Push by evangelicals helped set stage for Trump decision on Jerusalem

Push by evangelicals helped set stage for Trump decision on Jerusalem

American foreign policy now actively being directed by a cult that wants to bring about the end of the world.

Evangelicals are domestic radical cult terrorists stoking the flames of war.

Dominion Theology

is why evangelicals find his shit acceptable.

Ever see the documentary "Jesus Camp"? Yeah, pretty much spelled out everything thats going on right now. They truly want a religious based country.

yep, trying to bring those end times on. What a rational policy endgame.

Trump, I believe in fairies, can we have a national preserve for the preservation of fairy circles? K thx

For people who don't know why we shouldn't like this:

Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Xtians, Muslims.

For 70+ years there has been an uncomfortable, yet traditional respect of the three groups by minimizing political influence in the city. Of the three, the Jews have least likely to abide (for proximity reasons mostly).

America has not sided with the Jews nor the Muslims nor the Xtians with this issue. They've traditionally worked to keep the peace (on this specific topic).

Trump is basically telling Muslims that America and Xtians are now officially teaming up against them.

This cannot go wrong, right? My metaphor I gave some 5th graders yesterday: Imagine instead of slowly, carefully adding sugarcubes to your toothpick bridges, you move your bridge from your desk and place it on the freeway with a wildfire burning within feet.

"Religion poisons everything." - Hitchens

no worries, it will lead to establishment of the third temple, which Jesus has been waiting for like for centuries, all the time wondering why can my flock get their shit together on this ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING??? I SWEAR. And then all GOOD people will get sucked up to heaven to experience eternal orgasms and the rest of us will have hangnails and cancer and drinking problems, like, FOREVER, ok?

I watched another documentary around the same time about Evangelicals visiting Jerusalem. They talked about how they were politically big supporters of Israel and explained that they were hoping to see Israel get the site of the temples back in their lifetimes. Where the temples once stood is the dome of the rock, the holiest Muslim site. So giving Israel that site is obviously not going to just happen peacefully. Their reason for wanting them to have that site back is because scripture says that revelations won't happen until the third temple is built.

So you have a country of Jews and Muslims that is a powderkeg, and way across the ocean some backwoods randos who are neither Jewish nor Muslim and have no ethnic ties to that land want to throw a lit stick of dynamite into that powderkeg because according to a few short stories written thousands of years ago in different languages that have been selectively translated, a building needs to get built somewhere or alleged creator sky daddy won't give you your seat at god's foot spending all of eternity stroking his ego, which is apparently something we should all want to do.

And these are people with massive influence on our political process.