PSA: DO NOT WATCH the new "VII DAYS" Trailer if you are avoiding MAJOR spoilers.

PSA: DO NOT WATCH the new "VII DAYS" Trailer if you are avoiding MAJOR spoilers.

Cannot believe what they chose to put at the end of the new twitter trailer! Very large story point given away.

It spoils absolutely nothing lol we already knew she'd be there based on previous trailers and there's absolutely no context for what we saw. You're mad about nothing

PSA: Don't post in these types of threads or trolls will PM you spoilers once they start to leak. I'm posting this with one of my throwaways just to be extra safe....

A tiny (but cool) detail was spoiled. None of the plot, but I could see people being upset about it.

It's similar (but less extreme, I'd say) to having Maul's double-ended lightsaber in The Phantom Menace trailer. It doesn't give away any plot ("What? He's a bad guy? He's going to fight the good guys?"), but it does spoil an otherwise cool moment.

Do you mean the "VIII Days" trailer? It doesn't spoil a story point; we know that character is in that location already from previous trailers, and while their action is new, it doesn't really indicate anything beyond the dynamic we already know exists between the heroes and villains.

Rey goes to the dark side. Luke misses the incest from the OT And kisses Kylo. Phasma kills Finn.

Oh and by the way Snoke is Plageuis the Wise.

I can't believe Felicity interrupts Kylo and Ressurected Anakin by hacking their lightsabers, this is just too much now.

I have a feeling we don't have the whole story, and it's not actually being spoiled.

My fiance banned himself from watching any trailers until the we see it. Now wishing I had done the same because I'm now deep down the rabbit hole of theories.

Thanks for the heads up. I know nothing about this movie and I'm going to keep it that way.

It was a pretty great trailer for being a week away. It definitely refueled my hype. Only thing that would have me more hyped would be a shot of Luke with his green saber.

P.S. it's not really a spoiler. It shows just enough to make people's mind and wander while still leaving mystery.

Can confirm. Doesn't spoil much but that's definitely something you would want to see in the theater.

WHAT, I jumped out of my chair in both excitement and frustration...

Did NOT expect such a thing to be at the end of such a short clip. I mean, I had my theories but seeing it is way different.

Well, I guess I won't be watching any more trailers or TV spots. They were doing a pretty decent job until now with showing "just enough". This time though, they dropped the ball, in my opinion.

I'm disappointed you're the only one to take my bait so far.

I went and watched it based on your comment. You're right. Definitely not a spoiler.

Wait... What's the spoiler here? We saw in the last big trailer that there's a scene involving those two characters, and this scene actually seems to just be a continuation (possibly the next part) of that scene, with no change in the dynamic between the two.

I'm trying to be as vague as possible here because I've never been good at figuring out how to mark spoilers on reddit, but nothing I saw in this new trailer seems to give away anything crucial.

Call me Kit Fisho

What theories does this confirm exactly lol you have no idea why she's sparking it up or if this scene is even in the movie. C'mon now

Same thing happened to me. I just had to look...

I meant in the TFA trailer. What they showed in this one didn't feel like a spoiler imo.

Something happens for which we still don’t know the context. It’s not gonna ruin or spoil anything for anyone.

It’s back on his belt later, so yes he did

Doesn't really give away much, there's too totally opposite theories of what could be happening

I see where you're coming from, I'm just saying there's a difference between having a theory about how that situation will go and actually seeing it.