PsBattle: Dancing cactus shadow

PsBattle: Dancing cactus shadow
My first submission, I accidentally made a new thread earlier. Sorry for the mess. Hope I did everything right.

My first submission, I accidentally made a new thread earlier. Sorry for the mess. Hope I did everything right.

Edit: Dancing Cactus

Edit: Creation Gif

A Giant Cactuar!

Edit: With a slightly sharper shadow

His war flashbacks are getting worse...

I took the gif of John Travolta, Made it black and white, turned up the "threshold" to make the image pure black. Set the image to multiply, and lowered opacity to look like a shadow. I then created a mask to cut the bottom half off; duplicated the gif, and inverted the mask on the second layer (ie, top half, and bottom half. I turned the bottom half into a 3d layer and rotated it on the X and y axis. Lastly I distort the bottom of the layer to have the shadow shrink to a single focal point. I cleaned up with a mask around the cactus bottom to ensure the shadow didn't leak out somewhere.

TL;DR: Made Transparent GIF black and white, cut it in half, stretched the legs out, and made it translucent like a shadow.

i think everybody can quit after this one. solid first place

He did the stuff, with the things. Just, wow. Teach me your ways, master.

Gumby & Girlfriend DJ Dance

In english tho
I'd give you gold but then I would have to spend money.

Did you used to call him on his cellphone?

Slow down..


Good enough to keep up with the best.

Jumbo Cactuar is exactly what I thought of when I saw this. Thank you for making it a reality, internet stranger.

Git gud.

He got the gif, made it black then grey, then put it on a above layer. Made an other one then used it as the legs, then he made it look nice.

Saigon... shit; I'm still only in Saigon... Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the desert.

The Phantom Cactus

That's really funny, dude, hahaha wtf

7billion+ people on this earth and we can tell it's John Travolta... crazy

Ye but only late at night when he needed your love

You're still the first one to ever give me something on Reddit! Thank you!

I like this!

I also love to see images of my home state represented on reddit.

I really wanted to "momma ain't raise no bitch" and post a badass photoshop of MJ, but rumpleminze.

Explain it to me as if I were 5

Michael Cactson My first shop ever hope you like it.

I saw this thread and my first thought was hoping for a Cactuar...and you made it come true! Thanks 🤗

Can't take a better picture right now. Sorry!

Father and Son Cactus

Father and Son Cactus

At least you tried your best.

I liked it but I'm pretty sure the shadows on the ground don't work the way they do in that gif.

Watch the video for that song

Is that a swastika...?

Can you please explain it to me?

I came for Cactuar, I found Cactuar, I upvote Cactuar. Cactuar.

Edit: Created, and added to main post. Thanks!

Tucson represent

I see boob in shadow im sold

It's Drake in his video for "Hotline Bling"

Heil Hortler!

I thought of Togemon

I thought of

if i wasnt dirt poor i'd give you gold. I came here just to see a Cactuar

learning and teaching is what this subreddit should be about, you deserve an upvote or two :)

Maybe I'm blind, but I'm not seeing a difference...?

I also love to see images of my home state represented on reddit.

You're from Midgar?

The size of his yacht is impressive

They just wanted to comment about the leg in the air looking like a dick but reposted the picture so it wouldn't get deleted automatically.

Yeah, that's more like it!

I'll just imagine that I have gold now...

Thanks, friend!

Random, but I don't know where else to put this: I look at the cactus and think "Ministry of Silly Walks".

Yes!! Now if I could only find one in FFXV... :(

Pretty sure he means the shadows are disconnected from the cactus, I dont know if your shadow looks like that, but I'd get some Dr. Who scares if that was me

Fuck me, that's brilliant.

Nice, even thought I was looking in the thread for a Travolta in the dancing scene :p

What the hell is loopnroll

Awesome work!

Cactar from Final Fantasy

hi lets be friends?

I found one in my first hour of playing XV, and it kicked the shit out of me, then ran away.

That was my first and last encounter with a Cactuar XV.