Quests and Contracts PC (November 26th 2017)

Quests and Contracts PC (November 26th 2017)


Blue Trinket "Flask of Sartosan Rum" | 20% chance to not consume potions of speed and strength - 7 keys

Orange Trueflight Longbow "Wydroith Trueflight" | Waywatcher (Distraction, Knockback, Haste - 6 keys

Blue Longbow "Moonspring Bow" | Waywatcher (Master Crafted, Hail of Doom) - 4 keys


Ram the Manparts [Easy] - (0/5 Chests Opened) - Increased Damage (2h) + 1 key

The Dungeons (DLC) [Nightmare] - (0/4 Team Protection: Death) - 40 Orange gems + 1 key

Summoner's Peak (DLC) [Cataclysm] - (0/1 Mission Completed) - 60 Orange gems + 2 keys

The Horn of Magnus [Easy] - (0/40 Bomb Kills) - Increased Stamina (1h)

Waterfront [Normal] - (0/1 Rat Ogre Slain) - 20 Green gems

The Fall (DLC) [Veteran] - (0/7 Waves Defeated) - 15 Blue gems

The Enemy Below [Nightmare] - (0/40 Bomb Kills) - 20 Orange gems


3/7 DLC Contracts

2 key contracts behind DLC.

Well it had to happen. Summoner's for the cata weekly. Ergh.

Dunegons on nightmare with team protect bots can be fun too. Good luck guys!

Re the quests, they're about the same as yesterday. An orange trueflight for re-rolling, the blue version of yesterdays green trinket, and a blue you could play around with I guess. Here's to hoping for better stuff tomorrow!

Kill me -.-. I just got the red mace for wizard after rolling a 7.... And it on board with 9 keys.... FML

It’s been that way more or less since we started with the Q&C posts 😁

Finish it off and you can have both trait sets.

Ram the Manparts - was that on purpose? Good one, I laughed.

My summoner's peak guide

Summoner's peak isn't that hard if you bring the right loadout and everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. Talk first on who is covering which area before you start the generators. I've had more trouble with higher levels 'not needing to discuss what to do' than with newbs who would listen to instructions.

enjoy the pain. I did it once, and I don't want to do it again.

Well... Summoner's Peak was the last Cata for Drachenfels I needed to knock off, anyway!

It was definitely on purpose I've seen itthe mission called that about as much as it's actual name.

184 runs of reaching out, eventually roll another 7...and it's the wiz 1h sword.

Luckily though the next run got me the red ex.

I now have all reds for sienna, but never play her... Unlucky it is.

Wow, that sucks. I don't know if you're extremely lucky or extremely unlucky, but it's definitely one or the other.