the similarities and differences between soldiers from different countries, periods of history, and soldiers fighting on the offensive and defensive/retreating. Two things are shared amongst every soldier, whether enlisted or drafted, and during every period in history and every nationality and those are the soldiers hunger and ability to sleep anywhere while doing anything. I read a book written by a German soldier on the Eastern front that said he would sleep while they were marching by holding on to the person in front of him and zoning out, only to be woken up by running into the person in front.

I never served in the military but luckily I can fall asleep anywhere if I’m tired. I took a power nap in LSU Tiger stadium during a football game against the Florida Gators, it gets so loud in there that it has registered on the Richter scale.

Is this UML Olsen, third floor, outside the robotics lab?

I get an average of 4-6 hours, because I can't fall asleep.

I can't even sleep in my own bed, let alone in a strange place in public.

Hats off to you, sir.

I can sail the seven seas thanks to the Navy.

I hear thats a good place to sleep.

When you are very tired, your body finds a way.

Deep breath

I have nearly zero confidence, but can't be bothered to give any fucks. Thanks, Depression! :D

It’s less about confidence and more about the risk of accidentally farting in your sleep.

Enlist her.

I nap once a day, most days. Can't do so unless I am comfy/ in a bed.

Your statement is NOT true. GOOD DAY, sir

It's Naptime my dudes

/sub/short was a pretty depressing read. unlike incels, I can't even really chastise those smolbois because the majority of women out there really do care about height. thank god I don't have that shit to worry about, since I got my height from my dad, and my big dick from my mom

ACK. this is NSFW. I thought this had to do with dogs.

Yeah, now I wanna fuck a frog

I can sleep on watch thanks to the Navy

It's easier and quite comfy if you're short. Just fold your legs and curl up. The hard part is finding a head rest.

was expecting Undertaker meme

That’s pretty damn cool! Is she single?

Still trying to find a home after /sub/incels got banned?

I can put my mind at ease thanks to the Navy.

Always liked the term resistance like we encountered Jedis. Yes we fought. Iraqis didn’t flee at first. Honestly, not meaning to be rude, but that’s about as far as I want to go with that. PTSD disabled vet and all.


Christ, I would wake up with nerve damage and you probably will if you keep your appendages all tightly bent up at night,

That was back in college. Apparently I was young, had nothing to worry about, and was always tired from partying. As an adult I have never been a good sleeper. Passing out from exhaustion isn't always a daily option.

A student

Because, mothafucking, frog legs is a thing with dogs yo.


I can sleep with mothers anywhere thanks to Navy dress blues.

She looks about 50 and is wearing a full face of makeup and is smiling, so I'm guessing she's a guest of some sort.

Why would you think it would have owt to do with dogs?

What exactly did you guys have do to take the airport?

The best sleep I've ever had was leaning on a truck, in the desert sun, listening to machine gun fire.

Judging by the URL she seems to be a government minister of something.

48 hours of being awake maybe?

Wednesday's are wild

You're thinking of /sub/sploot

My country requires a fucking prescription to get melatonin.

She's asleep. You don't have consent. Stop perving on the sleeping person and move along.

You mean what was my role or the whole chase out the Iraqi army and occupy the airport for some strategic reason?

I don't want to drag this thread down, but since my depression started to kick up I absolutely do not care about... well almost anything at all, even though I have no confidence to back it up

Same. Our student lounge on the first floor of the library was nap central for me. If it was actually full of students lounging, I would scope out any comfy surfaces. I WAS TIRED DAMNIT

I live 2 hours away from school so i don't even have a choice

I think that's exaggerating just a bit... plus, I said I need *most of them *tucked away... not *all of them *tightly bent up. I've been doing this every night for nearly 30 years and I'm still fine.

So is rohypnol.

I can sleep with warm food in my belly thanks to KFC gravy.

I wish I could do that now

It's a fully clothed sleeping woman. Dat Azz clearly wants to be left alone. Go be creepy somewhere else.