PsBattle: Relgious Star Wars Protest

PsBattle: Relgious Star Wars Protest
Venezuela Protest

top righ

top righ

Tossing Waldo in there was a nice touch

Goddamnit I actually fell for that shit.

I'm such an idiot.

Not all of the religious Star Wars protesters were pro Vader/Darkside.

Someone had to do it.

See you at the pole Rebel Scum!

Why no lizards in Star Wars
On the Corner

Ok I thought this was some sort of flag worship thing thanks for clearing that up

"Meet me at the pole" aka morning prayer group before school at the flagpole.

I've never seen this. What's going on here? I'm Canadian, if that matters.

Isn't he a little short for a stormtrooper?

God I remember driving to high school every morning and seeing the circle around the pole thinking it seemed a little weird

Omg you can see spoilers on mobile now.


what are you talking about?

If only someone with more talent than I, can edit the video so that she gives a stormtrooper a pepsi.

Argonians confirmed

Haha, i like this one. Good job!

The Pepsi ad from a couple weeks back where Kendall Jenner gives a cop a pepsi and it basically ended a protest. People made it a huge meme for awhile.

When i see pictures like this I always think.. imagine being in the very center of all those people, and having to shit really bad. Youve got no good options

No problem. It's a Christian group that wants to engage teens in daily prayer. The previous school I worked at had one of these groups. It's all student-driven (by law, no teacher can take part), so done schools do it every day, others less often.

Whenever I saw them, though, I always said WTF before I remembered. (My classroom faced the back of the building so I almost never saw this in action)

You fucking bastard

I saw that Dickbutt. Don't think you're slick.

We found a heretic waving his strange banner, my lord

Gotta start em young

All this needs is a Pepsi and the protest would be a party!

The Rebel Opposition.

Sure you do.

Right where you stand

Haha that's pretty good. I like the money in the upside down helmet

Trandoshans you fool

Viva la France! shiiiiiit

Love it dude!

I also like the part of the picture with the added touches

You're very penilly observant



The Boba Fett-Knievel-Elvis is killing me


Wow, there's so many to choose from.

I don't get it.

Darth Maul had them eradicated

Sorry, I'm slack :)

Well played; a mighty observer you are.

Oh... til now I was too lazy to look up that Pepsi commercial everyone was talking about. Now I understand why it got so much hate, on so many levels.

Placard is included in height :)

Commander Cody murdered one.