Public gallery sings "I am, you are, we are Australian" after Marriage Equality vote

Public gallery sings "I am, you are, we are Australian" after Marriage Equality vote

It should really be our national anthem.

I still want waltzing Matilda to be an anti-anthem. France can sing about glory, UK about the queen, US about whatever. We sing about some guy who stole a sheep and then killed himself in a lake instead of giving in to police. Would certainly be unique.

Except some of the dual national MPs had to sing "I am, you are, not quite Australian"

Something we'll very likely never seen again.

If we're doing pop songs as anthems I've always favoured You're the Voice - great positive message of empowerment and independence, equality and democracy.

Imagine us doing the woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooh at sports. It'd blow off the roof.

I am of the opinion that Advance Australia fair, to the tune of working class man, is the perfect anthem.

I'm glad I stopped listening at that point. I'd have been bawling my eyes out at work.

Nah mate Men at Work or bust

For those who don't know how it sounds

You can still be proud of an achievement your country made without being a fuckwit.

Nah, they just had to add

I am, also, a foreign national

I hated Johnny Farnham when I was a kid, because I was a fucking idiot. Then I got older and realised how insanely good he is. That song is an absolute belter. Burn For You as well, mate. Like honestly, his voice is just on another level. I need to see him live before he actually calls it quits for real.

Don't worry mate, still got another 5-15 farewell tours in him I think. ;)


The song you're thinking of is 'I still call Australia home', and Peter Allen's estate licences it out.

Yeah, but the kiwis showed us up by having spontaneous harmonies in their singing.

You guys must be fun at parties.

Only if the official anthem was just the last two verses before the final chorus, not big fan of a 90% white MCG belting out 'I came from the dreamtime'

Way to miss the point of the song.

Isn't equality beautiful???

I am, I just cant find the paperwork, you are, we are hopefully Australian

Or keep the lyrics and change the music:

NZ had Porkarekare Ana, and we had this.

Nice moment in both.


TPlib wiping her tears. Even Bill shorten sang.

Brought tears to my eyes.