Pull apart pretzel rolls with beer cheese sauce. Baked in cast iron skillet.

Pull apart pretzel rolls with beer cheese sauce. Baked in cast iron skillet.

I live in Alaska, and there is a restaurant near Denali national park that's open during the summer tourist season called the 49th State Brewing company. Each summer the wife and I usually make a day trip out there and always make sure to stop and get their Bavarian pretzel with beer cheese dip. It's quite heavenly.

In December, something came up and we both had a craving for it with no real way to satisfy it. Like an itch you can never scratch...

Not long after, my wife found this recipe online on a slow say at work. But we never ended up making it...

Fast forward to our grocery shopping trip on Sunday, we found this beer cheese wedge in the specialty cheese section (I wont lie, I'm kind of a cheese guy...). Boom. Epiphany. The rest of our shopping list no longer matters, our mission has changed.

Now I've never made pretzels before, so I followed that guide pretty much to the letter. They came out quite good. Nice balance of density and soft fluffyness. And just the right amount of salt.

But the queso-style cheese that they put in that recipe had to go...

For the beer cheese, let an 8oz bar of Philadelphia cream cheese come to room temperature. Mix it in with a 1/4 cup of your favorite beer. I personally chose a stout from a local brewery but use what you want. Once it's smooth add in your choice of cheese. Some obviously melt better than others, so keep that in mind. About a cup (total) of coarsely shredded smoked gouda and pepper jack cheeses are what I used. Along with a few dashes of Lawry's seasoned pepper, smoked paprika, and granulated garlic. Mix until it thickens to about the consistency of brownie batter. Adding more shredded cheese to thicken it as needed.

It tasted as wonderful as it looks. But I don't have any bread, or tortillas for the burritos we are supposed to have tomorrow. Another run to the store is well worth it.

Oh, Ok. Let me help you with that: ǝsǝǝɥɔ ɹǝǝq

OP never delivers...

You just haven't been to Milwaukee yet. Cheese and Beer is huge in Wisconsin. It didn't long for people to make cheese dips combining the best things on earth

B.... beer cheese?

Ohhh god I just had a pregnant.

This is really interesting. First time I have heard of beer cheese outside of the bluegrass region and surrounding areas. I always thought it was something many would like and was perplexed why it hasn't taken off. Beer cheese is freaking awesome. I've tried a few recipes online, some are better than others. One of the most authentic ones I found way underestimated the amount of cheese needed. nice to see the concept of beer cheese somewhere else.

I've lived in California, Massachusetts, Texas, and Colorado. Never heard of beer cheese.


Where are you from? I'd be shocked if someone from the US hasn't heard of beer cheese soup or beer cheese sauce.