PSA: Do NOT attempt War Within without setting a focus tree

PSA: Do NOT attempt War Within without setting a focus tree

DE bug fixers needing to get on this ASAP. The new focus system is hard wired to prevent you from using transference if you haven't unlocked a focus tree. Because of this, you will be unable to use transference on the Ravenous Golden Maw during TWW. This mission is impossible to abort, leaving your account permanently locked into the mission.

I currently have a friend who will never be able to play until this is fixed. DE needs to fix this immediately and until then do NOT attempt TWW without setting a focus tree.

... Literally unplayable ?

Yep. I can't play the game whatsoever. I already submitted a support ticket but it's not 24/7 so i'm just sitting here F5'ing for news of a fix

That's one hell of an oversight... But I don't blame DE. With all the pressure to finish quickly they were bound to make a few mistakes.

If today's devstream is anything to go by, a bug like this should be top priority for them tomorrow. I'm sure they'll fix it then but for now if you're in the states I'd just go to bed.

My friend just got that and I've been telling to play TWW so many times too because I told him he'd be locked out of fighting Eidolons.

Now he's locked out of doing ANYTHING AT ALL. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Yeah this is obviously gamebreaking. If anyone knows of a way to get an account out of TWW please pm me.

Another oversight is that the first focus school you unlock doesn't cost any focus, but you need to use focus to unlock the first one after the changes.

Your best bet is to make a support ticket and hope DE gets to you soon.

Yea im stuck without a focus since i didnt farm a single point of it.

Literally cant get out my operator.

They released it ~6-6:30 their time.

Focus was a thing since TSD. Walking with your operator is unlocked after TWW.

Perhaps next time he'll listen :p

You can't return to the orbiter until the quest is completed.

I put a focus tree back on before starting the quest, then at the end when you return to the liset and need to use transference my warframe locks up and I cant do anything, completely soft locked.

I dont know if this is related as its a bit different

Which sends you back into the Mission when you start the game..

War Within has a point of no return where you're fucked until you complete it.

Well, the good thing is that DE didn't release this on a Friday before a long holiday, so they'll definitely get to it relatively soon. The problem is that the Focus rework is so comprehensive that I'm not sure they know how best to fix it.

The same happened to me but you only have to put a lens of your first focus school and get a single point of focus, after that you'll see that you got the 50k starter points.

The bigger oversight, in my opinion, is that you can't do anything else once you start the quest.

I get that it's lore and whatever but gameplay should trump story every time. Not being able to "pause" the quest to do something else is just idiotic.

Doesn't help that the quest wasn't particularly enjoyable, in my opinion. Operator combat is just really hamfisted and clunky.

Can you go to the codex and then select "clear all missions"... would this work for TWW?

It did not. I have a friend who finished TWW recently and never gained focus, he had 0 focus so had to go gain 50k before he could unlock a school.