PsBattle: This Cat catching a Butterfly

PsBattle: This Cat catching a Butterfly
Strip cat

Edit: Thanks for the gold!

Edit: Thanks for the gold!

Baseball cat

Sorry if its bad its my first psbattle.

Sorry if its bad its my first psbattle.

vs muhammad ali
... and two double cheese-purrrrrrgers"
The Meowtrix

You perfectly captured the crowd at every stripper table...

the hunched over guy who is too drunk to even appreciate how much money he's throwing away

the overly enthusiastic guy who can't wait to blow all his money on a private dance

the serial killer wondering how big the bouncer is that will be walking her to her car at 4am

and the wide eyed dude who doesn't think anything of having has his hand on his dick all night

Darth Meow
Going for the block.
Giant cat is gonna win the race!
Cat Lake
To be or not to be?

[I'm not very good at photoshop please don't hate me]

[I'm not very good at photoshop please don't hate me]

Kat Kong
joseph ducat
sounds of meowsic
Oh shit oh shit oh shit
I don't always get the fascination with cats

Its meo

Sing your heart out, little kitty.

It's not bad you did great


God should have a fish pole toy

"Draw me like one of your french girl"

Kitty determined to win gold

The one on the far right looks like it's his first strip club.

Dank ass catnip
Cat Howard!

Ha the pawdience is hilarious!

Ballerina Cat

First attempt at photoshop, sorry.

First attempt at photoshop, sorry.

The photoshop is pretty good, but the correct quote is:

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest...

It's Yorick's skull the cat is holding, and he is not worried about him being or not.

Tarzan cat

Maybe I'm just really high, but this is really funny.

Good job

Cool cats don't look at explosions!

Note to self: never criticize a reddit pun.

I am the One... who shredded all your toilet paper.

Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Meow Ming.

I didn't even see that little fucker the first time I looked haha

You forgot the cat in the pole stand. What is he supposed to be?

He's so big he's casting a shadow on the sky!!! ;)

Thank you, I think /sub/photoshopbattles needs some diversity as of late.


Puns are rarely, if ever, necessary. That's not a good reason to resist writing them, though.

It's a protein burger without the pun...

relevant gif

The effect you used to "paint" the cat looks amazing!

And it's Russian Blue FTW

Haha that was funny. I think it was very well done.

Interesting news: this was the exact same dance floor Cat Travolta danced on while getting his start in Hollywood.

Meowpheus: "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You chase the blue laser - the story ends, you wake up in your Amazon box and cause grief to whoever you want to cause grief. You chase the red laser - you stay in Cheezburgerland, and I show you how deep the mouse-hole goes..."

ok Russian judge that was at least a 9

honestly didn't even see him until you mentioned that.


my favourite!

VS LeBron James


Broke that for you.

A cat


There's a serial catnipper at every stripper table?!!