PUBG shouldn't be a contender for GOTY, there should be Full Releases only.

PUBG shouldn't be a contender for GOTY, there should be Full Releases only.

As much as I love PUBG, I absolutely agree. Early access titles should not be on a GOTY list when it hasn't even fully launched.

Zelda and Mario are both incredibly worthy of being up there, but man are they ever going to split the vote.

Even if PUBG was fully released, I don't think it should be considered for GOTY. The game has plenty of problems. Being popular doesn't make it a top quality game, and I say that as someone who plays it pretty often.

GOTY isn't a real award anyway, every game and it's mother is going to win it from some obscure magazine.

Brendan Greene himself (the creator of PUBG) was at PAXAUS. When asked whether PUBG should be game of the year he said "Absolutely not! Games like Mario, Zelda, those things are beautiful, incredible achievements. Give it to them." He actually seemed annoyed at the suggestion.

How is PUBG a contender but not nier?

True. It’s still cool to see two Nintendo games on a GOTY nominee list. Very rarely do two games from the same company make it, plus it’s Nintendo, so it’s a good feeling.

These awards are like the MTV awards, it’s really just a popularity contest not a quality contest.

You mean 3 right, because everyone knows Supa mario bruddas 2 is gonna win anyway.

I would put Mario Odyssey and Zelda: BotW miles ahead of PUBG. Nintendo killed it this year.

Would love to see Nier up there instead

Fucking thank you. Every publication under the sun has their own GOTY so debating it is meaningless.

Not even close baybeeee Edit: my most upvoted comment is a dunkey reference, gg

I mean... Super Mario Odyssey? Maybe?

It's kinda like the best picture award at the Oscars. Just because people had a lot of fun watching Spiderman, doesn't mean it was the best movie.

And you know it’ll also be a nominee for next year.

Generally when a game like Witcher 3 scores 70+ GOTY awards, it kinda means something

It's a mastaPIECE

Lets be honest.... What are the chances of something other than Breath of the Wild winning?

Where's divinity 2 at?

Should be under the "Best Explosion of Vehicle Due to Running over a Pebble" catagory.

That way everyone can rerelease their game in a Game of the Year Edition

Pubg is in early access the same way Gmail was in beta. It's just something for dev studios to hide behind. I really wish Valve would add requirements and restrictions for what can qualify. Some combination of time and sales and you're forced to exit. 9 months and 15 million sales? You're out of early access. Sorry.

To be fair, I haven't played any of the others

Agree, Nintendo has been on a rampage with great titles. Really really looking forward towards that new Metroid game, it would complete the holy triforce of Nintendo games.

It's actually not unlikely that neither wins because the Nintendo vote might get split between them.

I know it's a long shot, and off topic, but I hope to God Persona 5 wins. Shit was amazing.

Like the Golden Globes where you just have to jerk a few dicks to get your reward.


As if we should have ever doubted our Japanese gaming overlords.

We'll just pretend the Wii U never happened.

Seriously. Nier is on par with The Last of Us for me. It's one of those rare games that legitimately moved me.

The Game Awards are far closer to the Peoples' Choice Awards than the Oscars. The fact that you can vote to help determines the winner means that it's pretty much always just going to be a popularity contest.



Divinity Original Sin 2 for GOTY!

I love that movie

How the hell is it even considered? It's kinda fun with friends (Which is pretty much any multiplayer game tbh), but it's a pretty crappy game. All my opinion I guess as a lot of people apparently thinks it's incredible.

Bad graphics, poor optimization, shoddy hit detection, boring map with kinda monotonous gameplay.

I love Mario but Zelda was a true work of art

This is why I don't complain. I get the game and all dlc (so the full game) for cheap once it goes on sale.

ranked choice voting!

It's a possibility, but I really think BotW has it by a longshot. Which wasn't in BotW.

Get out...

Which is a shame because the WiiU had SOME hits.

Tropical Freeze is perhaps the greatest 2D platformer ever made.

I feel like the people actually voting are going to go Zelda over a Mario title. MArio is a great game but platformers are already instantly lower than RPGs (fine adventure games)

These gaming award shows don't mean shit anyway. It's just another industry circlejerk like most award shows.

Totally agree, either that or push some restrictions on.

Sure but the game already got rave reviews by that time so getting the awards doesn’t tell anyone anything they didn’t already know

I really enjoyed that game.


I wonder how long it would take to jerk off every dick in the audience...

Atleast nintendo are still trying, they could easily just turn into a generic company but they always seem to come up with some weird stuff for their hardware.


Truly great games are worth the wait. And you save hundreds, literally.

This is really just an opinion based question though. BoTW is really an exploration and action game where SMO is a collectathon exploration game. It depends on what genre you like more

Give it 10-15 years, the Wii U will be the Dreamcast of this generation.

To be fair, that movie was so good it gave me a full release.

People shouldn't post images where 80% is background, there should be Cropped Images only.

