Puppet Baby

Not defending it, but it's about fluid motions mostly. The head doesn't get jerked around more than it's swung about. Either way it's insanity. The lady who invented it and teaches it to people has two daughters who "turned out fine" as they always seem to put it. That's interesting to me, that they don't point out any significant advantage they have received from being treated this way as babies. What they point out instead is that they were not injured by it.

I looked this up and it seems to be a controversial "baby yoga" that's popular in Russia. How does that baby not get shaken head syndrome wtf

It was bad the whole way through, but then when she suspended him by his head alone I noped the fuck right out.

Babbys got some strank joints 💪💪💪

Head even stayed on! 👌

They should strap a gopro to his head for pov awesomness.

Does she not like limbs being in their sockets? (that said, baby doesn't look unhappy.)

OK yeah that makes sense, I guess I'd be more worried about other people trying it without knowing how

Are you kidding, that might injure the baby.

You mean to say this is not a trained medical professional? I'm shocked and appalled.


That looks..... amazing.

Not gonna lie, I wish I could get that massage.

Then she drops it head first