PsBattle: 2016 Olympic Ping Pong

PsBattle: 2016 Olympic Ping Pong
It had to be done
"Go, my son..."


Juggling Skilz
Breakfast of Champions

Creation gif

Creation gif
Make America Great Again!

It's actually insane how much this guy looks like Jabba

pass into the iris


You're gonna need a bigger boat.

I think its photoshopped. In the original image he is wearing human clothes.
Smell my balls


Animated with SOUND


Animated with SOUND

Experience tranquility

That is just so bizarre that I could have never come up with that.


Good Christ, that is terrifying.

Finally found one, post had me thinking this immediatly


back to back star wars

Yeah, I didn't even know Trump was competing in the Olympics!

Yeah, I didn't even know !

Dang nice execution. Even nailed the fluorescent lighting

That's awesome man!
I went with the more obvious Star Wars reference...

That's awesome man!

ho ho hoooo

I prefer

Not so fast how many balls

Remember the ball isn't real

Warcraft anyone...?

hands are too big

Dafuq 2


we all knew this was going to be the top comment

Goood. Goooood.

Mission control, this is Booshercacow, sides are successfully in orbit.

I think that's cheating, your not allowed to play doubles in single matches. Hope he got disqualified.

More like crepe-y

It's just this native creature down here in rio We usually ignore it

you have been playing toO much Overwatch, but then again I guess I have to.

edit: for the grammar nazi's

watch out for the ice cream trucks!

Jabba the Ping-Pong Player

Not worth it. Just transfer him.


Expected more Santa after reading this comment.

I get that a lot.


Dodging the bullets

I can tell by the pixels... So...

He looks like fat bastard from Austin Powers

Are derivative Photoshops allowed?

You can tell by the way it is

I'm trying hard not to fall for the bait in the edit...

That looks fucking real

I don't know what the fuck this is but it's beautiful.

No, that's not creepy at all!

A little dark...

Mixed with Conan, trump, and a little of the crackhead mayor of Toronto. It's like they had a 4 way and this guy came out of it.

I know a place in Thailand where he could make a lot of money doing that.

The guy is in a wheelchair. This isn't the Olympics.

I will NOT juggle.

Thanks for the creation gif! I'm gonna see if I can add that method to my bag of tricks.

Not while I'm playing frogger!!

I immediately knew that a Jabba-shop would be the top comment as soon as I saw this picture. Was not disappointed.

I'm waiting for a Jabba the Hutt one...

So simple yet so beautiful. I think I love you

Olympic Grump

I was shocked that this post was so deep in here.

So, has a new meme been born, without me noticing? But I'm a high level meme wizard!

Nerves of steel

Dude... fucking spoilers man.

It's okay, he can be wished back.

But the search was well worth it.

I know a place in my living room where he could make a lot of money doing that.

Surprised this wasn't done yet

I dreamt I was a butterfly.

Thank you, THANK YOU for mirroring his hand, too many people would not have done that.

A++ GJ!

I'm confused whats been Photoshopped here?

How are you so fast...

More like chin to chin star wars.

Looks about right

Higher Resolution

Also he's wearing a shirt saying national veterans summer sport clinic.

For a second I was afraid you had made him a tennis ball juggler on a unicycle getting hit by an icecream truck.

That's the high pass filter. I prefer to sharpen details with a high pass filter (as an overlay) rather than to use the unsharp mask filter.

I'm whoopsy!

Wheelchair bound veteran is now Jabba 5 times ... we did it reddit...... we all did it....