Puto and Pato Pandering Pretentiously to the Pathetic Pawns, Pooh Poohing their Parents.

Puto and Pato Pandering Pretentiously to the Pathetic Pawns, Pooh Poohing their Parents.

That's not uncommon. IIRC, the same thing happened with new Irish immigrants hating even newer immigrants (Germans? Jews? Chinese? I forget the timeline). I think it's a mix of fearing economic competition and marking your "American-ness" by closing it off to "foreigners" (which the Irish were not too long before in my example).

I had a coworker at my old job who is from India, he voted for Trump mainly because he hates Pakistan and thinks Trump will blow up Pakistan. Well, now he’s having trouble getting some of his family members here and is concerned that they won’t be able to move here. Logic is just lost on some people, unfortunately.

Remember when Marco Rubio championed an effort to reform immigration, and then voted against his own bill so he could run for president and lose?

He only got a student visa after his lawyer bribed an official. That was after being jailed by Batista. No way a criminal would have or should have gotten a visa.

So yeah both he and his father are full of shit.

Facts are pesky things. Next time be nicer.

Religious. Not conservative. Social and economic justice are strong currents running through Hispanic cultures; it's something Republican strategists had a bad habit of ignoring back in the day when they thought wooing Hispanics should be a party goal.

A friend I knew form high school is of Laotian decent, came to the US as a child with his parents when they are were escaping the destabilizing wars that broke out in that region. He doesn't want to bring any Syrian refugees to the US despite them trying to escape the same situation his parents faced. I do think a lot of that has to do with his Christian religion and not liking Muslims much.

It's because they are generally pesky Catholics instead of Bible thumping Evangelicals

Rubio, the guy who voted against his own immigration bill?

From what I've been told hispanics can be REALLY conservative. Which is why it's dumb for Republicans to antagonize them they way they do. That group's population is growing rapidly and they'll eventually be the majority in this country in the next 50(?) or so years.

They are just pandering power hungry pansies.