QPR's Sandro allegedly played last season without a valid work permet - May have now been deported

QPR's Sandro allegedly played last season without a valid work permet - May have now been deported

That's such a QPR thing to do.

Could qpr suffer punishment from this? Or is relegation relegation enough

How can a club ran by a successful billionaire with amazing business acumen be ran in such a shambolic way? I feel sorry for QPR fans who have to tolerate all this shite.

If they knew about it, maybe

It's simple: he hired whip smart people to run his company, and is running QPR like a Football Manager save.

This would never happen on Football Manager.

They've been banned from signing non-EU players.

I smell a new feature for FM16: attempting to flout permits and sometimes getting caught/suffering a points deduction.


Na his dog signed him.

I might have an answer for that.

If you're from a non-EU country, you can work in the UK (sports and everything) if you're sponsored under a Points Based System known as a Tier 2 work permit. I know this because I happen to be here under the same conditions.

However the conditions of your work permit are that you can only work for the employer that gave you that offer, and no one else for a specific salary threshold, and a specific point of time. If you want to switch jobs, you need to make another application to the Home Office.

Now clearly football is not a typical 9-5 job, but I'm sure there are similarities in policy for footballers. If he didn't renew or reapply after his stint at Spurs to play for QPR, he'd most likely be in breach of his 'leave to remain.'

I'm not saying this is exactly what happened here, but it's a similar bureaucratic clusterfuck that has likely occurred.

Says it in the Daily Mail article. No idea if it's true though.

He knows the rules, so clearly not QPR

Wouldn't be surprised if arry new about this.

Isn't it their job to know about these sort of things? Could they really plead ignorance and get away with it?

He has an Arsenal flair, so probably the American embassy.

"I di'nt know 'bout this but it's good for that lad y'know get his head straight bweaff of fwesh air"

And this is an MLS club - I can only imagine the infrastructure QPR has - they knew.

Imagining the infrastructure QPR has, not knowing wouldn't be a surprise

It says it in BBC article

A Home Office investigation revealed QPR midfielder Sandro did not have a work permit and it has suspended Rangers' sponsor licence, which allows clubs to apply for visas for players from non-EU countries.

He's got a nose for talent that one

This must bring up very conflicting feelings for any QPR fans that also happen to be UKIP voters.

Maybe he was hiding in plain sight.

What I don't understand is why he needs a new work permit after getting one when he signed for Spurs?

Have you got a source?

How'd he play an entire season without a visa though? It's not like he's some low profile immigrant nobody will notice.

You can't organize orgies for players' fathers to get them to sign either in Football Manager. And they say it's a realistic simulation.

The only fair thing to do is to take their relegation back

M8 who do you play for? /s

Could they really plead ignorance and get away with it?

Probably not. But it could be a case of a simple mistake being made

Or written by someone who didn't want to post "SANDRO DEPORTED!" because we don't know it's true. Trying to not make it clickbait.

My close friend works for a MLS club & his specific role is ensuring players have visas, permits, passports, agent paperwork & all other paper work completely squared away. He even takes care of getting players speeding tickets taken care of it.

And this is an MLS club - I can only imagine the infrastructure QPR has - they knew.

Don't players from outside the EU get work permits for the duration of their contract with a club? So how would this be possible?

But it wouldn't have happened on football manager though. Clearly he's playing a pirated version!

Only until the situation is sorted out I think

Yeah they do, which is strange. I know when a Non EU player changes clubs they have to re-apply for a new work permit even if its in the same country. I'm sure its some paper work issue and isn't that big of a deal.

edit: Reading the articles now, he signed for QPR in September so he would have still had his Spurs Permit and maybe they didnt think they had to re-apply?

"n write" " bellend" I think we all know who writes like a 5 year old

Really? I always thought the QPR fanbase was mostly centre-left, but then again, I rarely ever venture outside of QPRdot.


Presumably he broke a rule without knowing it rather than had an application denied and kept playing.

Must have had Arry's dog sorting out the visas.

Lol yeah the ones who support UKIP but then get pissed off when they lose business due to free market economics

Ignorance is not a defence for employing illegal workers so if he was working without a visa QPR will be held accountable. Although the punishment handed out can depend on if they knowingly employed an illegal worker or not.

According to what I can find on gov.co.uk employers can face a fine of up to £20k for each illegal worker.

If an employer knowingly had an illegal worker then it becomes a criminal offence rather than a civil one and can carry a jail sentence of up to 2 years for the employer.

Other penalties may include the employer being downgraded on the register of sponsors or the employer’s licence being cancelled and removed from the register of sponsors, so they are unable to bring any migrant worker to the UK or keep any existing migrants.

Those laws sound quite small time, there might be different ones for larger corporations that I didn't find but going of them a TL;DR of what it might mean for QPR:

Possible £20k fine, probably not a big deal for a football club like QPR Potentially QPR get downgraded on the register of sponsors, making it more difficult for them to get work permits for non-EU players they try to sign. Maybe even have trouble extending work permits for currently signed players.

That's worst case scenario though, they'll probably just get a fine.

Mainly the cabbie mob on twitter (who also spam Anti-Uber stuff), along with a fair few on LFW.

The dog was able to set up offshore accounts, you would think the visas were in capable paws.

This may have been given a better reception if you had a passing familiarity with grammar and punctuation.

They've updated the article, cheers