Out of the games listed I've played LoZ, Horizon and P5. Out of those 3 games I would also choose P5 as my GOTY, that game gave me the longest and most enjoyable experience.

The classic awards situation. In the world of movies, the more nominations an actor gets, the less likely they are to win an award because of split votes.

Let's go Persona 5! Now's our chance!

Divinity Original Sin 2 should definitely be on that list. Best game I've played this year.

Not a "big" company, so no main stage for Larian.


I concur.

Knack 2 is actually a really bad game...


It is good, it's the kind of game where you sort of choose your own adventure so the story can go a lot of different ways, but it was designed for it to be played through several times. I thought the story was going in one direction then it suddenly ended so I was confused on my first playthrough.

I would recommend if you want a game with good story but not difficult combat.

No microtransaction market and DLC for starters.

I played it a few months ago and had no issues except for mouse and keyboard controls. I just played it with a controller and it was awesome. One of my top 10 favourite games of all time now.

Agreed. They are both incredible games but how can you possibly rival the depth of the world built in BotW. The designs, details, quests, weapons/powers..just incredible. Don't get me wrong, I love Odyssey I'm still playing it now, but that game cannot compete with essentially a Zelda Skyrim

Middle out.

Super Mario Odyssey and LoZ: Breath of the Wild are the only two contenders this year. Nintendo took a fat ogre size shit on the industry and showed them what video games are meant to be. Everybody, especially EA and Ubishit, should be looking at themselves and asking, "What the fuck are we doing?"

moar dumfrey

Honestly both Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 are better IMO.

Edit: Really liked BOTW(not as much as some Zeldas) and haven't played Mario yet.

Where is Hollow Knight :(

Would be fantastic for indie games.

EDIT: It is indeed in the Debut Indie Game category. But it would have loved to see it contend for GOTY!

Movie of the year

I love my Wii U. Shame that it got abandoned so quickly. Now it's just a Nintendo emulator for me.


I’d vote for Mario over Zelda, loved both of them though, and would understand if any of the games aside from PUBG won.


As a Persona fan, I'm ok with this.

“Best Explosion of Vehicle Due to Revving the Engine Whilst Stuck on a Road Barrier” award.

I want to grab Nier at some point on PC but from what I remember the community has been upset by the fact the game has not been patched since release.

Is this true and should I be concerned?

I definitely appreciate the innovation coming from them in recent years.

I also wonder whether there should be some restrictions on what size studio can qualify. It sort of bothers me that Epic Games is doing early access. I think the spirit of early access was for small developers to get feedback and build revenue while developing their game.

Another restriction should be no expansions. Can't sell an expansion unless the game is released.

The power of Twitch streamers

17 years inarow

Yeah but no matter how much one game stomps in the votes it still only counts for 10% of the category, the 90% of the choice still comes down to critics.

I would have agreed if it had not seen player numbers not seen before. It has a draw so I think people are enamored by it. I would liked to have seen maybe Nier Automata up there myself but oh well.

The answer to that question is obviously "Making fat wads of money with shitty exploitive business practices rather than quality games"

I'm thinking Harry Potter And The Fucking Wizard is going to win it this year

I mean, in your scenario, you would be entirely able to vote for the same actor in every category, so no real split there. This is more like a liberal third party candidate splitting the vote between them self and the democratic candidate.

Not really, Odyssey is a good game but it's not on part with BotW, BotW re invented itself with the open world design, BotW is basically the new Skyrim, people will be playing that until an actual new skyrim comes out.

But I would prefer Persona or Horizon taking the award.

Yeah but Mario is the hot shit right now, BotW is old news.


My personal choice is Horizon (a gloriously beautiful adventure game), but I would not be mad if either Mario or Zelda won.

They'll never see it coming

Me too thanks

How was it? I am always interested in getting into it but whenever I see it I don't really get what the story is or where it is trying to go.

Honestly, my vote goes to Odyssey.

Both games were fantastic and lovingly-crafted, allowing for quite a bit of freedom and an insane amount of content to explore. But there were things in BotW that made me think to myself, "I kinda wish that wasn't part of the game." And I never once had that feeling in Odyssey.

Nier Automata is hands down my GOTY 2017. I really thought nothing would impress me more this year than Breath of the Wild, until I played Nier. Not to take anything away from BotW, it's incredible - but Nier is a masterpiece on another level. The only other game from the last ten years I even put in the same league as Nier Automata is Witcher 3. Most games you play, Nier you experience.

I second your nier vote.....came for the thighs...stayed for the cries...

"It's definitely game of the year if you exclude all the other titles that could possibly beat it out"

A++ reasoning, friend.

But it hasn't even launched this year... I don't see how essentially a beta can win a GOTY award.

About 5 endings



BotW's votes could end up getting split too heavily with Odyssey, causing PUBG to take it.

I haven't played Persona or Horizon yet but the people who have absolutely love those games. I don't think either of them will win just because of how good Nintendo nailed it this year, but pick pretty much any other games from the past year to replace the two Nintendo ones, and I think Horizon would definitely take it